Animal’s Daily Alaska Politics News

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Meanwhile, up here in the Great Land, last Saturday was the due date for ballots in Alaska’s special election primary.  This is the election to fill (for a few months) the seat left vacant by the passing of Don Young, who had been Alaska’s sole Representative since I was in high school.

At the moment, it looks like Sarah Palin has the election pretty much in the bag.  Nick Begitch is running a respectable second, with Independent (and by “Independent” mean “a Democrat running in a red state”) is in third.  Democrat Mary Peltola looks to be rounding out the four-position ranked-choice ballot for the general election.  Mind you, that just puts the top four in the mix for the general in August.

At this point, even with the goofy ranked-choice voting that we have here, it sure looks like Mrs. Palin is the best bet to win.  And I hope that goes through.  Why?  Well, I’m a-gonna tell you.

For a while now, I’ve given up any hope that we can salvage much of anything out of the Imperial City.  We have $30 trillion in debt.  Both parties seemed determine to make the money printers go brrrr and spend us into oblivion.  The GOP, granted, is selling us out a little more slowly than the Dems, but only a little.  Equal protection under the law?  That’s now a sad joke.  Our tax system is so horrendous that it takes literal armies of lawyers to sift through and figure out what the hell means what.  I could go on all day, but it all boils down to ‘we’re pretty fucked.’  As one great American once said:  “I got news for you pal – they’re gonna nail us no matter what we do!  So we might as well have a good time.”

So if we can send Sarah Palin to Congress, that will make plenty of liberal heads explode – just like when we sent Donald Trump to the Imperial Mansion.  And that’s worth it right there.  Forget reform, it’s too little too late for that.  At this point all we can hope for is entertainment.  As my kids are fond of saying, it’s worth it just for the lulz.