Election Update 9

Peeking-Bear-150x99And Scott Walker romps to re-election in Wisconsin.

No news from Iowa yet, but if Joni Ernst picks up that Senate seat – and the latest polls had her a tad ahead – then that puts the GOP up six seats, without LA’s runoff.  I’m guessing Perdue wins in GA, and Roberts is still leading in KS, which means the Obama Administration will have to get used to dealing with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Election Update 4

Looks like a net pickup of two seats for the GOP so far.  First was no surprise, that being West Virginia; the second is Splashing-BearsArkansas.

What’s really interesting about this evening so far is Virginia; both RCP and Fox have it as too close to call, when it really wasn’t expected to be a close race for the incumbent, Mark Warner (D.)

New Hampshire looks like it’s shaping up to be a loss for Scott Brown.  It ain’t over yet, but gut feel from yr. obdt. is that the fat lady is warming up in the wings.

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