Animal’s Daily Convention Postmortem News

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Here’s one of the better postmortems of last week’s Democrat National Convention I’ve seen.  Excerpt:

Much of the Biden convention was an exercise in base mobilization. There’s a reason for that. A Post-ABC News poll just before the convention showed that while 65 percent of Trump supporters say they are “very enthusiastic” about supporting the president, only 48 percent of Biden supporters say the same about the former vice president.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has an enthusiasm problem with two key constituencies he needs to win: younger voters and African Americans. Only 25 percent of voters aged 18-39 are “very enthusiastic” about voting for him. And CNN reports that Biden’s support among Black voters is smaller than Clinton’s was in 2016. Worse, only 68 percent of African Americans aged 18 to 29 say they intend to vote for Biden — 17 points fewer than supported Clinton four years ago.

If you think Democrats are confident these voters will turn out, count how many times they urged viewers to “make a plan” to vote. An energized base doesn’t need that kind of encouragement.

Those efforts at base mobilization came at a cost. There was virtually no effort to win back the working-class voters who voted twice for Barack Obama but defected to Trump in 2016. The reason Trump is president today is because about one-third of the nearly 700 counties that twice voted for Obama went for Trump in 2016. According to Nate Cohn of the New York Times, Trump won because he “flipped millions of white working-class Obama supporters to his side.” If you were a working-class Obama-Trump voter watching this week’s convention, you heard a lot about gun violence, racial justice and climate change, but not much directed at you. The message you heard was: Democrats are not interested in your support.

If you had any doubt about that, Groper Joe(‘s handlers) selection of Kamala Harris, a California Democrat machine chameleon who rode to political prominence on Willie Brown’s penis, should have sealed that doubt for you.  She brings literally nothing to the ticket.  The only sane reason I can think of for putting her in this spot is to set her up for a Presidential run in 2024 – and just look how well her first attempt worked out!

My own thinking on this is that Groper Joe is the Dem’s Bob Dole for this cycle.  He’s a “senior statesman” in Democrat circles, despite his senility and past and ongoing corruption; his best argument for the nomination is that it’s “his turn.”   Like Republicans in the 1996 election, I suspect plenty of Dems think they have little chance of winning this election.  “So,” the thinking may well go, “…let’s give Joe his shot.  When he loses, he can quietly retire and we can move ahead with some real candidates for 2024.”

Problem is, I don’t see that they have any young candidates with any broad appeal for 2024.  Who are they going to run?  They have no moderates left!  Will they run Harris again, with her badly checkered background?  One of Crazy Eyes’ acolytes?  It’s a stumper, isn’t it?