Rule Five Friday

2014_10_03_Rule Five Friday (1)Thanks to The Daley Gator for the pingback on a recent post!

Speaking of gun grabbers, a running theme lately has been advances in technology that make attempts to ban any kind of firearm increasingly nonsensical.  The latest is a small, affordable CNC mill that makes producing functional AR-pattern lower recievers a snap.  Excerpt:

To show exactly how right (California Governor Jerry) Brown was, and to educate any other state legislature that might contemplate following in de Leon’s footsteps, Wilson and his Defense Distributed team 2014_10_03_Rule Five Friday (2)launched a website today called

Through it they are selling a tabletop milling machine which can, quoting from their FAQ, “manufacture any mil-spec 80% AR-15 lower receiver that already has the rear take down well milled out. ….Lowers with non-mil-spec trigger guards that are otherwise mil-spec are also compatible. Defense Distributed recommends using the 7075 Ares Armor Raw 80% Lower AR-15 Billet.”

Wilson launched the project in response to de Leon’s bill, to “the rhetoric developed out of California of detectability as the norm, of the observability of everything to the modern state. This guy de Leon defined as a ‘ghost’ something not intelligible to the state and that’s a perfect way of talking about it. So this device will cut aluminum and it’s good at finishing an 80 percent lower receiver for an AR-15 in under an hour.” (Roughly, the ATF declares any lower receiver that is more than 2014_10_03_Rule Five Friday (3)80 percent complete as an actual gun subject to all regulations on actual guns.)

Now there is a distinct tendency towards small, decentralized production of many consumer items, not just firearms, and that’s precisely because of of technology like this.  But it is only when 3D printing and small-scale machining tech is applied to firearms that it gives big-government control-freaks a bad case of the bed-wettings.

Why?  Because OMG Guns!

2014_10_03_Rule Five Friday (4)So what reactions can we expect from the gun-grabbers?  Look for a push to restrict sales of AR-pattern uppers, for a start, probably to be followed by an attempt to restrict sales of any manner of firearm components.

These attempts are probably inevitable; the nature of government is ever to grow, to expand, to become more and more intrusive, and more destructive of individual liberty.  But what makes today’s world interestingly different is the Information Revolution we are currently undergoing; this revolution includes fascinating advances in small-scale, decentralized manufacturing and pattern-sharing that will make any attempts to control guns – or anything else – increasingly stupid.

That’s a good thing, for anyone who is concerned with liberty.

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