Animal’s Daily 2024 News

Before I get into this, check out the first installment in my new series over at Glibertarians – this time it’s a story about a famous painter in Europe in the 1920s, so go read!

Now then:  As I’ve been saying for some time, the best matchup against whoever the Dems run for the Imperial Mansion in 2024 is inarguably Florida’s own Ron DeSantis.  Now here is some polling that bears that out.  Excerpt:

The American electorate is, shall we say, less than enthused by the prospect of a Trump-Biden rematch, with Democrats decidedly cool on the idea of re-nominating the sitting President of the United States.  Amid the dissatisfaction reflected in the survey, Trump narrowly leads Biden, within the margin of error.  In quite a few polls, DeSantis performs better in hypothetical match-ups.  Here’s one recent example:

Here’s the pro-DeSantis money shot:

A thriving state operating in the black, reinforcing its reserves and emergency funds, and cutting taxes. Imagine that.  This is quite the contrast from, say, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s new plan, which proposes huge new tax increases in the fiscal basket case of New York.  It’s no great mystery why people are bleeding away from blue states.  For the first time ever, Florida’s workforce was larger than New York’s last year.  Cause and effect.

Target – fire for effect!

It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads these virtual pages that I’m on Team DeSantis, and have been for some time.  If Donald Trump does win the nomination I’ll vote for him, as he’d be vastly preferable to anyone that the Dems could offer.  But in that case I’d be voting against the Dam candidate.  DeSantis is the guy I could enthusiastically vote for.

His governorship of Florida has been an unalloyed success.  He goes from legislative triumph to triumph.  He deals with the legacy media adroitly, slapping their attempted “gotcha” questions back in their faces and making sure his own message goes out, cleanly and clearly.

Some folks are advocating for a Trump/DeSantis ticket for 2024, which would set DeSantis up as the heir apparent, but I’d rather not see that.  Not only is it historically difficult for a VP to move to the top seat, not only would DeSantis be out of the Governor’s role for four years, not only would we see another four years of hysterical rheee from the Left that would try to tar DeSantis with the Trump brush – not only all of that, but Trump is yesterday’s news.  The time for a Ron DeSantis campaign is now.

I honestly think Ron DeSantis could be the most consequential President since Ronald Reagan.  He’s the best man for the job right now.  I hope he runs; I’ll support him with enthusiasm, and there are a vanishingly small number of pols I can say that about.