Animal’s Daily Biden(‘s Handlers) News

National treasure Dr. Victor Davis Hanson brings us some perspectives on the train-wreck that Biden(‘s Handlers) Administration has become.

So far, any negative reputation of the IRS has rested with natural complaints that it is too zealous in hounding out American taxpayers in all walks of life. Or citizens often object that the IRS must enforce a tax code that is innately unfair.

But not until now, has the IRS itself ever been under a shadow of such corruption?

Has it been in the past ever found to have applied so blatantly and deliberately one standard of tax enforcement to elites and quite another to everyday Americans?

Again, if that charge of unequal treatment in tax compliance were to prove true, then Humpy-Dumpty like, the entire American system of revenue collection would shatter.

In other words, millions of Americans might shrug, “If Joe Biden, President of the United States and his criminally minded son, can get away with avoiding millions of dollars in taxes, then should not I, a nobody, at least have the right to avoid hundreds of dollars in taxes?”

The answer to that is, of course:  “No. You are, as you state, a nobody, with no access to the levers of power and no claim to the attention of those who do have that access. The rules that apply to you do not apply to them.  Shut up, work and pay your taxes (which are theft) and mind your place.”

And the blatancy!  That’s the part that really galls; Dr. Hanson continues:

We can no longer have a United States if its President almost weekly demonstrably lies with impunity about his relationships with the Biden family’s nefarious foreign business interests.

You can no longer have an American nation, if the son of the President of the United States successfully connives to rake in millions for his extended family by selling his father’s influence to foreign governments—a gambit that may currently affect the foreign policy of the United States. Adding insult to injury, Hunter Biden is now a White House fixture, as if the closer he clings to the nexus of American power and influence, the more likely he will continue to be exempted from American law.

That’s the rub, is it not?

Let’s be real.  The various Congressional investigations are going nowhere.  Hillary Clinton saw no consequences for her illegal storage of classified materials on an insecure server, no more than she did for her money-laundering efforts going back as far as the infamous cattle-futures debacle.  And the Biden family won’t see any consequences for their activities, either.

There is no longer even the pretense of equal treatment under the law, and there may well be no way back, short of violence.