Animal’s Daily Economic Wars News

While we’re enjoying our new life here in the Great Land, Chairman/Dictator-For-Life Xi and President Biden(‘s handlers) are heading the nation into an economic war, and it’s one that we aren’t prepared for.  Not with our current crop of Imperial City nitwits.  Excerpt:

Love Trump or hate him, he was a president who put America first and recognized the predatory nature of the Chinese regime. He got tough with President Xi Jinping and overturned one-sided trade deals. His strategy was to do what Reagan did to win the Cold War — make America tremendously prosperous by building up our strategic industries in a way that the Soviet Union or China couldn’t compete.

The danger is that we now have a president in Biden who thinks that climate change is a more significant threat to the world than the Maoists in Beijing.

And make no mistake about it. The communists are back in charge in China. Xi has basically announced himself to be president for life, as democracy and free elections fly out the window. China is also sprinting back to command and control fascistic government and industry “cooperation.” That’s a model that will eventually implode, but as we learned from the Soviet menace, in the meantime, they can do a lot of damage to peace and prosperity.

It’s no accident that the Chinese economy and stock market are faltering. In the last year, the U.S. stock market has risen by about 20% (thanks to Operation Warp Speed), while China’s Shanghai stock market is down 15%. They are sprinting toward socialism faster than we are — for now.

For now, that’s the key phrase.  It’s hardly a new thing to have nitwitted American pols thinking stupid things like that wealth is distributed, as opposed to created and earned, or that a nation can tax itself into prosperity, or that taxation is anything but theft.  But the current crop of assholes is the worst we’ve had in a while:

What is the Biden administration’s response to these threats? The $5 trillion massive spend, tax, and borrow bill he is steamrolling through Congress will impair American economic supremacy almost overnight. Under Trump, tax rate reductions led to a $1 trillion infusion of capital from around the world coming back to these shores to build up our industrial might. Biden’s tax policies will have the reverse effect: deindustrialization.

We are, as a nation, now back to importing tens of billions of dollars of energy from OPEC and Russia instead of selling the hundreds of years worth of oil and gas and coal. Do the liberals who now run Washington really believe we will defeat the rising communist China threat by building windmills? Do they think that redistributing income and wealth makes more sense than creating it?

America is as it was, a nation rich in resources, both physical and human.  But we’re not only not using them wisely, we’re employing what can only be described as catastrophic stupidity in our proposed policies – like the aforementioned obscenity of a $5 trillion tax-and-spend scheme.

I suspect China isn’t anxious to drag us into a shooting war.  We may not be positioned to win outright, but we could still make things very uncomfortable for them for a while, especially given the state of their blue-water navy – and our damned near invisible attack subs, several of which are usually in the West Pacific.  But the current administration has no heart for any such thing, and China could probably take Taiwan, although probably not easily – but the point is, the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration would probably sell Taiwan down the river.

If that happens, our friends in Japan would be getting very, very nervous – as they should be already.