Animal’s Daily 2022 News

President Trump is doing his best to make the 2022 elections a bloodbath for Democrats.  Excerpt:

There has been one thing that the left have been hoping will save them, though. Namely, that a civil war within the Republican party leads to a suppression of victories come 2022. For that to happen, Democrats were banking on Donald Trump just going scorched earth, with no care for whether the GOP takes back the majority or not.

Well, the former president just blew that notion up, and that sound you hear is millions of liberals crying out in agony.

This is Trump saying that he’ll be prioritizing policy over petty politics in the mid-terms, and honestly, good for him. That essentially defuses any major in-fighting within the party and sets the GOP up for success. The fundamentals already heavily favored them. Now, without another variable to gum up the works, Trump can be a positive force toward sending Nancy Pelosi into retirement, and that benefits him in the long term as well.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Trump is going to endorse Liz Cheney or the like, nor should he. There still need to be real primary fights, and anyone who voted for impeachment is going to suffer the political consequences. But it does mean that, for the most part, Trump is willing to get behind candidates that fit their districts and are positioned to win, even if they’ve thrown a little shade in his direction in the past.

With the border situation worsening, inflation beginning, and more worries over foreign policy building, Democrats are not in a good position. Without a GOP civil war to save them, their path to retaining their majorities in 2022 becomes a very tall task, and once Republicans take over again, Joe Biden’s life is going to turn to misery.

Now we see why the Democrats are pushing H.R. 1 so vigorously, although it has little chance in the Senate unless Chuck Schumer (Sanctimonious Prick – NY) can blow up the filibuster and hold every single Senate Democrat in line.   H.R. 1 would codify election fraud as a matter of course, and ensure a California-style one-party rule in the Imperial City; of course, if we could rely on the courts, the clearly unconstitutional H.R. 1 would be swiftly overturned, as the Constitution clearly extends almost all control of elections to the states.

But, can we rely on the courts any more?

It’s way too common to say “this is the most important election in our history,” and most of the time that’s just rhetoric.  But 2022 will be a key election.  Both parties are undergoing major changes, the Dems turning things over to “woke” urban progressives while the Republicans are moving to populist policies.  2020 redistricting and current Democrat overreach will be the keys to the 2022 and 2024 elections, and, yes, this will largely determine the path forward to the country for the next generation.

Personally I’m not too optimistic, but we’ll see what happens.