Animal’s Daily Citizen’s Arrest News

Hah!  Where law enforcement is failing to catch pedo-predators, some groups of regular citizens are stepping up.  Excerpt:

“Why don’t you take a seat right over there?”

Those famous words were the catchphrase of none other than “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen, the iconic face of Dateline NBC’s reality TV series that featured hidden camera confrontations with would-be child molesters who arrived at a sting house with the intent to have sex with a minor. Hansen’s commanding one-liner subdued the child predators into submission while police officers in camouflage were stationed outside the film set to arrest the (sometimes fleeing) culprits. 

Years later with child predation plaguing the U.S. education system and other institutions that wield power over children, concerned citizens across America are rising up and carrying out vigilante-style justice of their own. They’re taking neighborhood watch to the next level. These hometown heroes are contributing to the growing trend of citizen pedophile-catching videos by risking their safety to expose child predators lurking online to their neighborhood, their employer, and the world wide web at-large. Legal punishment is left up to police and local prosecutors, but the criminal behavior is nevertheless on blast and immortalized on the Internet.

These folks have some big scores, too.  Teachers, cops, business owners – many of them are now cooling their heels in jail cells, and the Crowbar Hilton can be a really, really uncomfortable place for child abusers.

Watch a few of the videos.  The looks on some of these… creatures faces when they realize what is happened, it is simply priceless.  This is how it’s done, folks.

Note that the videographers don’t mete out any punishment.  They aren’t vigilantes, in the strictest sense.  That’s left up to law enforcement.  What they do, is set up a situation where these creeps can and do incriminate themselves, and then present that to the authorities.

I count success as “more pedos in jail.”  These videographers are making sure that this happens.  Good for them.