Goodbye, Blue Monday

2015_07_06_Blue Monday
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

This just in from American Thinker:  The White Privilege Lie. Excerpt:

Of all the invectives launched against the United States by the resurgent American Left, the charge that in America, White Privilege reigns supreme is the most insidious and culturally ruinous.  

Its intent is unambiguous: leftists perpetuate the White Privilege lie to smear America and its institutions as inherently racist, and therefore unworthy of adulation and in need of fundamental socioeconomic transformation.

The ultimate power of the White Privilege calumny lies in its capacity to impugn the virtue of American patriotism and the idea of American exceptionalism. The Radical Left’s aversion to America is well documented. Rooted in a perverse contempt for capitalism and Western culture, leftists perennially seek to discredit the view that America is exceptional or even good. Engraining in our culture the White Privilege lie is an effective means to achieving that destructive end.

After all, how can a racist nation be noble and moral, never mind exceptional? What kind of a morally and intellectually bankrupt person could be a patriot of a racist nation?

Here’s the real calumny of this whole White Privilege canard:  It completely ignores the hundreds of thousands of white Americans who died ending the most egregious example of white privilege that ever existed in this country:  Slavery.

But now, today, there is no institutional racism in this nation.  There is nowhere in this nation where racism is encoded into law or public policy – except in the form of preferences for hiring and college admissions, which provides preference – privilege, if you will – to non-whites.  We cannot and must not attempt to control the thoughts of individuals, no Yes-YOU-bearmatter how loathsome, but on the policy front, there is no “white privilege” and has not been for some time.

As has been stated in these pages many times, the most egregious racism present in this country is owned entirely by the political Left.  They think race is defining; they think you must think, and act, and vote a certain way due only to your skin color – or you are not “authentic.”  That, True Believers, is racism – nothing but.