Animal’s Daily Environmental Mess News

There’s already a huge environmental disaster up at the site of the proposed Dakota Access pipeline.  It’s awful, an actual, for-real disaster – and it was caused by the protesters, claiming to be “environmentalists,” who camped there to protest the pipeline.  Excerpt:

North Dakota’s Republican governor issued an order Wednesday night mandating that all those occupying campsites along the Dakota Access Pipeline evacuate the area immediately.

Gov. Doug Burgum issued the order to accelerate cleanup efforts to avoid a possible ecological disaster from the 4.5 million pounds of garbage protesters have left behind. Unseasonably warm temperatures, the note states, prompted the need for protesters to evacuate the flood-plain areas in Morton and Sioux counties by no later than Feb. 22.

“All persons occupying or residing in the evacuation area shall immediately begin efforts to remove their person property and possessions from evacuated area,” Burgum’s order states. It allows for protesters to return and remove the rest of their things once temperatures drop and the area is cleared.

Sanitation crews have been working around-the-clock to clean up the debris from the DAPL construction site.

Yes, True Believers, you read that right; 4.5 million pounds of garbage was left behiind by “environmental” protestors.  They are concerned that the pipeline will damage the environment – even though there are millions of miles of pipelines in the country and those millions of miles have a very, very good safety record.  But they are obviously not concerned that their own mountains of garbage won’t cause such damage.

I’d be willing to bet there are plenty of used condoms and other body-fluid-bearing items in the trash as well, adding a spice of possible biohazard to the mix.

Remember the mounds of garbage left behind after Tea Party rallies?  No, neither do I.  Everyone involved with those events has observed that the Tea Partiers, agree with their agenda or not, were at least considerate of the grounds on which they rallied; they generally left their areas at least as clean as they found them.

Not so the “environmentalists” protesting the Dakota Access pipeline, who left behind them an actual environmental catastrophe.

The irony, it is strong with this one.