Animal’s Daily Coronalection News

It seems the latest thing the Kung Flu may be screwing up is Groper Joe’s attempts at the Imperial Mansion.  Excerpt:

Now in the United States’ 59th presidential election campaign, an invisible little critter called the coronavirus is forcing drastic change on both major political parties and the ways they compete to capture the nation’s highest office on Nov. 3.

It remains to be seen how lasting some of these changes will be. One suspects, for instance, that the current imposition of social distancing on baby-kissing and handshaking will not endure long in the people business of politics.

But for now, the unprecedented political problems of the pandemic seem more challenging for Democrats with their less than dynamic likely nominee than for incumbent Republicans with their behaviorally-challenged certain nominee.

For starters, there’s money. Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee already have $225 million in the bank. That’s 17 times more than Joe Biden’s campaign has on hand now.

The coronavirus has prohibited the kinds of back-slapping, elbow-cupping, look-them-right-in-the-eye access for solicitations that donors cherish in person. So, Biden is left to play catch-up from his Delaware mansion via time-consuming Skyping or Facetiming with small bands of rich people.

But that’s not the part that will sink Groper Joe; this is:

Historically, however, American voters expect presidential challengers to also offer a detailed, perhaps realistic set of alternate plans for comparison.

Do you have any sense of exactly what a President Biden would do once he no longer had a Donald Trump to kick around?

No, you don’t. Because all the six-term ex-senator and two-term ex-vice president has done recently is endorse whatever House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer want. Which is also what would likely happen once Nancy and Chuck had their own presidential puppet in the Oval Office.

Of course, it’s exactly what would happen.

Joe Biden hasn’t had an original thought in decades – maybe not ever.  When he was in the Senate and when he was VP, he was:

  • Unimaginative
  • Plagiaristic
  • Dull
  • Not terribly bright
  • Sycophantic

Add to that what appears to be creeping dementia, and you have a sacrificial lamb who will ensure President Trump’s re-election.

The linked article makes a good point about campaign money, but as President Trump himself proved last go-round, money ain’t everything.  But messaging is – and Biden has no message, and rarely even has a coherent thought to express.

It ain’t the Kung Flu that’s killing the Dem’s chances at a 2020 upset.  It’s Joe Biden.