Animal’s Daily Enough is Enough News

Before we start, check out Part 2 of Three Days of Snow over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  It seems more and more Americans are fed up with overbearing government Kung Flu mandates.  Excerpt:

Americans are increasingly done with mandates in the name of fighting COVID. After almost two years, most have gone back to their pre-pandemic lives and just won’t obey orders from the hysteria echo chamber.

Consider Gov. Kathy Hochul’s recent mask-or-vax mandate. More than 30 New York county executives have publicly refused to enforce it, using terms like “Gestapo tactics” and “mask police.”

And not just Republican execs: The Democrats in charge of Nassau and Suffolk counties balked, too.

Other leaders are backing off on mandates because the rank and file won’t play along. Take President Biden’s beloved Amtrak, which rescinded its mandate, set to hit Jan. 4, that would’ve forced 17,000 employees to get vaccinated or go on unpaid leave.

And the Los Angeles Unified School District postponed its vaccine mandate until fall 2022 after realizing 28,000 students would be barred from in-person classes.

As I’ve been pointing out for some time, up here in the Great Land everybody outside of Anchorage and Juneau hit “fuck it” some time ago.  You won’t see many masks up here in the Susitna Valley.

Now the rest of the country seems to be following suit.  And honestly, that’s understandable.  We’ve had pandemics before, and the government response was limited to advice – wash your hands, stay home if you’re feeling ill, guidelines on when to see a sawbones.  And that’s what they should be doing.  Especially the Imperial City; if anyone can find a constitutional authority for anyone in the Imperial City to lay down any of the diktats they’ve been putting forth the last couple of years, I’ll buy them a beer.

Meanwhile, more and more folks across the country have just plain had enough, and they’re starting to just ignore the overbearing authoritarians.  Good.  Once in a while a story comes along that gives me a little hope; this is one of those.