Animal’s Daily 2020 News

National treasure Dr. Victor Davis Hanson weighs in on the consummate mess that has been 2020.  Excerpt:

Mail-in Voting: Election Day as we once knew it no longer really exists. It has been warped, trimmed, and made nearly irrelevant in the panic of the times. The prior, but now accelerating, changes and the “never let a good crisis go to waste” efforts during the COVID-19 lockdown rammed through vast changes in previous voting norms. If the Democrats win the two U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia, new federal voting mandates designed to supersede state laws will institutionalize the chaos.

During the slow-motion November election “process,” the last presidential debate that Donald Trump won mattered little.Some 50 million people had already voted—and 100 million would before Election Day. The Hunter Biden scandal? Even had the media covered it, the result of such new laws would have made it a late October sparkler rather than a fiery bombshell. 

When some precincts reported over 90 percent turnout, and when it was impossible to verify the authenticity of such a massive influx of votes, and when the tallying went on for days and weeks in some jurisdictions, gone entirely was the idea that Americans showed up on Election Day—with only a minority of elderly, sick, or at work voting by absentee ballots. Under the old system voters showed their IDs as if they were cashing a check, signed in, had their names checked against voting rolls, and then were directed to a booth, with the election decided in a few hours—in other words, a tradition that did not always yield the correct results.

Read the whole thing – Dr. Hanson goes through several aspects of the cluster-foul-up that has been the American 2020.

We live in interesting times, as the old Chinese curse goes, and 2020 has been the most interesting of the last few years.

The Kung Flu (1.2 million deaths world-wide), if you listen to panic-mongers, is an overwhelming threat on the order of the Black Death (50 million deaths in Europe alone).  And the Kung Flu isn’t particularly dangerous unless the victim is over 65 or possessed of co-morbidities, while Yersinia pestis was fatal to over half of people who contracted it, at all ages.  To be fair, medical science has progressed just a little since the Dark Ages, although it’s not clear that treatment of hysteria has improved.

But the real plague of 2020 was the plague of rioting, looting and cancelling.  Our major cities have undergone a cultural shift, which has happened with amazing speed, and the shift isn’t for the better; rioting and looting seems to be the order of the day at “peaceful protests,” and the PC brigades claim that the mass demonstrations are somehow exempt from the Kung Flu quarantines because their stated goals align with the agenda.

Dr. Hanson concludes:

So the Left weaponized an entire culture. Everything from lifestyle magazines and NBA games to Netflix and fashion are now aimed at squaring the circle of hard-Left megaphoning and disguising privilege with “taste” and “discretion.”

How weird that the party once of the Bushes and Romneys is now the party of the working-class deplorables—earning the everlasting hatred of the NeverTrump elite, whose interest in conservatism was mostly its bicoastal cultural cachet, not in any concern with bettering the plight of millions of the working lower middle classes. The losers of a sustained class war are now felt by the winners to deserve it as proper recompense for their alleged illiberality.

The summer of COVID-19, quarantines, riot and arson, and an absence of confidence in the sanctity of voting ended with a lot of scars—and we will always bear them from now on.