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Happy Hump Day!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Offended?  Go Fuck Yourself.  Excerpt:

The modern American “liberal” is a statist cocksucker who cannot tolerate even the existence of dissent. They claim to be “tolerant,” but a quick discussion will lead to them admitting they don’t have to tolerate those hatey haters who hate, which is anyone they disagree with, even if the facts conclusively support the other party. They are a cancer on society and, as in several past societies, at some point they will have to be exterminated.

Strong words? These are the people who will riot and shut down a campus to avoid even the presence of a gay man they disagree with. It wouldn’t be a problem if they simply refused to attend, and thereby maintained their ignorance (a valued liberal trait). No, the very existence of a speaker who they’ve never actually heard, but have been told by their collective will say things they disagree with, is unacceptable.

This behavior is not “liberal.” It’s just like when the USSR claimed to be a “Democratic republic.”

Oh, right–liberals were fairly fucking masturbating over how “classy” the sister of Korean Dictator Lil Kim looked next to Vice President Mike Pence. This is a psycho bitch who sends gays, missionaries, dissenters and even liberals to be tortured to death. She’s a fucking rock star to liberals.

Beyond that, they’ll define anyone who dissents from their agenda as a Nazi, and of course, it’s perfectly okay to try to kill “nazis” with blunt objects, firearms and other weapons, for the crime of being a “nazi,” and “due process is racist.” There’s simply no way to reason with such an entity.

Here’s the money quote:

The only response you should give to a liberal about anything is, “Fuck off, pussy.”

Entertaining as this is, I’ll put in one caveat.  While it’s tempting to judge people by some group membership, it’s fallacious to do so in plenty of cases.  While the author of this piece, Michael Williamson of the Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse, is correct in his assessment of the more vocal lefties in American politics today, and likewise correct in his recommendations for dealing with intolerance, not every leftie is like this – just most of them.  I’ve mentioned that one of my best friends is a deep-blue, East Coast urban proggie, and while we share almost nothing in political opinion, we nevertheless have long political discussions over beers with neither of us thinking the other is stupid or evil.

But folks like that are, honestly, rare on both sides of the spectrum.

With that said, Williamson is correct for the most part.  I apply this reasoning, for example, to the assault weapon debate, when a would-be gun-grabber petulantly demands “why I need to own an AR-15.”

Nothing else need be said.

Animal’s Daily Savage News

No, not that kind of savage.

Readers of these virtual pages will know from long acquaintance that I have a fondness for old guns, especially those that are icons of American gunmaking.  The Savage 99 is one such.  I’ve been watching for a good example for the gun rack here, preferably an older version in .300 Savage, .308 or .358 Winchester.

Introduced in 1899, five years after the better-known Browning-designed 1894 Winchester, the Savage had two key advantages over the Browning-designed rifle:

  • The striker-fired 99 has a faster lock time than the hammer-fired Winchesters – lock time, for those not in the know, is the time between the moment the trigger releases the sear and the moment when the firing pin hits the cartridge primer.  A faster lock time means less time for the rifle to wander off target once the trigger pull is completed.
  • The husky Savage action allowed for more powerful cartridges to be used; the original versions of the 1894 Winchester and its counterpart, the 1893 Marlin (which later morphed into the 336) were limited to lower-pressure rounds like the .30WCF, while the Savage would handle rounds like the .308 and .358 Winchester.

The old Savage is a neat old rifle.  This gun was also one of the introductory arms for the .250-3000 Savage cartridge, the first commercial rifle cartridge to break 3000fps velocity (this the name) but if I do procure one of these, I’ll probably go for the more common .300 Savage, which packs nearly the punch of a .308.  The proprietary Savage round seems appropriate for this iconic old Savage rifle.

I’m keeping my eye on the various auction sites.  There are still a few open spaces in the Casa de Animal gun racks.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to Pirate’s Cove and The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

Moving on: When first I cast my optics on this piece, I thought it had to be a gag; but no.  Someone really has made an M1 Garand in the .458 Winchester.  Holy crap!  Excerpt:

Back in early 2000’s, McCann Industries (known for their M1 Garand Gas Trap Adjuster) manufactured an M1 Garand in .458 Winchester Magnum. Not made anymore after the passing of McCann’s primary gunsmith, the rifles are a fine example of ingenuity and practicality applied to big-game hunting.

At first, I flinched just thinking about it, but the few videos of it shooting shed some light on how this big-game cartridge is tamed. While the base rifle was identical, McCann added an aggressive muzzle brake and a mercury cylinder to the stock to absorb and deflect the recoil.

While I haven’t heard of any catastrophic failures of these guns, I’m a little concerned about the conversion of a gun specifically designed for one and only one cartridge, that being the time-honored old .30 USG, Model of 1906.

Having messed with a few military Mauser conversion – my favorite hunting piece, Thunder Speaker, is one such – I know the issues that can arise when converting the standard Mauser/.30-06 case head to a magnum case head in an action.  It involves removing metal from the bolt face; such conversions also involve removing metal from feed ramps and sometimes even receiver rings.

I’m not up enough on the M1 action to know what this conversion entails.  But boy howdy, would I want to be careful with one of these.  It would no doubt make an impressive thumper, and I stand by my conviction that you can shoot little stuff with a big gun but you can’t shoot big stuff with a little gun.

But holy crap.  Holy crap.

Rule Five Census Counts Friday

The Trump Administration is considering adding a question on citizenship to the upcoming census.  Excerpt:

While it might seem like the epitome of boring government bureaucracy, the count of every person living in America — which must take place every ten years, according to the Constitution — is extremely important, as the data is used to draw political districts and determine the distribution of federal funding. The Trump administration’s move is likely to give Republicans, who already have an edge in congressional and state legislative maps, an even greater advantage for years to come.

The citizenship question has not been included in the decennial Census since 1950, though it is included in some smaller population surveys. Adding the question is expected to discourage noncitizens — a population already difficult to count accurately — from responding to the Census. A majority of undocumented immigrants live in 20 metropolitan areas, so undercounting this population would shift power and resources away from more Democratic-leaning cities and toward Republican-leaning rural areas.

As the Washington Post explains, the shift could give Republicans an additional tool in years to come by providing a count of U.S. residents who are eligible to vote. The courts have long mandated that U.S. House districts must be based on the total population, which includes children, undocumented immigrants, and others who cannot vote. However, for many years conservative advocates have discussed the possibility of drawing state and local districts based only on eligible voters — which would exclude nonvoters, who are disproportionately minority.

Drawing districts on the basis of eligible voters, not just gross population, is a good idea – but it would face massive court challenges.  The Constitution mandates the census but doesn’t mandate how districts are drawn; theoretically that is up to the several States, but in recent years such issues have been decided by the courts, who have become a de facto legislature.  But the pushback isn’t just coming from the courts:

Former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder, who has devoted his post-Obama administration career to fighting the GOP’s state-level advantage, said he intends to sue as well.

“We will litigate to stop the Administration from moving forward with this irresponsible decision,” said Holder, who is now chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. “The addition of a citizenship question to the Census questionnaire is a direct attack on our representative democracy.“

My immediate response to this, coming as it does from the architect of the Fast and Furious gun-running operation, is “oh, fuck off, Holder.”  My second, more considered response, is “since when are you concerned about representative democracy – and do you even know that the United States is not a democracy, but a constitutional republic?”

RHEEEEing from both sides of the issue aside, I don’t think this will have much effect on the census or on redistricting.  The 2020 census will probably, more than anything else, serve to point up the increasing urban v. rural divide that is drawing our nation apart – and the addition of the citizenship question won’t make much difference there.

With that said, I would like to see districting and so forth apportioned on the basis of a count of actual citizens.  I’m not at all clear on exactly why non-citizens should count in apportioning representation in the Imperial City.  But adding a question to the census, unfortunately, won’t accomplish much.

Animal’s Daily Royal Failure News

Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, has been in the news a lot lately – mostly because of a lot of royal whining.  She’s still unable to figure out why she lost the 2016 election.  But the Washington Examiner’s Noemie Emery has some cogent thoughts on the matter; excerpt:

Presidents Obama and John F. Kennedy ran and won from the Senate; Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and John Kerry ran, lost, and went back to the Senate, having lost none of their status or influence. Hillary had been rich before the Senate, but she became filthy rich after leaving it, and the greed she displayed after leaving all offices helped greatly to tarnish her name.

But this was the least of the ways that leaving the Senate would hurt her. If she had simply stayed put, as one of a hundred, with a normal government email address, the subject of emails would not have come up.

Imagine the campaign if this thing had happened: no stunning surprise in March 2015 when the server was outed, no criminal investigation by the federal government, no visit by Clinton with the attorney general that elevated former FBI Director James Comey; no Comey statement that her guilt was “not proven,” no Comey letter late in October that the case was reopened due to emails discovered on a the laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, the disgraced estranged husband of one of her aides.

Now let’s think about that for a moment.  Read those last two paragraphs again.  Let that sink in for a moment; I’ll wait right here.

Ready?  Then let’s move on.

Emery has an interesting thesis here, whether it be intentional or not, and it boils down to this:  Her Imperial Majesty may have won the 2016 election had she stayed in the Senate, because there would have been fewer opportunities for her fundamentally corrupt nature to find an outlet.

None of that changes that fact that the Dowager Empress is still the most deeply and fundamentally corrupt American political figure since Huey Long.  Indeed, it makes the sigh of relief we are still exhaling after November 2016 all the more relieving, as Emery points out so clearly how she might have been elected if she simply hadn’t had as many opportunities to peddle influence.

Holy shit!  We really dodged a major bullet there, True Believers.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

The common Western coyote is a tough, fast, smart adaptable little wolf.  They are ubiquitous over most of North America now, not excluding our major cities.  In Los Angeles, there’s a study ongoing to determine just what the the little urban wolves live on.  It’s no surprise that the answer is “a little bit of everything.”  Excerpt:

Shoes with rubber soles may seem unsavory, but preliminary results show that urban coyotes gulp them down, along with western cottontail rabbits, birds, avocados, oranges, peaches, candy wrappers, fast-food cartons and an occasional cat.

“Cats seem to make up only about 8% of a local urban coyote’s diet,” said Martinez, 27, a graduate student at Cal State Fullerton.

Another surprise: Remarkably few of the coyotes had eaten roof rats, a ubiquitous rodent that can weigh up to a pound. The researchers theorize that may be because roof rats are fast, superb climbers.

Determining whether a coyote had feasted on dogs — Chihuahuas, for example — is beyond the scope of the study, researchers said. That’s because it would be extremely difficult to differentiate the DNA of the predator from that of another member of the canid family.

The defining characteristic of the decomposed grayish-brown gunk in a coyote tummy, however, is its stench, which lab visitors have described as “shocking,” “disgusting” and “fetid.”

Quinn, who says her lab work keeps her “elbow deep in coyote carcasses,” put it this way: “It’s a sickly sweet smell — like the worst candy you ever had in your life. No joke. But Danielle is a trouper, and I’m used to it.”

Coyotes are successful precisely because of their adaptability, especially the ease with which they make a meal out of almost anything.  Our own ancestors did much the same; the human digestive system is pretty much a biological garbage disposal, making us very adaptable omnivores.  Way back in our history there were cousins to the human line, the paranthropines, who were obligate herbivores, specialized to live on rough vegetation.

In order to determine how well that worked out, take not of how many members of genus Paranthropus are around today.

I kind of like coyotes.  I enjoy hearing them sing on mountain evenings, and I like seeing them skulking along at a respectful distance when I’m hunting – mountain coyotes have long since learned that human hunters often leave behind gut piles, which is like candy to prairie wolves.  They can cause some problems with pet owners and so on (which can be forestalled by keeping your cat in the damn house) but all in all, I like having them around.

Animal’s Daily Predictable Mess News

I won’t rehash most of the particulars of last weekend’s “please take away our rights” march.  Most of those details have been beaten half to death in other venues.  But there is one aspect of this thing that I was waiting to see, having predicted it from the after-effects of other leftie AstroTurf protests:  The mess.  Excerpt:

The Democrat funded March for our Lives protests were held Saturday in cities across the United States.

The largest gathering was in Washington DC where approximately 250,000 people turned out to protest gun laws.  (Color me skeptical on that number.)

The anti-gun protesters were also little Hoggs.

Image from the linked story.

Anyone surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  I wasn’t.  See the linked Gateway Pundit story for more photos of the mess.

The reason this isn’t surprising is simple:  Left-wing protests predictably leave these sort of messes.  Remember the Keystone pipeline aftermath, where tons – literally tons – of garbage and human waste had to be trucked away when the “environmentalists” finally left.  Remember the messes after the Women’s March the day after President Trump’s inauguration.  Remember the horrible messes left after the “Occupy” sit-ins.

On the other hand, remember the messes left after the various Tea Party protests?  No?  Neither do I.  There weren’t any.  Agree or disagree with the Tea Party folks all you like, but they cleaned up after themselves.  Not so the gun-banners in the Imperial City.

The First Amendment, of course, protects the right of these folks to peaceably assemble and protest.  Of course it does, and no sane person would argue that.  But the First Amendment doesn’t give them license to leave behind a ton or so of garbage to be cleaned up at taxpayer expense.

As for the protesters themselves:  They seem to have a Self-Awareness setting of zero.  And that’s OK – one of Murphy’s Laws of Combat states “when your opponent is doing something stupid, let them.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain and Pirate’s Cove for the Rule Five links!

On to something less pleasant than Rule Five totty:  The Imperial spending omnibus bill, which President Trump has signed and which I can only describe with two words:  Fucking disgrace.  Excerpt:

The massive, 13 percent increase in discretionary spending was prefigured by the agreement on budget caps that congressional leaders reached in February. It remains remarkable that, even with control over the branches of elected government, the GOP cannot secure funding for the military without dangling such unnecessary spending for domestic programs.

The specifics of the spending aren’t much better. The bill provides funding for immigration enforcement both internally and at the border, but the devil is in the details. Set aside that the dollar amount falls far short of what the Trump administration had requested: There are onerous restrictions even on the money that is appropriated, limiting, for instance, the number of illegal aliens that Immigration and Customs Enforcement can detain. Even with the leverage of DACA, Republicans failed to meaningfully tighten the immigration system.

On health care, the hope of deregulating the individual insurance market to counteract rising premiums has been dashed. It seems increasingly likely that the GOP has given up on repealing and replacing Obamacare and is unable even to reduce its continuing burdens on the public.

Meanwhile, the $21 billion in infrastructure funding is not offset with permitting reforms that could spur private investment. We welcome the defense spending, and the funds devoted to combating the opioid epidemic might make a difference. But if this bill winds up being the only major piece of legislation Congress passes in 2018, this year will be a legislative waste.

Apparently the GOP, who like to portray themselves as the grownups in the room where fiscal responsibility is concerned, have abandoned any pretense of budgetary restraint.  Imperial profligacy is rising to ever-greater heights no matter which party has control of Congress.

For some years, even though I have been and remain a minarchist libertarian, I have regularly voted Republican at the Imperial level, mostly because the GOP more closely approximates my views on a number of issues than do the Democrats.  That’s getting harder to swallow.  What options are left to an actual minimal-government advocate anyway?  Vote Republican and hope they send us into bankruptcy a little slower than the Democrats?  Or vote third-party and consign our votes into meaninglessness – or worse, in a closely contested state like our own Colorado, effectively vote for the candidate we hate more?

We, as a nation, are fast running out of options.

Deep thoughts, news of the day, totty and the Manly Arts.