Animal’s Daily Climate Change News

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Now then:  I’m becoming quite fond of Issues & InsightsHere’s a recent piece, The Wreck Of The Global Warming Narrative.  Read it all.  Excerpt:

Fox News plans to start a 24-hour weather channel, and according to the Guardian, probably the looniest newspaper in Great Britain, “climate crisis researchers worry about the channel’s reach to perpetuate misinformation and advance political goals.” The alarmists actually have more to worry about than that. Their narrative continues to crash into reality.

To start with, how do they explain that three new studies show warming from ​​2001 to 2019 “was driven by increases in absorbed solar radiation, not human emissions”? Sure, the eco-activists will do what they always do: obfuscate, dodge, change the subject, and call out the “science deniers.”

They will do the same when confronted with the news that the last six months were the coldest on record in Antarctica. Just one of those places in a warming world, they say, where it happens to be more frigid than usual. Apparently we’re supposed to forget all that business about the continent, along with the North Pole, being “the ‘canary in the coal mine’ for detection of global warming.”

“As Antarctica holds about 90% of all the ice on the planet, what happens in Antarctica will have major effects on the rest of the world,” Discovering Antarctica, a partnership of organizations that includes the United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office, said some years ago.

More recently we were told that “Antarctica is headed for a climate tipping point by 2060, with catastrophic melting if carbon emissions aren’t cut quickly.”

Maybe the record-breaking winter in Antarctica is simply an anomaly on the way to that “tipping point.” But Richard Lindzen, professor emeritus of atmospheric sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has noted that across the world “temperatures at any given location” are “almost as likely to be cooling as warming.” So while one region is warming (or cooling), another somewhere is cooling (or warming). It’s useless to argue otherwise. Of course if Antarctica had just gone through its warmest winter on record, the news would be filled with stories of how it’s irrefutable evidence of impending doom.

The gist of the piece seems to be this:  The Earth’s climate is a huge, chaotic system.  Nobody, but nobody, can accurately predict weather (or climate) more than a few months ahead at best, and local weather forecasters routinely fail at predicting local weather more than a few days in advance.

So, “Put not thy trust in princes,” or in politicians, nor in guys in white lab coats pushing a political agenda, and especially not in autistic  Dutch teenagers.  They’re pushing an agenda, and it’s not one that will work out in your favor; meanwhile, regardless of what people do, the Earth will keep ticking along, following the old feedback loops and patterns it has followed for four and a half billion years now, regardless of what we tiny little humans do.