Animal’s Daily Climate Hypocrite News

John “Lurch” Kerry, climate hypocrite and elitest fuckhead.  Excerpt:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, President Biden’s newly-appointed Climate Czar, is under fire for displaying even more climate-related hypocrisy. While encouraging Americans to engage in climate-friendly habits, and to decrease their carbon footprint, Kerry took a private jet to receive an award for his work on climate, Fox News reported. 

Private jets release a disproportionate amount of carbon emissions, to the tune of at least 40 percent more than commercial flights. Kerry’s justification for utilizing the private jet was “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

So, “to each, according to his needs,” eh, John?  You who married into the Heinz ketchup fortune and stored his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes?  What an asshole!  But wait, there’s more!

Kerry has spent the last few years telling Americans that the “climate crisis” must be combatted with lifestyle restrictions, and was appointed to the Biden administration to a position that does not require a Senate confirmation to do just that, but he continues to violate his own preachings. While failing to follow his own climate standards, Kerry is also telling Americans who rely on the oil and gas industry for employment that they can switch to a “better” job involving solar power.

Separated at birth?

Ah, and now we see the other side of “to each, according to his needs.”  Oil rig workers and pipeline workers don’t need those good-paying jobs, you see – they can get a job (in China, where most of this is done) making solar panels – or, I guess, they can “learn to code.”

The Biden Administration sure seems to be rushing headlong into overstep territory, almost as if they want to see a GOP takeover of House and Senate in 2022.  And that’s not unusual, as one might look to 1994 and 2010 for examples of precisely this.

But I’ll give the Dems one thing:  They stick together.  When they have even a narrow majority, they use it.  Watch this year and next, to see how much they ram through – it will be significant, unless I miss my guess.  And some of it may be irreparable.

But Kerry – I suspect Kerry won’t last long in this role.  Not with his long history of, and latest examples of, trodding on his own weenie.