Animal’s Daily Election Day News

Before we start, go check out the latest installment of Season of Ice over at Glibertarians!  And if you’re not checking out the morning and afternoon links (and other great content) on that site, you should be!

Now then:  This is it.  The Big Day.  I won’t say much today, other than expressing some hope that the Red Tsunami will overcome the margin of fraud and that we’ll see some slight semblance of sanity return to the Imperial City.  The Left will predictably be screaming about fascists taking over, but here, from this piece over at Issues & Insights, is a good takedown as to why the Left is full of shit on this (as well as many other things.)

In contrast to the left’s campaign of disinformation, we present some facts:

  • Fascists don’t cut taxes, deregulate, and shrink government. Republicans, even “MAGA Republicans,” run on those issues, and are devoted to the principles, even if too often the policy agenda fails (because of Democratic and media opposition).
  • Fascists are socialists, and it’s the Democrats who are wed to socialist policies. They constantly agitate for higher taxes, more government control of the means of production, ever-deeper government intrusion into private affairs, and incontestable political power. They don’t want voters to know that fascism’s father Benito Mussolini said that “socialism is in my blood,” or that the Nazis were national socialists.
  • Politicians and media figures hungry for raw power will call those who question an election that they won “deniers” while themselves denying that they did exactly that in previous elections.
  • A party that wishes to destroy America would, as Walter Russel Mead wrote a month after Donald Trump took office, limit fracking as much as possible, block oil and gas pipelines, and try to tamp down tensions with Russia’s ally Iran. The GOP has done none of that. The Democrats are guilty of all three.
  • A party that would abolish democracy would crush dissenting voices and opinions, and constantly smear its opponents – which is what the Democrats have done. (And yet again we have to reiterate that the U.S. is not a democracy. That is an infantile construction used to deceive. We are a republic.)
  • White supremacists don’t appoint minorities to their Cabinet. Trump had one black Cabinet member, two Asians and one Native American. George Bush had four black Americans in his Cabinet. Neither do white supremacists brag that during their administration, black unemployment reached a record low. Trump did.

I can’t add anything to that.  Mrs. Animal and I will be off to town later today, to do our civic duty and with a bit of luck, shed Alaska of the grifter Murkowski and the liberal Peltola.  Go, then, True Believers, and do likewise.  Vote!  Vote as though your liberty depends on it.  Because it does.