Animal’s Daily Country News

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Let’s lighten things up a little today.  We haven’t had a culture post in a while, after all.

Mrs. Animal and I appreciate us some country music, as do lots of folks.  So, without further ado, here’s my pick for the top five country performers (individuals as opposed to groups; I’ll do that another day) that are alive and performing today.  Note:  These are not based on any charts, album sales, concert figures or anything but my own preference.  Discussion encouraged.

#5:  Aaron Lewis.  Particularly his song Northern Redneck, which speaks a lot to my own upbringing in the wooded hills of Allamakee County.

#4:  Sara Evans.  Sara combines an amazing voice, a knack for performing, stunning looks and a sunburst smile.  She’s easily one of the best women performers in country not only today, but ever.

#3:  Hank Williams, Jr.  Bocephus has it in the blood, of course, but his freewheeling roughneck style is his own; he’s not just cashing in on his father’s fame.  His famous A Country Boy Can Survive is speaking to a lot of folks right now.

#2:   Reba McEntire.  Listen to Reba sing, and you just really can’t add anything more.  There are plenty of women in country with great voices, including my entry here at #4, but Reba is in a class by herself.  The lady has some serious pipes.

#1:  George Strait.  George is the King of Country.  He’s America’s troubadour.  There isn’t anyone else who combines the voice, the delivery, and the choice of ballads.  Strait is a balladeer without peer, and the song Run is one of his best.

Chime in, True Believers!