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Rule Five Flaming Hypocrite Friday

Now we find out that loony Californey Governor Gavin Newsom was not only given a $3.7 million mansion, he also took out a tax-free $2.7 million mortgage payout on the property he was given.  And that’s not the end of the Governor’s disgusting hypocrisy.  Excerpt:

  • Gavin Newsom’s $3.7 million, 12,000 square foot mansion, on 8+ acres along the American River in Sacramento, was the area’s most expensive home sale in 2018
  • The gated estate consists of a 6 bedroom/10 bath home, a guest house, a pool, a tennis court, and a wine cave
  • An LLC registered to Newsom’s cousin, long-time business partner, and Co-President of PlumpJack, Jeremy Scherer, paid cash for the estate in December 2018
  • Newsom’s spox, though, claimed in Jan 2019 that it was Newsom who’d paid cash for the home – puzzling, since Newsom still carried a $3.2 million mortgage on his prior home
  • In Oct 2019 the LLC gifted the home to the Newsoms free and clear, claiming Newsom was a member of the LLC to avoid a $4,000 Transfer Tax
  • In January 2020 the Newsoms received $2.7 million tax-free when they obtained a cash-out refinance
  • Newsom’s financial disclosure forms don’t mention the LLC or the gifts, which far exceed the $500 limit
  • In 2003, Newsom was cited for failing to disclose $11 million in real estate and business loans

One thing that’s become extraordinarily clear to Californians in 2020 is that there’s one set of rules for Gov. Gavin Newsom, and there’s another set of rules for the rest of us. He preaches that we’re all in this together and that we have to sacrifice to “meet this moment,” yet he’s not missing a paycheck.

As California businesses struggle, he sends a $1 billion contract for masks to a Chinese company. When he shut down wineries throughout 80 percent of California, he kept his open.

While the dream of owning a home is increasingly out of reach for California’s families, it appears that Newsom received a $3.7 million estate from an LLC owned by his cousin then, a few months later took out a $2.695 million (tax-free) cash-out mortgage on it — and didn’t report the gift on any of his financial disclosure forms.

Yes, it’s clear that Gavin Newsom doesn’t live by the same rules the rest of us do. It’s good to be king.




In any sane universe, Newsom would be impeached, removed from office, and facing criminal charges.  But not now, not this Governor, not in California; he will certainly get away with this, and will probably be re-elected into the bargain, because in California, as we continually see confirmed, some animals are more equal than others, and “progressive” Democrat governors are obviously the most equal of them all.

The article linked here concludes:

If the $3.7 million used to purchase the home came from another source — donors, friends, or whomever — then Gavin and Jennifer Newsom were “gifted” the home, received $2,695,000 cash tax-free, and retain title to the home, that looks a lot like money laundering and/or concealing donations or improper gifts. Since it’s on record that he failed to report two “loans” Gordon Getty gave him, totaling $2.1 million, to purchase luxury real estate in the early 2000s, it’s not exactly against type for him to take money from benefactors then “mistakenly” omit that funding from financial disclosure records.

The more one examines all of the circumstances around Newsom’s Fair Oaks estate, the more questions arise. Gavin Newsom needs to provide real answers, not the kind he’s given in the past.

But we all know he won’t.  Nobody in the legacy media will ask any uncomfortable questions about this; nobody in the legacy media will write a single syllable about it.  Newsom has the one item of sure-fire armor against having any of these shenanigans investigated:

A “D” after his name.

Congratulations, California.  You’re getting the government you want, good and hard.

Animal’s Daily Urban Shithole News

From Colorado’s own Jon Caldera:  Denver seems determined to catch up to San Francisco in its urban shitholery.  Excerpt:

If you haven’t driven through downtown Denver lately, you’re fortunate. You haven’t seen the carnage, vandalism, litter, vomit and fecal waste next to human bodies passed-out on sidewalks.

Polis and Hancock have surrendered our capital city to a mob. Tent encampments housing a mixture of the homeless, the drug-addicted and antifa protestors seem to be spreading faster than COVID.

It is turning our once beautiful city to crap, literally. We are in a race to match San Francisco and Seattle in urban decay. It is beyond ugly. It is unhygienic, dangerous and horrifically sad.

And it is inexcusable. It’s as inexcusable as letting rioters deface and vandalize the State Capitol every night for a month and a half with complete immunity.

When asked by 630 KHOW talk show host Ross Kaminsky about the tent cities popping up around the Capitol and the governor’s mansion, Polis responded, “Denver needs to do a better job on the homeless…I’m not an urban issues expert. That’s what mayors are for and city councils are for. But I’ve seen other cities handle this more effectively. But of course, Denver needs to step up and do more.”

Here’s the onion:

But the piece of Civic Center Park which hosts the largest tent encampment isn’t actually Civic Center Park at all. It’s not city property. It’s state property, under the ultimate management and protection of the governor and his Democrat-controlled legislature.

Lincoln Park is a block long, rectangular strip of (formerly) green lush grass. It is bounded by Broadway and Lincoln streets on the east and west, and Colfax and 14th avenues on the north and south. It lays just west of the Capitol. And while it looks like part of Civic Center Park, it is part of the State Capitol complex. It’s the state government’s job to protect it.

Which of the two major political parties runs Colorado and the city of Denver now?

When it comes to this (and a bunch of other) issue, both Polis and Denver Mayor Hancock have been and remain pusillanimous putzheads.  Denver is becoming Frisco writ somewhat smaller.

I moved to Colorado in the late Eighties.  I’ve never been a fan of cities but in my first year or two here, I occasionally wandered downtown to see the sights.  In those days, Denver was a beautiful city.  The area around the Capitol was clean and well-maintained.   Business prospered in the downtown area.  Just to the north and east were some sketchy areas, but the area around the state Capitol and the 16th Street Mall were prosperous.

No longer.

In all candor, I think I’m pretty good and turning a phrase, but I’m at an utter loss to explain what’s happening in our nation’s cities.  A week from tomorrow, Mrs. Animal and I will be flying to Anchorage; I’ll return a report on that city, Alaska’s only major metro area, on our return, but from what I’ve read Anchorage has had no such issues.

Our major cities have been captured by lunatics.  I don’t see any easy way to reverse that trend.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

So, last weekend, this happened.  This is about five miles from where I sit right now.  At what point does this shit stop being “protest” and start being armed insurrection?

People have been killed.  Cops have been attacked.  Businesses have been burned, people have lost properties and homes.  That asshole Jerry Nadler is calling it a “myth,” talking as usual out of his ass, but most folks know better.

This coming weekend, I think I’ll get the shotgun back out of the workshop, stuff some 00 buck in it and keep it in the bedroom.  Just in case.  I’m afraid it’s time for live ammo.  I sure hope I don’t need that shotgun, but if I do, I’m sure as hell going to have it close at hand.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest:

On To the Links!

Newsweek?  Really?  Admitting that we had a good treatment for the Kung Flu all along?  They’re going against The Narrative!

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I suspect Colorado’s leftists underestimate Lauren Boebert at their peril.  This year’s Colorado CD3 race will be very interesting indeed.




Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, round 2.

File this under “Who gives a shit?”

No masks in Sweden.  Here’s why.

I’m not even religious, but boy howdy am I on this guy’s side.  I may not share his belief in God, but I sure as hell believe in the First Amendment.

More on that topic:  You’ve gotta love this guy.

Roger Simon on how the Left is setting themselves up to reap the whirlwind.

A good question, indeed.

Fuck.  You.

Kudos for the no-contact delivery!

This Week’s Idiots:

The Seattle City Council are (still) all idiots.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is an idiot.

The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof is an idiot.

The English Department at Rutgers is staffed with idiots.

Groper Joe’s energy policy advisors are all idiots.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is an idiot.

And So:

It’s not easy to watch your country being torn apart.

Remember all the rioting, looting and burning when Barack Obama was President?  All the right-wing militias that attacked cops, set fires, threw explosives and vandalized public property?

Me either.

And if you think it’s bad now, wait until President Trump is re-elected this fall.

Here’s some peaceful scenery from the Great Land to take all our minds off the bad news.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Just another routine week here in the U.S. – several major cities are being overrun by rioters and looters, murder rates in those and several other major cities are spiking, cops are walking off the jobs, and our economy remains locked in the thrall of the Kung Flu.

I refuse to believe that this is the new normal, but what the hell?  When are our elected officials going to do their damn jobs?

And if they don’t, who will?

Anyway.  With that out of the way…

On To the Links!

And the A-10 goes brrrrrt.

Denver strip club owners:  Eroticism requires less distance.  Well, I suppose so.

Well, at least we needn’t worry about mosquitoes spreading the ‘rona.

I generally consider almost any statement coming out of Iran to be utter horseshit, but this one may actually be believable, given the shithole that country has become.  And if so – holy shit!

Roger Simon has this to say on the 2020 election.

I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence.  (No, not really.)

Chicago continues its descent into chaos.  Incompetent leadership in that city is mostly to blame.

Self-fulfilling prophecies.

You can count on these agitators to lie.

Personally I don’t know but that I’d let these cities stew in their own damn juice.

Japan’s re-arming continues.  They’ve been pretty good at naval operations since Tsushima Strait, only now they’re on our side.

Chris Wallace recently spent some time interviewing President Trump, in a sometimes contentious session where no subjects were off limits.  The President answered every question.  Now Mr. Wallace is wondering when Groper Joe will do the same.  Me too!

This Week’s Idiots:

Paul Krugman is an idiot.

Forbes’ Tom Tamny is an idiot.

The City of Denver is obviously run by idiots.  (To be fair, evidence of this is widespread.)

Groper Joe’s advisors on energy policy are all idiots.

And So:

I got nothin’ else today, except for a big case of the gripes aimed at several big-city mayors (Denver included) and even more so at several governors (Colorado included.)  So here is something from the archives to take our minds off of all that:

On that note, we return you to your Wednesday, already in progress.

Rule Five What Makes A Nation Friday

What makes a nation?

A nation is a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.  That’s a pretty good working definition.  But what makes a nation last?  Let’s kick that around some.

There are four things a nation has to have to remain a nation:

  • Commonality
  • Cohesion
  • Trust
  • Liberty

Now let’s take a look at each of those and apply them to the United States today, now, in July of 2020.


We’ve always been a nation built of parts.  But the national motto, E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One) no longer seems to apply.  Our nation is fractured along partisan lines.  As recently as the Eighties, the two major political parties could find common ground on at least a few issues, but today?

Refusal to accept the outcomes of elections is now the order of the day.  The political Left is particularly to blame; if they can’t achieve goals through the usual means, they resort to judge-shopping or, recently, outright intimidation and violence.  As recently as the Eighties, we were all Americans.  Now there are voices calling not to reform our nation, but to tear it down – and some of them are in Congress.


The United States is probably more fractured than it has been at any time since 1865.  The divide then was along geographical lines, North v. South; now the divide is largely along cultural lines, urban v. suburban/rural.

And, yes, some of this is along racial lines as well.  Major cities tend to be more “diverse” in skin tone, although not so much in ideology.  Small towns and rural areas tend to be populated by people of pallor.  And there is now a distinct tendency for urban denizens to automatically assume “racism” on the part of the small-town/rural dwellers, even though the term “racist” has been so over-used as to be meaningless; any disagreement, now, with radical progressive viewpoints is labeled as “racist,” even as nobody points out the actual racism involved in viewing whites as fundamentally flawed and evil, due not to the content of their character, but rather the color of their skin.


I remember when I was a young man in the Seventies and Eighties, I operated on the assumption that almost everyone I met was probably a pretty decent person, and tended to view strangers as friends I hadn’t met yet.  That may have been my rural farm-boy upbringing, and probably involved a little naivete even then.

Now, though?

I’ve always been more comfortable out in the boonies than in a city.  But now our major cities are descending into chaos.  I’m not just talking about riots and arson; look at the feces-laden, discarded-needle messes that San Francisco and Los Angeles have descended into.   People venture into some of these places at their peril, because a plurality of the people in those cities, based on all available evidence, are not decent people, and should probably be avoided.


Are you kidding?

We now live in a country where you have to beg permission from the government to cut someone’s hair or paint their nails.

Various levels of government confiscate a portion of our income every year with the threat of force (try not paying your taxes, and see how long it is before they send men with guns out looking for you.)  The average American now labors until sometime in April every year just to pay taxes.

It has even come to the point where, in many states, you have to beg the government for permission to exercise a Constitutionally defined right.  And I’m not talking just about the Second Amendment, but increasingly in the post-Kung Flu world, even the First.

And So:

Someone once said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  Our house is becoming increasingly divided, to the point where these four qualities, the ones that make a nation, no longer apply.

As I’ve said before and will say again, I’m hoping I don’t live to see the whole thing come apart.  I’m afraid my children and grandchildren will.  And, after the events of this year, I’m afraid I will as well.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Thanks again to The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

I hate hot weather.  And it’s a hot one this week.  Yesterday wasn’t that bad, but it’s going to be well into the nineties by the weekend.  Of all the reasons Mrs. Animal and I want to move up north to the Great Land, the cool summers are a big part of it.

Granted eastern Iowa where I grew up was worse than here in Colorado, having not only heat but also humidity.  And the winters were actually worse than the typical winters in Alaska near the ocean.  I’ve often said that there were two reasons I left the Midwest:  The summers, and the winters.  But in fact, I can handle cold weather better than hot weather.  You can always put more clothes on, but there is a limit to how much you can take off without upsetting the neighbors.

Anyhow; with that out of the way…

On To the Links!

Trump to Minnesota:  You broke it, you bought it.

I love a happy ending.

What do they know that we don’t?

When bears start associating humans with food, it never ends well.

But, sure, let’s start sending social workers instead of cops on these.

Answer to a question nobody’s asking.

Bookmark this site and keep an eye on it.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

This Week’s Idiots:

The Seattle City Council are all idiots.

Bill De Blasio is an idiot.  (Yes, again.)

USA Today’s fact checkers are idiots.

Congresscritter Crazy Eyes is an idiot.  (Yes, again.)

And So:

I don’t have any more deep thoughts or perspectives to share on this busy week, so instead, here is a representative of the better things about summer:

On that note, we return you to your Wednesday, already in progress.

Rule Five Shootings and Killings Friday

This is a pretty good summary of goings-on in some of our major cities.  Excerpt:

Since June, shootings and murders have surged across many of the country’s major cities. Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Nashville, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and New Orleans have all seen murders jump over 20 percent this year. The violence is heavily concentrated in the last few months, ever since protests have led to nationwide pressure on politicians to “defund” and “reimagine” policing.

Just as concerning is that these stats do not include data from the end of June and July. Data from New York and Chicago, recent data from which we do have, tells that the last few weeks have seen by far the worst of the violence. Murders and shootings in the Windy City are up about 80 percent, and New York has averaged at a 209 percent over these last weeks compared to the same times last year. It’s likely these disturbing numbers for the cities above only captures a fragment of the lives lost during unrest in which many protesters chant “Black Lives Matter.”

It’s also worth noting that Atlanta appeared to lack this crime spike just a few weeks ago, according to the statistics released above. If it serves as a bellwether, then the cities that already had a surge at the time of recording are in deep water. The scale will likely become apparent over the next few weeks.

Every one of the cities above has both a Democrat mayor and Democrat-controlled city council.


The surge also raises questions about the role of existing reforms in causing the violence. Of the eight cities with the worst surges listed above, Minneapolis‘s leadership has pledged to abolish the city’s police department, while Philadelphia and New York have already cut money from law enforcement under pressure from activists. All have voiced criticism of police departments. While police chiefs in both Chicago and New York have begged city leaders to grant them greater latitude to deal with the surge, city leaders have instead taken the politically expedient route of keeping policing limited.

Combined with a public willing to attack officers making arrests, it’ll surprise few to learn that record numbers of police are abandoning their line of work, straining cut resources even further. Having more officers on the street is widely recognized to reduce crime of all stripes, and the inverse is true as well. With blue cities’ law enforcement spread thin, restrained, and lambasted by soundbite attacks, it will be difficult for politicians to dispute the link between their policies and results on the streets.

Now, here’s the onion:

No major Democrat politician has yet come forward to address the connection.

Of course not.  That would mean admitting that decades of Democrat government has resulted in cities out of control, the rise of the toxic urban “thug” culture, turf wars over drug territory and innocent cities caught in the crossfire.  Correlation may not equal causation, but in this case, there’s a hell of a lot of correlation.  When conducting cause analysis, something I’ve spent a lot of time teaching folks to do, one of the things you do is look for trends.  This is a trend.

What’s baffling is how the residents of these cities keep putting the same lunatics back in charge of these asylums.  That’s also a trend.

What’s baffling is how these same pols keep up their autistic screeching about poverty, or guns, or other irrelevancies, ignoring that small-town and rural denizens with similar income levels and many more guns don’t exhibit the same violent tendencies.

What’s baffling is how black lives only matter when they are taken by white cops.

What’s baffling is how our major cities are continuing their descent into violence and chaos while the pols in charge continue the same damn circle-jerk.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

The week after a three-day weekend is always a contentious one, isn’t it?  I’ve been saying for years that you can’t take a vacation without paying for it one way or another, as our recent week at the Redneck Riviera once more proved.  But geeze, it would be nice to not get drilled the week after a three-day weekend that supposedly the whole company took off.

But enough of that.  You didn’t come here to read my whining about my workload, you came for news.  And so:

On To the Links!

Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

If America is so racist, why are there so many fake “hate crimes?”

Is America at a point of no return?  Honestly, I think we passed that point along about 1850.

Bye-bye WHO.   We hardly knew ye.  I once had to study up on WHO requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturers to prepare for an audit I was brought in to do on a plant in South Africa.  The WHO “guidelines” were nearly incomprehensible; you could interpret them to mean almost anything.  My colleague and I pretty much ignored the WHO guidelines and audited against ISO instead.

Coming soon to a major American city near you!

Lesson:  Don’t play in the street.

RIP Charlie Daniels.  His song Long Haired Country Boy formed a small part of my youthful arc in favor of liberty:

‘Cause I ain’t asking nobody for nothin’
If I cant get it on my own
If you don’t like the way I’m livin’
You just leave this long-haired country boy alone

Good for Terry Crews!   A voice of reason in the wilderness.
This Week’s Idiots:

This idiot is running for President.  Supposedly.  Mind you, I’m 99.997% certain he’s just taking a dump.

Paging Dr. Darwin, Dr. Charles Darwin.

ABC News is apparently staffed with idiots.

Bill De Blasio is an idiot.

With that said…

Work beckons.

That’s not altogether a bad thing, mind  you.  Not only do we have bills that must be paid, at least my work 1) pays well and b) is mind-work rather than back-work.  In my life I’ve done plenty of both, and I prefer mind-work.  But I’m not above back-work if that’s what is necessary to keep a roof over our heads; I’ve hammered shingles on roofs before, and am not above doing it again if that’s what needs to happen to maintain hearth and home.

It’s called taking responsibility.  You know.  As a man does.

For now, though, the keyboard calls.  More tomorrow.

Animal’s Daily Sleepy Joe News

Be sure to check my latest over at GlibertariansFive Pistols You Should Shoot Before You Die!

Apparently President Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” barb doesn’t carry as much heft as “Crooked Hillary,” accuracy of both statements notwithstanding.  Excerpt:

The numbers don’t lie: “Sleepy Joe” just doesn’t have the ooomph of “Crooked Hillary” — or even “Lyin’ Ted.”

Trump’s favored insult for Democratic rival Joe Biden is falling flat with the public even as Election Day nears, according to an analysis of Google search trends reported by Axios on Sunday.

Americans are searching for “Sleepy Joe” at just about a third of the rate that they searched for the negative moniker aimed at Hillary Clinton during the same period of 2016.

The data suggests that voters are not latching on to Trump’s negative campaign to make Biden more unpopular. That’s a cornerstone of Trump’s effort to win reelection in November because his own unfavorable ratings have been remarkably high throughout his presidency.

Four years ago, Trump’s trademark attack on Hillary Clinton drew scoffs from political analysts who considered it juvenile and ineffective. They said the same thing about his broadsides at GOP primary rivals “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz and “Lil’ Marco” Rubio.

But it turned out to be political gold, especially when then-FBI Director James Comey announced a bombshell announcement about the probe into her email use just days before Americans went to the polls.

Trump’s own advisers may realize “Sleepy Joe” is a dud. The president has been test-driving new insults like “Corrupt Joe” in recent days.

“Corrupt Joe” is accurate, but doesn’t have quite the rhetorical sting.  How about one of these:

  • Senile Joe
  • Dementia Joe
  • Ukraine Joe
  • Plastic Joe (Seriously, have you seen a recent photo of him?  He looks like an ad for Botox.)
  • Joe Depends
  • Dirty Joe
  • Sniffer Joe

Or, my personal favorite:  Groper Joe.

Granted, anyone who has been in politics since the Neolithic, like good ol’ Groper Joe, has enough history to give plenty of ammo to a oppo research guy who is even conscious.

And keep that in mind.  The polls right now aren’t looking too good for the President – but the polls in 2016 looked pretty bad for Trump, right up to election night.  And bear in mind also that the campaign hasn’t really even started yet, and won’t until the (possibly virtual) conventions are over.  Then, Groper Joe’s handlers won’t be able to keep him in the basement any more.  His difficulties with word finding, his frequent fits of unfounded anger, his inappropriate sexual gestures – all signs of advancing dementia – will be on display for all to see.

In most election years the debates don’t really matter all that much.  This year, I think they will.  If President Trump is smart, and he’s shown himself to have good instincts when it comes to pushing an opponent’s buttons, he’ll provoke some of that unfounded rage, and then turn to the audience and ask, “is this guy really stable enough to be out in public, let alone President?”

The 2012 debates were boring.  The 2016 debates were more interesting, but only a little.  The 2020 debates ought to be a hoot.

Rule Five Climate Fraud Friday

A prominent environmentalist has an apology he’d like you to read.  Excerpt:

On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologize for the climate scare we created over the last 30 years. Climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem. 

I may seem like a strange person to be saying all of this. I have been a climate activist for 20 years and an environmentalist for 30. 

But as an energy expert asked by Congress to provide objective expert testimony, and invited by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to serve as Expert Reviewer of its next Assessment Report, I feel an obligation to apologize for how badly we environmentalists have misled the public.

Here are some facts few people know:

  • Humans are not causing a “sixth mass extinction” 
  • The Amazon is not “the lungs of the world”
  • Climate change is not making natural disasters worse
  • Fires have declined 25% around the world since 2003
  • The amount of land we use for meat — humankind’s biggest use of land — has declined by an area nearly as large as Alaska
  • The build-up of wood fuel and more houses near forests, not climate change, explain why there are more, and more dangerous, fires in Australia and California
  • Carbon emissions are declining in most rich nations and have been declining in Britain, Germany, and France since the mid-1970s 
  • Netherlands became rich not poor while adapting to life below sea level
  • We produce 25% more food than we need and food surpluses will continue to rise as the world gets hotter
  • Habitat loss and the direct killing of wild animals are bigger threats to species than climate change
  • Wood fuel is far worse for people and wildlife than fossil fuels
  • Preventing future pandemics requires more not less “industrial” agriculture

But here’s the real kicker; after the author, Michael Shellenberger, described how he didn’t speak out because he was afraid – yes, afraid – of his colleague’s reactions, he adds this:

But then, last year, things spiraled out of control.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said “The world is going to end in twelve years if we don’t address climate change.” Britain’s most high-profile environmental group claimed “Climate Change Kills Children.” 

The world’s most influential green journalist, Bill McKibben, called climate change the “greatest challenge humans have ever faced” and said it would “wipe out civilizations.” 

Mainstream journalists reported, repeatedly, that the Amazon was “the lungs of the world,” and that deforestation was like a nuclear bomb going off.

As a result, half of the people surveyed around the world last year said they thought climate change would make humanity extinct. And in January, one out of five British children told pollsters they were having nightmares about climate change.

Whether or not you have children you must see how wrong this is. I admit I may be sensitive because I have a teenage daughter. After we talked about the science she was reassured. But her friends are deeply misinformed and thus, understandably, frightened. 

I thus decided I had to speak out. I knew that writing a few articles wouldn’t be enough. I needed a book to properly lay out all of the evidence. 

 And so my formal apology for our fear-mongering comes in the form of my new book, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All.

I’ve bought my copy.  Will you?

Read the entire article, of course, as I always encourage.   Environmentalists like to claim their activism is based on science, but what Mr. Shellenberger describes is the precise opposite of science; it is a near-religious set of dogma, from which dissent is no allowed.

Science doesn’t work that way.  Science is much more akin to Mr. Shellenberger‘s thesis; that he had a hypothesis, but on learning the facts did not fit the hypothesis, instead of tweaking or ignoring the data he changed his hypothesis.

I understand that Mr. Shellenberger is a liberal Democrat, but that matters not a damn in this moment.  He has an important message, that facts matter, that the truth matters, and he’s working to get that out.  Activists lying to us for a variety of reasons, that’s nothing new.  Former activists admitting they were wrong and seeking to make things right – now that’s unusual.  Mr. Shellenberger will no doubt come under vicious attacks from his former fellows.  Let’s do what we can to support him – including buying his book.

Full disclosure:  Because of Colorado’s laws regarding internet sales, I am not an Amazon affiliate and receive no profit or other consideration from promoting this book.  I do it solely because the truth should be spread.  Widely.