Animal’s Daily Californey Recall News

Before we start, check out the latest installment of my current fiction series over at Glibertarians.

Now then:  Heels-Up Harris seems bound and determined to help loony Californey Governor Newsom lose his recall election.  How?  By appearing with him.  Excerpt:

The days are winding down until California’s Sept. 14 recall election and Gov. Gavin Newsom is bringing out big-name Democrats to support him in the final stretch. On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris will appear with the progressive governor in the Bay Area, which conservatives are pointing out is actually a “gift to Larry Elder.”

The campaign stop is the second time such an event was planned—the first Harris canceled after the terror attack in Kabul killed U.S. 13 service members.

The campaign stop points to continuing concern among Democrats about Newsom’s chances — despite the Golden State’s deep-blue electorate.

California Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly two-to-one — but voter backlash against the governor’s pandemic restrictions has been mushrooming.

Harris, a California native who won statewide elections to the US Senate and to serve as the state attorney general, will be the highest-profile Dem to hit the hustings on Newsom’s behalf. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was set to appear with him in Los Angeles Saturday.

But Harris’s own popularity has been tanking in recent weeks, leaving some Dems worried that she could do more harm than good if she hits the trail for the party’s candidates. (NY Post)

What’s chuckle-worthy about this is the utter ineptitude of all the parties involved.  Fauxcohantas Warren’s appearance is cut from the same tepee cloth, having a pol that is arguably to the left of the daffy old Bolshevik from Vermont won’t appeal to the people Newsom needs to survive this.

There are, after all, still some moderates in California, and not all the folks with right-of-center views have yet left the state for friendlier locales.  Newsom probably won’t win without at least a few of those moderates, and plenty of those folks are plenty worried about the fecklessness and incompetence of the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration and its members.  Plenty of those folks are, according to recent surveys, unhappy about the direction of the country, although that seems to be a permanent thing now no matter who is supposedly in charge.

Newsom may pull it out, of course, and if I were betting on the race at the moment, I actually think that’s how I’d bet – not because Newsom deserves to win, but because I think the California election system is irretrievably rigged.  And seeing this as a redemption, California Democrats will accelerate their dragging of the once-Golden state into ruin.  Still – seeing Larry Elder appoint a replacement for the failing Dianne Feinstein sure would be amusing.

In a week, we’ll find out.