Animal’s Daily Fallen Idols News

The Ford/Kavanaugh circus resumes today, but we’ll circle around to that once we know what happens in the center ring today.  But on Tuesday, America’s Dad concluded his catastrophic fall from grace.  Excerpt:

Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby will serve three to 10 years in state prison, Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill ruled on Tuesday. The former television superstar, who traded on a squeaky clean, fatherly image, was sentenced after being found guilty of three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault in April in one of the most widely publicized trials in modern history.

Cosby’s legal team asked that he be released on bail, pending his appeal. However, the judge denied that request. He will be sent to prison immediately as Judge O’Neill deemed that he could “quite possibly be a danger to the community.”

The sentence is significantly lighter than the possible maximum sentence for his crimes, each of which carry up to 10 years in prison, meaning he could have served a 30 year maximum sentence. However, District Attorney Kevin Steel asked O’Neill Monday to sentence Cosby, 81, to five to 10 years in state prison. However, Cosby’s defense team argued that even that would cause “excessive hardship” to the elderly star.

This is a hell of a thing.  When I was a younger man, Bill Cosby was someone I admired; he was a role model, someone you could look up to, someone we all tried to emulate.  He was one of the best natural comedians to ever live, and yet you could generally take children to see him perform without worry.

When the first allegations against him surfaced, like lots of folks, I wondered about the possibility of a set-up.  But then more women came forward, and more, and we all began to wonder if there wasn’t too much smoke for there to be some fire.

Then Dr. Cosby admitted to giving drugs and alcohol to women – but still insisted that their contacts were consensual.  I’m sorry, but that doesn’t really pass the smell test.

Now he’s been convicted.  Now he’s going to prison.

It’s a sad day when a hero falls.  But the fault is his, and no one else’s.