Animal’s Daily Back In The Saddle News

Boy howdy, was it ever cold in Colorado’s high country this week.

Loyal sidekick Rat had a tag for, and was seeking out, a fat cow elk for the freezer, while I just hung out with only a sidearm, soaking up the scenery.  Rat was unsuccessful in bringing in a freezer-filler, and the weather turned on us Friday night; Grand County went from warm and sunny to snowy and cold.

This isn’t unusual in the Colorado Rockies in late October. Saturday morning, opening morning in fact, we woke up to snow, which continued through that day and into Sunday morning.


It was a pleasant outing nonetheless. My grandfather always used to say, “it’s not about whether you bring anything home. It’s about being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.”

As usual, Grandpa was right.

The road in to camp.

Interesting to note that the weather in our Susitna Valley home were more clement than the Gore Range during this time.

At any rate, a good time was had by all involved. Regular posts will resume tomorrow.