Animal’s Daily Balkanization News

Continuing on yesterday’s theme:  America Faces One of Three Inevitable Paths: Unrest, Tyranny, or Divorce – Pick One.  Excerpt:

In a piece for The Federalist entitled, “It’s Time For The United States To Divorce Before Things Get Dangerous,” writer and former Marine Corps combat veteran Jesse Kelly ruffled more than a few feathers with his contention that the time for the United States as a united nation may be nearing an inevitable end. 

Comparing the Left and Right in America to “the couple screaming at each other all night, every night as the kids hide in their room,” Kelly cites a congenial divorce as the best option for a country that’s “hopelessly divided” on seemingly every important issue. He even tweeted a helpful accompanying map with a hand-drawn red line ceding the Left coast and the northern states to the liberal governance they deserve.

In his piece, Kelly cites issues from gun control to border security, issues that, while both sides hopelessly disagree, will soon prompt increasingly intolerant Leftists to “start coming for the careers (and lives) of any normal American who sees things differently.”

But here’s the part that provoked my interest:

And these days, the idea isn’t just coming from the Right. The Calexit movement would secede California from the United States entirely, and it’s more financed and organized than you might think. Perhaps it’s time to give them what they want.

“[Conservatives’ reasons for splitting] would be a major cultural shift toward the left and half the country refusing to go along with tyranny,” writes Kelly. Liberals’ reasons might be a desire to run things their own way without the adults in the room interfering. But either way, the way I see it there are three possibilities for America’s future – unrest, tyranny, or divorce.

Out on a limb.

Look at loony Californey these days, and the solution may be obvious:  Let California go, and let “progressive” folks in the country go with them.  Encourage leftie emigration to the new Left Coast socialist state, but off California with their big block of Electoral College votes and their Democrat supermajority – oh, after collecting fair value for all the Imperial lands and installations in that state – and let them lie in the bed they’ve made.

With California gone, the political Left in the United States will be set back several generations.  Of course, that has us stuck with the GOP, who thus far has shown not one iota of testicular fortitude; but who knows that with confidence in majorities and the White House, maybe even the current soft-shelled creatures in the Imperial City might grow some semblance of a spine.

In any case, it beats the hell out of a civil war.