Election Update 4

Looks like a net pickup of two seats for the GOP so far.  First was no surprise, that being West Virginia; the second is Splashing-BearsArkansas.

What’s really interesting about this evening so far is Virginia; both RCP and Fox have it as too close to call, when it really wasn’t expected to be a close race for the incumbent, Mark Warner (D.)

New Hampshire looks like it’s shaping up to be a loss for Scott Brown.  It ain’t over yet, but gut feel from yr. obdt. is that the fat lady is warming up in the wings.

Animal’s Daily Shootin’ Iron News

Yesterday my 16 gauge Model 12 returned from Briley with a new set of choke tubes, which finished out this restoration project.  The 1941 Model 12 has been given a new lease on life, retaining its WW2-era charm while gaining modern features as ‘today’ as an iPad.  Here, have a look:

2014-11-03 12.43.32 (1280x959) 2014-11-03 12.44.03 (1280x793) 2014-11-03 12.44.42 (1280x306)

And the before:

pix123692347The old gun was made in 1941, and the refit, refurbish and refinish has left me with a short, light, handy 16 gauge grouse or quail gun.  The gun originally had an old Poly-Choke mounted, and after that removal there was only about 24″ of barrel left; a bit on the short side, but that matters less than it used to with modern, fast-burning propellants.  Sight radius is shorter but the addition of a center bead to the old, 1940s-style solid rib should help with that.

To the trap range tomorrow to see how she shoots!  Briley still has my 1940 12 gauge Model 12, in the finishing stages, and they tell me I should have it back by the end of the week – watch this space for more.

And while I’m on the topic, I highly recommend Briley; they do quality work, and their customer service folks with whom I had occasion to interface were outstanding.

Stay tuned for tonight’s election live-blogging!

Goodbye Blue Monday!

Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

A few programming notes:

First, thanks yet again to The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

Tomorrow evening we’ll be live-blogging as election results come in, with emphasis on our own Colorado elections but also notes on the national scene.  Stay tuned.

Also, the road beckons; much as I enjoy these between-project intervals, most of the business is work on large, long-term projects.  I have entered a bid on one such, a six-month project in the Bay Area.

As in, San Francisco.  California.

Hoo boy.  It’s a lovely old city with a lot of historical significance, but it’s also the epicenter of much of America’s more overt left-wing nutballery today.  (See any of the sterling work done by PJMedia columnist Zombie for examples.)

So, assuming I end up on the roster for this project, it should be an interesting piece of work-tourism all the way around, especially after coming off of a year in deep-red northern Indiana.

2014_11_3_RCP-SenateBut back to the election:  Tomorrow is the big day, and it looks like the Party of Obama is set for another shellacking.  Here’s the latest Senate map from RealClearPolitics:

Note that our own Colorado is in the tossup column, as is our old childhood stomping grounds state of Iowa, where Joni Ernst is 2014_11_3_RCP-Senate-Notossupwidening her lead.  A look at RCP’s no-tossup map lands both those and several others in the GOP column, which gives the Republicans a 52-seat majority in the Senate:

Personally I’m not counting out Kansas or North Carolina yet, either, and Louisiana may be a cliffhanger until January.  But still, 52 seats is do-able for the GOP. A solid Republican majority sidelines daffy old Joe Biden as a potential Senate tie-breaker and will (or, at least, should) result in a tsunami of GOP bills headed for the President’s desk, forcing him to either shit or get off the pot.

We’ll find out tomorrow night.  Stay tuned.  It should be quite a ride.

Another Great Morning

2014-10-31 09.38.13 (917x1280)One of the better aspects of self-employment is the between-projects free time, much of which I spend at the range.  This morning’s outing was a nostalgic one.

The rifle pictured is an old Marlin 783 in .22WMR.  Note the old-style Marlin gold trigger, and if you look on the underside of the repeatedly-refinished stock you’ll see the old Marlin bullseye.  I bought this rifle with money I earned detassling corn and haying in the summer of 1975, and proceeded to kill a tall stack of woodchucks and crows with it around the Old Man’s place in the following years.  It was my constant companion on many a long summer day wandering the hills, fields and woods of Allamakee County.

I’ve kept it all this time and, I’m a tad ashamed to admit, it’s been largely occupying a space in the rack with occasional dustings and touch-up cleaning.

Today I decided to take the old gun out and give it a workout.  I burned up 50 rounds of Federal and another 50 rounds of CCI Maxi-Mags of unknown vintage, and the old rifle still shoots great.  I 2014-10-31 09.13.51 (1280x1197)punched some paper and then spent about 60 rounds breaking clay birds at 25 yards, off-hand, as fast as I could work the bolt.

The target shown is three rounds at 25 yards.  One ragged hole, and that’s from a solid sitting position.

The old gun still has it.  It’s always shot as well as I can shoot it, and the mark of a good rifle is that any failure of performance should be not on gun but on shooter.  I’ll be keeping this old Marlin for another 40 years, no doubt, and it will probably be passed on to one of the grandkids – maybe a great-grandkid.

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