Animal’s Daily Banana Republic News

By now we are all probably approaching overload on the Mar-A-Lago raid.  Here are some relevant pieces:

Multiple Democrats Come Out Against FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago.  Key point:  Even Andrew Dice Cuomo thought this was a bridge too far.

Merrick Garland Is A Petty, Vindictive, Little Man.

FBI ‘Scoured’ Melania’s Wardrobe at Mar-A-Lago Looking for… Classified Shoes?

We Have No Reason To Trust The FBI.

You Won’t Be Surprised by What the Judge Who Approved Raid on Mar-A-Lago Said About Trump on Facebook.

Details of What FBI Seized at Mar-a-Lago Make FBI Raid Look Downright Scandalous.

The Persecution of Donald Trump.

Vladimir Putin, Meet Joe Biden.

Welcome To Biden’s Police State, Part III.

There’s a lot more out there, and if you have been paying attention, as I have, you’ve probably already been through much of it.  But the summary is obvious:

We are now a banana republic.

There is literally nothing good that can come of this.  As for the reflection on the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration, who have gone full Sergeant Schultz on the entire affair, we can offer two alternatives: 1) they knew about it, they ordered it, and they are lying, and the FBI has gone rogue with their approval, or b) they are breathtakingly incompetent, and the FBI has gone rogue all on their own.

Personally I’m inclined to go with the first option.  There’s no way the FBI would have taken this action without running it up the chain first.  The bureaucratic mentality doesn’t work that way.  CYA applies; anyone involved in the DOJ would have wanted someone else’s name on the blame line in case things went south.

Now, will things go south for them?  Almost certainly not.  Oh, we’re hearing a lot of talk about what the GOP will do after the mid-terms, but the GOP has historically been big on talk and short on action.  But do you remember, in 2017, when they had control, all the investigations into Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, First of That Name, Dowager-Empress of Chappaqua, and her illegal email server?  Her carelessness with classified documents?  Her involvement in the Clinton Foundation’s shoveling of money to political cronies?

Yeah, me neither.

We’re well off the beaten path here, True Believers.  I’m at a loss to figure what might happen next.  Whatever it is, I’m afraid we’re taking the first steps down a dark road.