Rule Five Free Speech Friday

The Mayor of (liberal) Portland is responding to a stabbing by attacking the First Amendment.  Excerpt:

In the wake of a Portland stabbing that left two men dead, mayor Ted Wheeler is demanding that the Federal Government cancel two rallies in his city. One of the rallies is a pro-Trump free speech rally, and the other is a march against Sharia. These are both obviously causes that go against American values and that present a clear and present danger to society, at least in the mind of a left-wing mayor.

The killings in Portland were horrific, they ended the lives of two great Americans, one was a recent college graduate with a promising future, the other an Army Veteran with a heart dedicated to serving his community. Both of these men, along with another young man who is in critical condition, stepped into a situation to defend two young women who were simply minding their own business, and were being verbally abused by a man on the light-rail. Instead of honoring the sacrifices of these men, mayor Ted Wheeler is using the situation to further a political agenda, with little basis in fact.

The first error the mayor makes is associating this stabbing with “right-wing terrorism”. Although the mainstream media has largely reported this to be the case, there is evidence to the contrary. The stabber, Jeremy Joseph Christian, was an ardent Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein supporter, as can be found in screenshots from his Facebook page. The tone of his Facebook posts indicate that the man clearly has major mental health issues, and do not seem to indicate any right-wing sentiments.

Despite all of this evidence that the man who committed the attack was not a Trump-supporting anti-sharia advocate, the mayor has targeted those two rallies, citing hate speech as a reason to shut them down.

Let me state this very bluntly:  Ted Wheeler is a fucking idiot.

Let’s set aside Wheeler’s stupidly asinine characterization of the June 4 “Trump Free Speech Rally” and the “March Against Sharia” that is scheduled for June 10 as “hate speech.”  It may be unpleasant speech, but it’s not hateful.  And even if it is, it is still protected by the First Amendment.

It has become a too-common attitude that hate speech is, for some unknown reason, not protected by the First Amendment.  Just for the record, here is that amendment in full:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Got that?  Congress (and by dint of the 14th Amendment, other levels of government) cannot abridge the freedom of speech.  Pretty plain language, right?  So is the Second Amendment (A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed) but that hasn’t stopped pols of every stripe from trying to infringe on that very enumerated right.

Now the totalitarians have moved on to the First Amendment.

Here’s a clue for Mayor Wheeler and his ilk:  The First Amendment not only tolerates “hate speech” (an essentially meaningless term) it is useless if it does not tolerate, even protect, “hate speech.”

Free speech means you have to let Nazis and Klansmen have rallies.

Free speech means you have to let the Black Panthers shout racist epithets.

Free speech means you have to let the assholes from Westboro Baptist Church shout “God hates fags.”

Free speech means that anti-Sharia and pro-Trump rallies are protected, no matter whether or not some left-wing loony went off on an anti-Muslim murder spree on a train.

If anyone is not free to speak, then nobody is free to speak.  That’s what the First Amendment means.  We all live in a “free speech zone;” it’s the United States of America.

We forget that at our peril.

Climate Hysteria

Today President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, producing predictable howls of outrage from all quarters but most of all from the political Left and the leaders of other nations who will now be denied billions of dollars in income transfers from Uncle Sam.

Some respected scientists weighed in:

This was a bad deal, True Believers.  I’m not a climate change denier; the Earth’s climate has been changing for 4.55 billion years now, and through most of that time it’s been warmer than it is now.  I also don’t doubt that human activity has some effect, although it isn’t worth crippling the economy over.

This was just a bad deal.  The main feature was transferring billions of U.S. dollars to developing nations who were exempt from any requirement to reduce carbon emissions for decades.

The United States has already led the way in reducing carbon emissions.  As a nation, our carbon footprint is lower than it was in 1992.  We don’t need to give away billions of dollars from our already-broke Imperial government to keep moving ahead on this.

Also:  If this was such a great deal, as former President Obama would have us believe, why did he not present it to the Senate and have it ratified as a binding treaty?

Animal’s Daily Royal Rage News

Heh.  Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I is reportedly still “seething with rage” at her coronation election loss.  Excerpt:

Hillary Clinton has come out of the woods. She has a new super PAC aimed at funding organizations fighting the Trump agenda. It will eventually be the war chest for 2018 midterm candidacies. She herself says she’s a member of the resistance. And she obviously hasn’t made her peace with losing to Donald J. Trump, who she reportedly feels is a “dumb, soulless manipulator.” Axios broke down her seething rage over losing from New York Magazine’s Rebecca Traister’s lengthy piece about Hillary post-campaign. One thing we have seen from the former secretary of state and two-time presidential loser is her inability to take full responsibility without blaming someone else. Her favorite targets are former FBI Director James Comey and the Russians. Yet, in Traister’s piece, everywhere the former first lady goes there are her supporters trapped in glass cases of emotion, still shocked over last November’s results.

A big part of the reason Her Royal Highness’s myrmidons are so outraged is that everybody expected her to win handily.  Hell, I was surprised at the outcome of the 2016 election myself.  They had a big emotional investment in Her Imperial Majesty beating Donald Trump in the election, and she lost – not by a squeaker, either.  She lost badly, and the really entertaining thing has been watching her blame everybody but herself for the loss ever since November 8th.

If the Democrats had nominated someone else, they likely would have won the election.  Gary Webb would have won.  Joe Biden may have.  I doubt the loony old Bolshevik from Vermont would have pulled it off, but since the DNC pulled shenanigans to squeeze him out of the primary, we will never know.

Her Imperial Majesty, as I have repeatedly pointed out, campaigned on two points:  1) I have a vagina, and 2) It’s my turn, peasants!  That wasn’t enough.  President Trump campaigned with a clear, simple populist message with a catchy, easily remembered slogan – Make America Great Again – and he won.

If Hillary Clinton really wants to know who cost her the election, all she needs to do is look in the mirror.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

It seems we’re always twenty years away from fusion power, if you read the popular news sites.  How far away are we really?  Excerpt:

I’d like to think we’re smarter than the Sun.

Let’s compare and contrast. Humans, on the one hand, have made enormous advances in science and technology, built cities, cars, computers, and phones. We have split the atom for war and for energy.

What has the Sun done? It’s a massive ball of plasma, made up of mostly hydrogen and helium. It just, kind of, sits there. Every now and then it burps up hydrogen gas into a coronal mass ejection. It’s not a stretch to say that the Sun, and all inanimate material in the Universe, isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

And yet, the Sun has mastered a form of energy that we just can’t seem to wrap our minds around: fusion. It’s really infuriating, seeing the Sun, just sitting there, effortlessly doing something our finest minds have struggled with for half a century.

Why can’t we make fusion work? How long until we can finally catch up technologically with a sphere of ionized gas?

 Well, there is one significant problem; the Sun has one advantage the the folks trying to build an economically viable fusion reactor lack:  Mass.  About 330,000 times the mass of the entire Earth, in fact.

Sunshine has all sorts of benefits for us here on Earth.

The Sun sustains fusion reactions because of this mass.  It has been fusing hydrogen into helium for almost 5 billion years, and will continue to do so for another 5 billion years.  The Sun’s mass and the resulting (enormous) gravity well does the rest.

Fusion reactors face a more complicated problem.  In the lack of a solar-sized gravity well, fusion reactors rely on a magnetic field or focused high-energy lasers to compress hydrogen isotopes into a fusable mass.

But from what I’ve been reading on the topic, it’s not impossible.  Once the basic physics are established, the rest is a matter of engineering.  I’m pretty sure we’ll break the last few barriers eventually; then the Earth will realize abundant, cheap energy.  It’s mostly a matter of effort.

The energy that powers the Sun could power the Earth.

Animal’s Daily Mad Dog News

Thanks once again to Pirate’s Cove and The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

Moving on:  I love this guy.  Words cannot describe how great it is to have a man like this as SecDef.  Excerpt:

Sec. of Defense James Mattis, known for his frank quotes about the realities of war, offered up a line befitting his nickname, “Mad Dog,” during an interview airing Sunday.

“What keeps you awake at night?” CBS “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson asked Mattis.

“Nothing,” a stonefaced Mattis responded. “I keep other people awake at night.”

Mattis’ remark is sure to join a long list of the former Marine general’s most memorable quotes.

“When you men get home and face an anti-war protester, look at him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend because she knows she’s dating a pussy,” Mattis once said.

Now, I’m a believer in the idea that the United States should not initiate force against another nation.  However, once violence is initiated against us, our response should be overwhelming; as one of my personal heroes, General George Patton, once said:  “Some goddamn fool once said that flanks have got to be secure. Since then sonofabitches all over the globe have been guarding their flanks. I don’t agree with that. My flanks are something for the enemy to worry about, not me. Before he finds out where my flanks are, I’ll be cutting the bastard’s throat.”

That’s a warrior.  I think Gen Mattis is cut from much the same cloth. I also think that our military should be maintained at a level so make such an overwhelming response obvious – enemies of the U.S. should be shitting their pants with terror from the moment the first private steps off the plane.

We can do that without spending ourselves into overwhelming debt.  Everyone knows the military procurement system is broken.  We can and should fix it; our military should be more tooth, less tail, and our system for buying weapons and equipment should be efficient.

As Col. Jeff Cooper once said, “Let’s hear it for a leaner, meaner America, Mr. President!”


While you’re all enjoying a long weekend, True Believers, please do take a moment to remember why this is a national holiday.

I suspect this young lady will never forget. Our hearts go out to her; but never forget the young man she mourns, nor the thousands like him.  This is a day to remember heroes.  Take a moment, and do so.

On this day I always remember, among others, Sergeant Francisco Martinez, a fine man, a good NCO, and the only man I ever lost while I was wearing Uncle Sam’s green.  Frank was a good man, a devoted father, a patriot; he didn’t fall in battle but rather to a heart attack while our unit was preparing to deploy to Iraq.  But I still had to inventory his personal effects; I still had to write to his daughter, to tell her what a fine man her father had been.

SGT Martinez was a good man and a good soldier.  This is his day, and the day of all his brothers and sisters that have fallen in service to our country.

Remember them.  Remember.

Rule Five Man Test Friday

On the Friday of this Memorial Day weekend during which we commemorate fallen heroes, and due to the current upswing in appearances of Beta Males, I’ve decided to re-run the classic Animal Man Test.   Are you an Alpha Male?  Take the test and find out.  Count one for every point you can answer in the affirmative; your total score is, well, your total score.  Grading is at the end.  Feel free to post your results in the comments.

Personal Hygiene
1. I use soap in the shower. A bar of soap.
2. I do not use body washes.
3. I do not trim or pluck my eyebrows.
4. I do not get manicures.
5. I do not put any lotions, oils, balms or creams on my body unless there is some purpose either medicinal or sexual.
6. I have a “haircut,” not a “hair style.”
7. I can wash my hair with soap and a washcloth.
8. I do not wear cologne. Perfume is for girls. Aftershave is acceptable, as long as it’s Old Spice.
9. I can go from ‘asleep’ to ‘ready to leave for work/movie/date’ in under fifteen minutes.

Personal Style
10. I own a pair of cowboy boots or engineer boots.
11. I own more than one pair of cowboy boots and/or engineer boots.
12. I own a cowboy hat.
13. I own more than one cowboy hat.
14. I own more than one cap with a logo from either a car company, heavy equipment manufacturer, or an agricultural supplier.
15. I do not use an umbrella. If it rains, I have caps and hats.
16. I know the difference between a cap and a hat.
17. I own a leather jacket.
18. I own a black leather jacket.
19. I have scars.
20. I have scars that I brag about.
21. I have scars from gunshot wounds.
22. I carry a pocketknife.
23. I hang stuff on my belt.

24. I can drive a manual transmission.
25. I can drive a motorcycle.
26. I can drive a commercial truck.
27. I can operate almost any vehicle on two, four or more wheels, from a motorbike to a five-ton truck.
28. I can operate tracked machinery (i.e. Caterpillar.)
29. I can operate a light airplane.
30. I own a truck.
31. I own a four-wheel drive truck.
32. My truck has branch scrapes and rock chips. Lots of them.
33. I carry jumper cables in my truck.
34. I carry a high-lift jack in my truck.
35. I carry a tow strap in my truck.
36. I carry an axe in my truck.
37. I carry a gun in my truck.

38. I can navigate with map and compass.
39. I can navigate by orienteering.
40. I can run a chainsaw.
41. I can start a fire without match or lighter.
42. I am proficient with a pistol
43. I am proficient with a rifle.
44. I am proficient with a shotgun.
45. I can make improvised traps.
46. I can capture, kill, prepare and cook wildlife.
47. I can catch fish with purchased fishing tackle.
48. I can catch fish with fishing tackle improvised from materials obtained in the wild.
49. I can build an improvised shelter with materials obtained in the wild.

50. I do not see “chick” movies unless there is a chance that I might get sex afterwards by so doing.
51. John Wayne is, very nearly, a deity.
52. I love Westerns. Especially John Wayne Westerns.
53. I enjoy movies that feature:
•    Hot vampire chicks in black leather.
•    Hot any kind of chicks in black leather.
•    Hot any kind of chicks.
•    Killer androids.
•    Killer aliens.
•    Zombies.
•    Hot vampire android alien zombie chicks.
54. Tom Cruise is the result of a Communist plot to demoralize America by subjecting us to crappy acting.

55. Vegetarian, my ass. Give me a steak.
56. The four major food groups are: Steak, pizza, beer and cheeseburgers.
57. Real men eat any damn thing they want.
58. I love bacon with near-religious passion.
59. All foods should be served with home fries and/or corn bread.
60. Everything’s better with Tabasco.

Total up the number of question you can honestly answer “yes.”
55+ – You’re a manly man in the manliest form.

50+ – Your testosterone level is normal, but you’re not blowing up anyone’s skirts.

< 50 – Oh, for crying out loud, cowboy up already.

Notes on my own score:
Of course I scored 60/60, I wrote the test.
5. Trust me, you do not want to know.
14. Mine include Ford, CAT Diesel Power, J&W Meat Processing and Pioneer Seed.
21. Yes, I really do.
29. I can, but it’s been a long time. A looooonnnng time.

Animal’s Daily Quadranscentennial News

In early 1991, I was sent (along with a whole bunch of other people) to the Middle East, where we helped General Schwarzkopf send the Iraqi Army squealing and screaming out of Kuwait with their tails between their legs.  It was an interesting time, a pretty intense time for about 100 hours, then pretty dull for the rest of the deployment.

While I was over there, I was a headquarters platoon leader for an Army Medical company.  One of the treatment platoon leaders was a little spitfire of a lieutenant, with a personality far larger than her 4’11” frame.

As I got to know 1LT Travers, I learned several things about her.  I learned she liked to hunt and fish; I learned she liked cold beer, straight whiskey and big-bore handguns.

I also learned that she had more physical and emotional courage than anyone I had ever met, and that she had more balls than most men I knew.  And, as the time went on, I realized she was probably the sweetest gal I was ever going to run across.

So when the deployment ended, I asked her to move from where she was living in Kansas up to Colorado with me.  The year after that we got married.

That was twenty-five years ago today.  She hasn’t changed a bit, other than a few (very few) gray hairs.  She’s still a little spitfire.  She still has a huge personality, enormous physical and emotional courage, and she still is the sweetest gal I’ve ever run across.  And I still love her more than life itself.

January 1991

Happy silver anniversary, hon.  Let’s shoot for another twenty-five!

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