Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks again to Pirate’s Cove for the Rule Five links!

I never receive any fiscal recompense for any products I talk about in these virtual pages; hell, I never receive any fiscal recompense for anything I do here, except for selling the odd book here and there.  I do this for fun, for my own amusement, and to occasionally spark some discussion or (hopefully) make someone think a new way about an old issue.  So, when I endorse any commercial product, it’s because I use that product myself and think it’s great.

Being the sort of guy who loves the outdoors, robust living and The Manly Arts, for decades now I’ve stuck to my tested and true Carhartt jeans.  They are stout, sturdy, rugged and fit me pretty well.

But just recently, I’ve changed my mind.  I still advocate Carhartt clothing in general, including their jeans, but I’ve found a new jeans maker that supports my preferences (and my somewhat expanded, late-middle-age body) better and more comfortably.  That new jeans maker, of course, being Duluth Trading Company.

I recently bought a pair of their Men’s Ballroom 5-Pocket Jeans.  These things are great!  The name “Ballroom” derives from the extra gusset sewn into the jeans right where the denim meets your nether regions; it adds a little space in precisely the right spot, greatly increasing comfort and flexibility.

There’s more.  These jeans’ waistband is lined with stout canvas; the front pockets are heavy canvas as well.  The hem of the pants legs are likewise lined with canvas.  The denim is heavy, strong and tightly triple-stitched at the seams.  The fly zipper would not be out of place on a big canvas wall tent.

These jeans are comfortable, durable and tough.  I’ve found a new brand.  I’ll be trying more of their products as time goes on; I think next I’ll try the Men’s Free Swingin’ Flannel shirt.  I’m a big fan of flannel shirts for cool weather – flannel is, after all, America’s fabric – and these look like good ones.

Also, Duluth Trading’s commercials are even entertaining!  Give ’em a look, True Believers.  This is some good tough stuff.

  • Andrew Pearce

    I’ve been a Duluth customer for many years. Their extra long t-shirts are nearly awesome; they stay tucked in, they are cut for more “mature” figures, and the price is reasonable. Too bad they stain worse than anything I’ve ever worn. And too bad every single product Duluth sells is made in China. Not one American anything in their entire catalog, ever. A 2XL t-shirt from them is a 3XL Tall t-shirt from anyone else, yet their “hidden gusset” regular shirts are standard cut. I have 2 Polartec jackets from them I got in 1998. They simply do not wear out. I’d love to try some of their “jade” hot weather gear, but it’s not only cut for slender guys, it’s a bit undersized. I wish they could get consistent across their product line. Any tool, knife, or gizmo they sell you can find elsewhere for less.

    • I get most of my tools, knives and gizmos from Ace Hardware or Bass Pro Shops. Your other observations are helpful; the t-shirts are on my list to try. I’m in the unfortunate position of being somewhere between an XL and a 2XL t-shirt size, and prefer as long as I get them – and a bit oversized, as they are sometimes called upon to conceal a Glock 36.