Animal’s Daily Blackout News

Before we start, check my latest column at the American Free News Network:  Minarchy and the Republic. 

Now then: The Biden(‘s handlers) Administration is turning out the lights.  Issues & Insights has this to say about it:

Our friends at the Committee to Unleash Prosperity had an interesting response to the news.

“Ben Franklin,” they said, “is often heralded as the man who discovered the power of electricity. Joe Biden wants to be the president who abolished it.”

Output cuts that will be required under the proposed regime “are so stringent,” says the CTUP, that “fossil fuel plants – which supply around 65% of America’s power – would be technologically incapable of complying.” The only way they will be able to stay open and generating power is if Americans’ utility bills are raised “dramatically.” If not, they close, and the power they produce is gone.

The administration knows this. The administration doesn’t care. The administration, driven by the hard-left zealots that run the Democratic Party, wants the rest of us to make do with less.

Feature, not bug.

What I don’t see discussed is what authority, under the Constitution, does President Biden(‘s handlers) have to impose these kind of economy-destroying standards on the energy sector.  Probably because there is none; but, since the Imperial government have been wiping their asses with the Constitution since at least 1860, that’s no surprise.

I&I concludes:

The political left has no regard for individualism or liberty, and intends to take those away by any means possible. Authoritarianism can start with small change, but the Democrats are tired of incremental shifts and now are taking long leaps to reach their goal. They want it to be their world and we just live in to serve them.

This whole scheme is relying, of course, on technology that does not yet exist.  But then, this scheme is being pushed by people with brain cells that apparently do not yet exist.  This Administration is determined to Californicate the whole country, and the sad thing is, they’re likely to get away with it.

The American people seem to be voting themselves into an authoritarian government.  I would point out that you can vote yourself into such a state, but you cannot vote your way out.