Animal’s Daily Clueless Queen Nancy News

I haven’t (and probably won’t) read the book discussed here, but from what I know of the subject, I am more than willing to believe the gist of this piece.  Excerpt:

On November 8, 2016, Nancy Pelosi told interviewers she had complete confidence that Hillary Clinton was about to be elected president. Having been House Speaker from 2007 to 2011, she had the distinction of having held the highest rank of any woman in United States history, but “I’m counting the minutes to relinquish that title.”

With President Hillary safely ensconced in the White House, Pelosi planned to retire from elective office. Perhaps she’d take an ambassadorship. She thought the Vatican would be a good fit for her. In her new book Madam Speaker, which is built around ten lengthy interviews of Pelosi, Susan Page dryly notes that at 76 (today she’s 81), Pelosi was already “Well past the retirement age for almost every workplace except Congress.”

Instead: President Trump. Like many Democrats, Pelosi insists that her personal neurotic feelings are somehow relevant to the questions of politics and policy, and when Trump won, “It was actually physical,” she says in the book, “like a mule kicking you in the back over and over again.”

Yeah, because nobody’s party ever lost an election before.  Look, I get that the Democrats expected a painless, worry-free coronation of Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, into the Imperial Mansion, but instead they got some foul-mouthed upstart from Queens.  But this, this bit of outrage, of a tenor suitable for a toddler who doesn’t want to go for her nap, is just one example.  Queen Nancy has exercised royal prerogative any number of times; her commandeering of Air Force jets for commuting back and forth between San Francisco and the Imperial City, her parading of expensive ice creams and premium refrigerators while millions have lost their jobs to the Kung Flu lockdowns, and her ordering a hair salon open to style the royal hair while ordinary folks are prohibited from so doing, just to name a few examples.

Her sense of entitlement is Brobdingnagian; her self-awareness rating is zero.  Were she not from the even-more-loony Bay area, she would never have been able to stay in Congress.

The article concludes:

Pelosi is so bad at her job that it’s no wonder that her biggest fans are Republicans. RNC staffer turned White House spokesman Sean Spicer told Page, “Nancy Pelosi was literally the best gift that Republicans had, especially in terms of fund-raisng. I mean, we owe her a special debt of gratitude for the amount of money that she was able to raise for us.”

Never retire, Nancy.

Fair point.  Were I a Democrat, I’d be begging her to just retire, shut the hell up, and go home to her $16 a pint ice cream.  But I doubt she’s planning to do any such thing.  She likes the trappings of power, and will probably try to hang on as long as her desiccated claws will hold their grip.