Animal’s Daily Election Theft News

Robert Stacy McCain points up nicely how the Democrats appear to be preparing to pull the skids out form under the daffy old Bolshevik from Vermont – again.  Excerpt:

Bernie Sanders got the most votes in the Iowa caucus, but somehow — it’s just so mysteriousPete Buttigieg got more delegates.

Besides the actual vote-stealing, of course, Democrats are also deploying their powerful media allies to hype Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, as potential fallback establishment candidates, now that Joe Biden’s campaign is clearly approaching its Hindenburg-at-Lakehurst finale. Of course, the “Anybody But Bernie” narrative is being driven by Team Clinton, working behind the scenes to torpedo Sanders. Hillary cannot forgive Bernie for challenging her in 2016, so her allies and operatives are doing everything they can to make sure Bernie doesn’t win in 2020.

“In New Hampshire, Democratic Voters Are Paralyzed by Fear of Making the Wrong Choice” — well, here’s a hint: They’re all wrong.

Plenty of Democrat primary voters (see: New Hampshire) don’t seem to get the long, long odds of an old Communist being elected President, and are listening a little too closely to Bernie singing his songs of Free Shit, and not troubling themselves too much as to how Bern plans to pay for their Free Shit.  The history of socialism, of course, tells us very plainly how high that price can be.

But let’s set that aside for a moment, and talk about the consequences of what might befall the Democratic Party if they fuck Bernie over again.  The Dems are already talking about giving the superdelegates – something the GOP doesn’t use – a vote in the first go-round, reversing an earlier decision that these elites would only get a vote if a clear winner didn’t come out of the first ballot.  Why could that be, if not to squeeze out the insurgent that isn’t even a Democrat?

Like it or not, Bernie has plenty of grassroots support.  If the Dems fuck him over again, they’re going to really lose an election that they are primed to lose in any case – and the party will be due for a damn good shake-up in the aftermath.

Although, I mush admit, making sure Bernie is never President is laboring in a good cause, whether it’s intentional or not.