Animal’s Daily Europe Trending News

Before I get into the Old World and that state of affairs, be sure to check out the conclusion of Barrett’s Privateers – Unrepentant Sinner over at Glibertarians.  My fiction writing over there will be on hiatus for a few weeks in order to present some other great work, so stay tuned, because I’ll be tossing that work some linkage as well.

Now then: Is there hope for Europe after all?

The president of France was forced to call an emergency election as populist right-wing parties made stunning gains in elections held across Europe Sunday.

President Emmanuel Macron announced he would dissolve his National Assembly and hold elections next month after he was humiliated by voters in the European Parliament election.

The anti-immigration, anti-EU National Rally party led by Macron’s arch-rival Marine Le Pen is projected to get at least 31% of the votes — more than twice as many as the president’s pro-European centrist party.

“The French people have sent a very clear message. They no longer want a technocratic, out-of-touch European construction which results in a loss of influence, identity and freedom,” Le Pen said, according to The Times.

In Germany, the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party took second place in the polls with 16.5% of the vote despite being mired in controversies — even placing ahead of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s party.

Germany’s left-of-center governing coalition parties are estimated to barely secure a combined 30% of votes.

The Greens environmental party, the second-biggest in Scholz’s coalition, only secured 12% of the vote.

Well, this is interesting, isn’t it?

People talk a lot about that famous old political pendulum, but in recent years it seems like it swings a little farther to the left with every cycle.  But maybe – just maybe – there’s a larger cycle, and maybe that larger cycle will now start moving the Overton Window back to the right.


Since 2016, I’ve been saying that Donald Trump was a reaction, not a cause, to America’s woes.  The various EU “far-right” pols, who would probably be considered moderates Stateside, are also reactions – but they are reactions to ethnic Europeans who are tired of seeing their nations invaded by Third World lunatics who clog streets to demand Sharia courts, engage in grooming rape gangs, and maybe just for fun burn the odd police car or two.

We can hope. But after the European Parliament elections, some of the various member nations, like France, are going to have some navel-gazing to do – and they may find themselves facing a new direction, politically.  And if Europe is to remain European, they may have to.