Animal’s Daily Armed and Fabulous News

Armed and Sexy.

Armed and Fabulous were apparently the words of the day at CPAC.  Excerpt:

Lawyer Kristi McMains was getting into her car after work when the stranger tackled her. “I fought like hell,” McMains says. “I was doing all that I could, and I still couldn’t get him off of me. .. That’s why I grabbed my gun.”

McMains was one of five women speaking on a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) panel Friday titled “Armed and Fabulous: The New Normal.” Joining her were gun advocate and writer Antonia Okafor, Kimberly Corban of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Ms. Wheelchair USA 2013 Ashlee Lundvall, and‘s Katie Pavlich, as moderator. Together they extolled the virtues of female firearm ownership as a means for self-protection and slammed liberal feminists who object to their pro-gun stance.

Okafor, who twice cast ballots for Barack Obama before voting Trump in the last election, told the crowd at CPAC that “real female empowerment” must include firearms and the protection of Second Amendment rights.

Education and empowerment are “the crux of the feminist movement, right?” asked Corbin. “Well, we want women to be educated and empowered” about firearms, and yet “we’re being shamed for it.”

My own dear Mrs. Animal has never really considered herself a “feminist” in the generally accepted vernacular of today’s discourse, but she sure as hell is empowered; a former U.S. Army officer, recipient of a Bronze Star for her leadership in setting up and running a new type of inter-service medical facility in the first Gulf War, now a mother of four and a small business owner.  And that’s in addition to being a CCW permit holder and a pretty damn good pistol shot.  She never leaves the house without either a Ruger LCP or her S&W M&P Compact at her side.

And yes, True Believers, empowerment is solely the province of the individual.  Nobody can do it for you; “movements” are not the source of empowerment, neither is government.  Only an individual can empower him or herself.

That’s the difference between dependence and self-reliance; the difference between waiting for someone to do something for you, and taking responsibility for doing something yourself.

That’s liberty, folks.