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Before we start:  Be sure to check out my latest over at Glibertarians!  This week we bring you a little travel dialogue about Seward, Alaska.

Now:  This came in over the weekend from American Greatness:  The Dissident California Right Is the Future.  Maybe?  Excerpt:

Despite appearances, the Right in California is actually the closest to offering a solution to the Left’s war on civilization. Of course, I do not mean the GOP when I say “the Right.” The GOP is more or less nonexistent in the Golden State. But perhaps this is also why almost all of the most vibrant, confident, and influential writers on the Right today are from California. 

The strongest institutions on the Right, inoculated as they have been against the disease of wokeness—institutions like this magazine and the Claremont Institute—originated in California. Californian writers like Victor Davis Hanson and Angelo Codevilla were the first to describe the defining political struggle of our time between the ruling class and the country class, the great oligarchy and the plebs, the bicoastal masters and the great servant interior, as all of these national struggles were present in California decades ago. California native Michael Anton was the first to describe the actual parameters and ramifications of the 2016 presidential election. Sadly, the Californian with perhaps the most exemplary attitude towards the Left is no longer with us. Andrew Breitbart knew wokeness was best combated with confidence and laughter.

California is the capital of the new Right, and the rest of the country will have to get to where we are before anything constructive can be done. Because we don’t have to guess about how bad things can get. We know.

I should say they know.

Actually one of my favorite commenters on the political Right is in California, that being Bill Whittle.  And, of course, the linked article mentions American treasure Dr. Victor Davis Hanson as well.

But here’s the problem with California:  The Left has managed to rig the election system so as to assure one-party rule, most particularly with the “jungle primary” system that frequently results in two Democrats running against each other in the general election.  Still, though, there’s a very interesting recall election in just a few weeks, and in this case that same kind of system may backfire on California Dems.  If the feckless and dimwitted Newsome is recalled, then the highest vote-getter on the ballot is Governor, which may set up conservative radio host Larry Elder to step into that role.

I’ll point out here that as a staunch minarchist libertarian, I have more in common with the mainstream Right than with the loony Left, but also some key differences; mainly, that given the chance I would reduce government to a minimum undreamed of by Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals.  As I see it, government only has two legitimate purposes:  to stop people from hurting me or taking my stuff.  That’s it.  That’s all.  Government should be restrained, always restrained, by the overriding principles of Liberty and Property.

As a practical matter, though, I generally vote for GOP candidates, as they at least pay lip service to the idea of limited government, and generally serve as some kind of check to the ever-more-unhinged Democrats.

I hope that this article makes a good prediction, and they make an excellent point that political movements are built on what they can produce, not what they can destroy.  But California conservatives face a challenge where the odds are stacked against them.