Animal’s Daily Failing Joe News

Before we get into today’s news, check out the first chapter in Riding the String over at Glibertarians!

Now then: The National Interest’s Christian Whiton thinks the writing is on the wall for the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration, and he might be right.

Hamas’ savage assault on Israel is only the latest nightmare for President Joe Biden. The breakout by the Islamist proxy of Iran marks a new low point of this increasingly Jimmy Carter-esque presidency.

Yet, Democrats and the media have been shocked by recent polls showing Biden neck-and-neck with his contenders. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump could both beat Biden in notional matchups. Some Democrats have yet to panic, but they should: Biden’s position will deteriorate further this winter.

First, there is “Bidenomics.” A White House insulated from the public by a sympathetic media sent the president out to tout his economic record this summer and fall—a big mistake. Since Biden took office, cumulative inflation of nearly 20 percent means that the government has effectively vaporized one-fifth of voters’ savings and purchasing power. Unlike a stock market decline, this is lost money and buying power that cannot be recovered in the future.

Unfortunately for Biden, matters are getting worse, not better. When the Bureau of Economic Analysis reports third-quarter GDP growth on October 26, it will likely show a healthy-sounding two-to-three percent. But the real economy is getting worse, and voters know it, judging from Biden’s meager 37 percent approval for handling the economy according to the RealClearPolitics average.

Wars and all notwithstanding, presidential administrations tend to rise and fall on the economy.  That’s not always fair, but in this case it certainly is; were one to try to come up with policies to deliberately weaken the United States and damage its economy, it’s hard to think of what one would do differently.

But there’s more to this than just the economy, and let’s face it, Joe isn’t the guy who’s really making any decisions anyway.  Who that might be is a story for another day, but in the meantime, front-man Joe is visibly failing.

Finally, there is Biden’s visibly deteriorating health. The Constitution created a strong presidency because it is necessary to manage a giant executive branch, act decisively in a crisis, and cut deals in the shared powerlessness that marks much of bureaucratic and legislative Washington. Paradoxically, it is the presidency, not the Congress, that is the most democratic institution in town. The president alone is elected by the whole country, and he alone has the power to advocate decisively for the people’s interests. Does anyone think Biden is getting better at performing this role? Instead of Biden, the highly ideological White House staff operates the executive branch. Voters grasp this dangerous situation, with large majorities saying Biden is too old to govern. 

Too old, too stupid – let’s face it, even as a young man Joe Biden wasn’t terribly bright – and too senile.

President Biden’s former boss once famously said that “there isn’t anything Joe can’t fuck up.”  Well, now he and his handlers are fucking up the country.  I’d love to think that voters will turn him and his out of power next year, but there never has been a party better at seizing defeat from the jaws of victory as the Republicans.