Animal’s Daily Corruption in Government News

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Now then; for the latest in corrupt government officials, we bring you Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who is facing charges of perjury and making false statements.  Excerpt:

Mosby, 41, is charged with falsely claiming to suffer financial hardship from the coronavirus to obtain an early withdrawal from her retirement savings to purchase the homes. In addition, federal prosecutors allege she lied on a mortgage loan application by hiding an outstanding federal tax debt. And they accuse her of entering into an agreement to rent out a home she bought in Kissimmee, near Disney World, while at the same time promising not to rent the property — all to obtain a lower interest rate.

The cloud of indictment has loomed over Mosby for nearly a year, since federal prosecutors issued subpoenas in March for a wide range of financial records from her and her husband, City Council President Nick Mosby. Marilyn Mosby is now charged with four felonies that could bring prison time, even as her election for a third term looms in June.

Federal prosecutors have not accused Nick Mosby of wrongdoing,

The indictment alleges Marilyn Mosby sought a $40,000 withdrawal from her city retirement account in May 2020, citing financial hardship she had experienced due to the pandemic. In fact, her salary that year had increased by $10,000 to $248,000, according to the charges.

“Mosby had not experienced adverse financial consequences stemming from the coronavirus as a result of ‘being quarantined, furloughed or laid off’ or ‘having reduced work hours’ or ‘due to lack of childcare’ or ‘the closing or reduction of hours of a business I own or operate’” — all prerequisites for obtaining the loan, which Mosby attested to under penalty of perjury, federal prosecutors wrote in the indictment.

Here’s what she was buying:

Mosby purchased the eight-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot Kissimmee property in September 2020 for $545,000 and was using it as a rental property. She sold it in November for a $150,000 profit, to a buyer from Baltimore County.


Federal prosecutors accuse Mosby of making a second withdrawal from her retirement savings, this one in December 2020 for $45,000, and again falsely claiming financial hardship related to the coronavirus. She used that money as a down payment for a $476,000 condominium on a barrier island in Longboat Key, Florida, according to the indictment. She bought the condo last February.

Wait, wait – Florida?  Ron DeSantis’ Florida?  The unmasked, unmandated, Kung Flu-ridden Florida?  Wonder of wonders.

The point is, there seem to be two major ways people view the law.  Some people understand that things like perjury and fraud are illegal because they are wrong.  Those people don’t obey the law from fear of punishment; they behave the way they do because it’s the right way to behave.  Then there are people who believe that things like perjury and fraud are wrong because they are illegal, and all too often people like that – like Mosby – will attempt something if they think they can get away with it, because they don’t see the act as wrong in and of itself.

And she’s a prosecutor.  One, I remind you, who oversaw the descent of Baltimore into a crime-riddled shithole.

And she’s running for re-election.  Unbelievable.