Animal’s Daily Armed Lefties News

First off, go read another installment of my Allamakee County Chronicles over at Glibertarians!

Once that’s done, have a look at this; more on violent leftist groups arming themselves.  Excerpts, with my comments:

Now, let me be clear here. These people have as much a right as I do to arm themselves. Further, if they’re worried about the United States becoming a totalitarian state, they probably should train up and be ready to fight.

Interestingly, this is precisely what the Founders had in mind when they spoke of a “well-regulated” militia, as in, well-trained and well-armed.  I doubt these people appreciate the irony.

Where I have a problem is that these are also people who see fascists around every corner and are far too willing to resort to violence. The way someone once described it was as a knob versus a switch. People on the Left are like a knob, slowly increasing the violence, the severity increasing along the way. It starts with riots and ends with shooting.

This is frighteningly true.  Well, at least it should be frightening to these few hundred far-left nutbars who are suddenly seeing the appeal in learning to shoot a piece-of-crap SKS.  Because, they think they are suddenly going to be an overwhelming force of some kind, when the reality is likely to be quite different.

People on the Right, by contrast, are a switch. They’re perfectly peaceful until they get pushed too far, then the switch flips, and it’s time for the bugaloo.

Because of this.  I’m not pointing out the Right, either, just normal folks, with a strong leavening of ex-military, who don’t agree with violent intolerance.  They do indeed have a switch, with one side marked “peaceful discourse” and the other “kill fucking everybody.”  It will take a hell of a lot to flip that switch; but if some armed AntiProfa nuts start a shooting battle in the streets of, say, Portland, then it’s going to be Molly-bar-the-door.

Of course, I can already hear the criticism. There will be people who will look at videos of Antifa-aligned groups and laugh at them “training.” They’ll criticize it as little more than plinking or whatever.

The thing is, they’re actually training. They’re training as groups.

I don’t laugh at them.  However, I doubt there are enough of them to produce anything but a few incidents and a few Profa nuts sentenced to life prison terms, which will pretty much end their “resistance.”  But if they succeed in more than that…

…Well, they aren’t going to like how that ends up.