• Nathan Opfer

    My grandpa handed down his model 12 to me and my dad was a lil pissed at the time and I didnt really know what I had. I cant think of one bad thing in the design. What I like the most in the gun is the capacity and the modified safety, my finger never has to leave the trigger guard ring. Wish more guns would have them, even as an option.

    • I like the easy and fast takedown feature, too. It’s something you don’t see in many modern guns. Even my Dad’s old 1946-vintage Stevens 520 has a quick takedown.

      I’d be happy if they just kept making the Model 12, but as Mr. Jagger says, we can’t always get what we want.

      • Nathan Opfer

        yea we can always dream. Im interested to see how the new Winchester SXP performs. My family has owned mainly Winchesters. Ive picked up a few 1400s, modified ch 12, win choke 12 tryin to find chokes for it but hard to find and a 20 and also picked up a model 50. The price was right and you cant beat the old Winchesters.

        • I have yet to handle an SXP, but so many newer guns feel gritty and sloppy. They just aren’t as smooth as the older shotguns; I have a 1944 Browning Auto-5, and it’s the same way, very smooth and very solid.

          Good luck on those old Winchoke tubes. Have you checked Gunbroker.com? There are always lots of odds and ends for sale there.

          • Nathan Opfer

            Yea Ive looked there from time to time. Im sure ill find em one day. The full choke works good with the 00 buck and birdshot ive been usin to shoot the dillos.