This (and the gun club) is where I’ve been spending a good part of this unexpectedly-extended ‘tween-gigs interval:

2016-08-04 07.57.06So far I’ve produced:

  • 500 rounds of .45 Colt, 250 grain Laser-Cast flat point round nose on 9 grains of Unique – a tough load for modern revolvers, with a hard-cast bullet.  Great shooter in both my Vaquero and my big Smith 25-5.
  • 250 rounds of .38 Special, 148 grain Speer wadcutter on 3 grains of Unique, nice light target load for Mrs. Animal’s Ruger Security-Six.

Still on the schedule:

  • 500 or so rounds of .357 Magnum, 158-grain Laser-Cast flat point on 6.5 grains of Unique (Yes, I like Alliant’s Unique – it’s a very versatile powder for all kinds of handgun loads.)  A good medium-power .357 Magnum load.
  • 150 rounds of .45ACP, 200 grain Laser-Cast semi-wadcutter on 5 grains of Unique.  A nice shooting and defense load for my plethora of .45ACP guns – feeds well in the 1911 and my Glocks.

If time allows, I plan to run up some new .45-70 loads for the Bullwhacker.  Next – to the range!