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Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

I still haven’t decided whether I’ll spend some time after sage grouse this weekend.  In Colorado, in North Park (up along the Wyoming border, around Walden) the season is pretty much one weekend.  But these are big, fast, tough birds, and I’d like to hunt them, although I understand attempting this without a dog can be a real challenge.  Open-country birds will often run instead of flying, and that can mean running after them.  But my Citori stuffed with some high-brass #5 loads I have should reach a ways to bring down a big sage grouse.  It might be fun.  We’ll see.

Sage Grouse

Now then:

On To the Links!

This is long overdue.

In the words of Groper Joe, this is a big fucking deal.

Squirm, Kamala, squirm!

High intensity physical activity in early adolescence could lead to stronger bones in adulthood.  Hell yeah – try throwing around hay bales when you’re twelve.

Groper Joe’s back-door deals exposed!

In a generation, we’ve gone from limousine liberals to limousine rioters.

As usual, Dr. Victor Davis Hanson is a national treasure.

Are Democrats planning a coup?  Well, I’d advise them to bring guns.  They’re gonna need ’em.

Again with California:  Rules for thee, not for me.

And again:  Seriously, what the hell, California?

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

This Week’s Idiots:

CNN’s Frida Ghitis is an idiot.

Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, gives a staggeringly idiotic interview.  Seriously, why does anyone talk to this old drunk any more?

In an egregious act of idiocy, the Mayor of San Francisco lays down covering fire for Queen Nancy.

Robert Reich is an idiot.

Here’s an idiot, but one that at least will make you laugh.

And So:

I don’t really have anything to add, so here is a particularly non-PC piece of rock&roll history; from Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz, here is The Band with the wonderful The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.  If this song offends any Marxist revolutionaries, I cordially invite them to go fuck themselves.

Animal’s Daily Nutbaggery Continues News

It’s not enough that a number of our major cities have been effectively taken over by Marxist revolutionaries.  It’s not enough that the ever-more-entitled political class flouts the rules they put in place for the rest of us.  Oh, no, there’s more; one of our most populous states is tasting the fruits of leftist governance, and in response bending over and proclaiming “Thank you sir, may I have another?”  By way of an example, yesterday ever-more-loony Mayor of Los Angeles tweeted out this little gem:

What the actual fuck, California.

Oh, but it gets better!  California has long had an option for plenty of “green,” clean, cheap abundant energy in the form of nuclear power.  But in 2018, that state voted to close their last nuclear power plant at Diablo Canyon, thus condemning the people of California to, well, shutting off their major appliances at 3PM.

There’s an old joke that applies here:

Q:  What did socialists use for light before candles?

A:  Electricity!

Now, I’m pretty confident that the LA Mayor’s energy footprint is well above the average for denizens of the once and former City of Angels.  I’m damn well positive Governor Newsome’s is.  But hey, we can’t expect the elite to live under the restrictions they place on us poor schlubs, right?  Just ask Nancy Pelosi’s stylist.  Or Al Gore.  Meanwhile, the people of California are finding out what it’s like to live under the thumb of a state government that is, at best, incompetent and at worst, malignant.

When I first read some of Ayn Rand’s work back in the early Eighties, I found a fair amount of the underlying philosophy interesting, but I never thought I’d live to see Atlas Shrugged becoming as prescient as it seems to be now.


Rule Five You Say You Want A Revolution Friday

This just in from the September edition of Commentary:  Yes, This Is a Revolution.  Excerpt:

The battle for the survival of the United States of America is upon us. It has not come in the form of traditional civil war. There are no uniformed armies, competing flags, or alternate constitutions. The great showdown is not being fought within the physical limits of a battlefield. It is instead happening all around us and directly to us. It defines our culture, sustains our media, and gives new shape to our public and private institutions. In this fight, there is no distinction between what was once known as the culture war and politics rightly understood. The confrontation stretches through time and space, reframing our distant past even as it transforms the horizon, erupting from coast to coast, and constraining our lives in subtle and obvious ways. And it’s happening too fast for us to take its full measure.

For partisans, it often feels as if everything stands or falls on the ideological battles of the day. But this is different. This is objectively real, and it’s remaking the nation before our eyes.

We know it’s different this time because the stakes are continually articulated by the enemies of the current order. They are demanding, and in some cases getting, a new and exotic country. The police are indeed being defunded. The statues are coming down. The heretics are being outed. The dissenters are being silenced. The buildings are burning, and the demands are ever growing.

And it’s important to note that in places like Portland and Seattle, the municipal governments are doing everything but providing actual covering fire for these assholes.  The main result of that is the mass defection by retirement or outright resignation, of many of those cities’ police officers.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Last week, Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, has advised Groper Joe to refuse to accept the results of an election he’s bound to lose.  Ari Fleischer has some thoughts on why that’s a really bad idea.   Excerpt:

“Did you make a mistake conceding the 2016 race, or do you still think you won it?” Fleischer wondered on Fox News Wednesday morning. “Or if the race for Biden goes the same way it did for you, are you recommending to Joe Biden that he do the opposite of you?”

He asks because back in 2016 Clinton insisted that Trump accept the election results.

This is “dangerous,” Fleischer said.

No shit.

So on the one hand, you have gangs of no-account, Marxist looters and arsonists rampaging unchecked through several major cities while the city (and in some cases state) governments do nothing to stop them.

On other other hand, you have the Democrat candidate from the last election cycle advising the Democrat candidate from the current election cycle to deny the results of an election unless he wins – which, candidly, unless something major changes between now and November, he won’t.

Readers of these virtual pages for any length of time know that I’m not a wild-eyed sort who goes around predicting “boogaloos,” second civil wars, or other major upsets.

But I’m beginning to change my mind on that front.  Last week, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a small city that was previously best-known as the former home of the American Motors Company, rioters actually exchanged fire with at least one citizen who was there, apparently, to protect local businesses.  And last weekend, a member of Patriot Prayer was executed on the street by a rioter (see last Tuesday’s post for more on that.)  As of this morning, at least, the attacker, one Michael Reinoehl, is dead in a shootout with police, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving asshole.

That’s right.  There was an exchange of gunfire.  Between opposing factions, over political issues, in an American town.  Followed by a political execution, also on the street, in an American town.

That’s how civil wars start.

This isn’t looking good.

Animal’s Daily Flaming Hypocrite News

Thanks to everyone, by the way, for the advice and commiseration on my comments about back pain yesterday.  This morning things are greatly improved and I’m sure I’ll be back to normal in time to hit the trail looking for mountain grouse on Saturday.  Thanks again!

Now then:  Queen Nancy:  Rules for thee, but not for me!  Seriously, how egregious can it get?  Excerpt:

Nancy Pelosi got a blowout at a San Francisco salon closed under COVID rules since March and was filmed inside the store without a mask, footage released Tuesday shows. 

In the clip taken at eSalon in the city Monday afternoon and obtained by Fox News the Democrat is seen with wet hair and her mask around her neck rather than on her face, as she is followed closely behind by a stylist, who is in a face covering. 

Salons in San Francisco have been closed since March and were only told they could reopen Tuesday; they can still only offer outside styling. In June Pelosi said a federal mandate on mask wearing was ‘long overdue’. 

Pelosi’s spokesperson told Fox News: ‘This business offered for the Speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business. The Speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment.’ 

Conservatives pounced, casting Pelosi as a hypocrite. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted: ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

‘Speaker Pelosi has pushed policies that would keep our economy closed and our small businesses shut down. But for herself?’ Senate Republicans tweeted. ‘A salon visit whenever she pleases.’

Queen Nancy has shown, repeatedly, that when it comes to optics she’s pretty brain-dead.  Her recent posing in front of her massive luxury ice-cream freezer in the midst of small businesses crashing and burning due to Kung Flu shutdowns, for example.  This episode is just one of the most recent.  And, to be fair, she’s not the only pol engaging in this kind of crap; remember when Bill Clinton shut down an entire airport for a couple of hours so he could get a haircut?

Too many pols think that with great power comes great privilege.  Queen Nancy is one of the worst, true, but she’s certainly not the only one.  “But Animal,” you may ask, “what’s the solution to this kind of egregious hypocrisy?”

Well, term limits might be one solution; it would take a Constitutional amendment, but it would reduce the empire-building that allows Congress-critters to amass such influence that they think they can disregard the rules they want to apply to the rest of us.

The other, of course, is to somehow go back and restrict Congress and the rest of the Imperial government to the limits supposedly imposed on them by the Constitution, which prohibits them from imposing many of the rules, regulations and restrictions that we currently suffer under.

But, honestly, we’re way past the point where either of those is going to happen.  We still have the ballot box, but again, honestly, look at San Francisco; Queen Nancy can  hold that seat as long as she wants it.

Hey, though, there’s another answer, and you’re reading an example of it.  While the legacy media seems to ignore these kinds of things, the plethora of alternative media and the blogosphere sure doesn’t.  The information is out there for those willing to look for it.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Adding to the political unrest that is now spreading, my personal irritation is aided and abetted by the fact that I threw my back out last Saturday helping my kids move a couch.  Thanks to ibuprofen and a heating pad, I’m still functioning, and this morning well on my way to being back to normal.

But boy howdy, when your back hurts, you just can’t do much.  I’m gaining a little perspective on my mother’s situation; she injured her back in her late forties, suffered a botched surgery to correct a ruptured disk, and then dealt for the rest of her life with the ongoing destruction of her spine by rheumatoid arthritis.  In her last few years, her spinal column was basically a stack of rice cakes with no disks in between.

I can only imagine.  I’ve been given a little insight into that now, but only a little.  Fortunately Mom was one of those children of the Depression and WW2, who had grit and determination all out of proportion to her physical stature, and she managed to enjoy her life and her family until she passed at age ninety.

Now, then:

On To the Links!

R.I.P. to Chadwick Boseman.  Forty-three is far too young for anyone to go.

Assholes in Minneapolis riot and loot because an accused criminal – committed suicide.  An excuse, not a reason.

Poor, befuddled old Nancy Pelosi has lost control of her party.  She is now pandering to the loonies.  These days she reminds me of the young lady from Niger, who smiled as she rode on a tiger.  After the ride, she wound up inside, with her smile on the face of the tiger.

I would so vote for this lady for President in 2024.

This doesn’t bode well for Groper Joe.

Speaking of Groper Joe; this is from Monday.

Were this during a debate, this is the point where President Trump looks directly into the camera and asks, “can anyone tell me what the hell he just said?”

“Hate crimes” are a bullshit distinction, but I have to admit it’s nice to see the script flipped for once.

Do you want more Trump?  Because this is how you get more Trump.

Will wearing a hat make you bald?  Maybe.

Seals get all rapey.  Apparently grey seals are real assholes.

Groper Joe’s campaign may be in trouble.  Ya think?

This Week’s Idiots:

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an idiot.

The Atlantic’s Elaine Godfrey is an idiot.

New York Magazine’s Frank Rich is an idiot.

“Writer” Vicky Osterweil is a particularly egregious idiot.

The NBA are all idiots.

Wash Monthly’s David Atkins is an idiot.

And So:

Events the last few days, including the lingering pain in my lower back, have made me kind of irritable.  So instead of any more complaining from me, enjoy this little bit from the archives.

With that done, we return you to your Wednesday, already in progress.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Thanks as always to The Other McCain, Pirate’s Cove, Whores and Ale and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!

Now then: Energy policy and environment commentator Michael Shellenberger has weighed in on the Democrat Party’s energy policies, and it’s worth reading.  Excerpt:

In many respects, the Biden-Harris plan is even more aggressive than California’s. “The plan is very bold,” Leah Stokes of the University of California, Santa Barbara, told the Financial Times. “There is no [US] state right now that has a target this ambitious.”

But California’s big bet on renewables, and shunning of natural gas and nuclear, is directly responsible for the state’s blackouts and high electricity prices. 

“We will be forced today to ask utilities to cut off power to millions today, and tomorrow, and beyond,” said Stephen Berberich, the President and CEO of California’s Independent System Operator, CAISO, on a Monday morning conference call. “Demand will greatly exceed supply.”

The immediate cause of California’s blackouts is a mismatch between electricity supply and demand. Higher temperatures have led to greater demand for air conditioning. And California has less electricity, including from wind energy, available.

And yet, while California is hot, weather conditions are well within the normal range for the state’s summer weather.

The underlying reason blackouts are occurring is because California lacks reliable, in-state supply. And the reason for that is California has been closing both natural gas and nuclear power plants.

“People wonder how we made it through the heat wave of 2006,” said Berberich. “The answer is that there was a lot more generating capacity in 2006 than in 2020…. We had San Onofre [nuclear plant] of 2,200 MW, and a number of other plants, totalling thousands of MW not there today.”

California has been descending into madness for at least a couple of decades now, but the Groper Joe/Roundheel Harris ticket intends to take this insanity nationwide, at least on energy policy.  Along with all of their other insane, intrusive, statist policy proposals, of course; fortunately I still think their chances of actually winning the election are pretty low.

Even so.  This insistence on wind/solar and so forth, even in the face of rolling blackouts, seems another facet of a problem the Left (and, honestly, more than a few on the Right) have – the idea that they can make some desired outcome a reality by believing in it really really hard.  But physics is a harsh mistress; believing really really hard won’t help people who are in the middle of a rolling blackout, who lose their refrigerators and air conditioning in the middle of a heat wave.

I don’t doubt that many of the people that buy this “green energy” horseshit have good intentions.  But we all know which road is paved with those.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

The Kung Flu continues to show up in new ways.  The Border Patrol is seeing illegal immigrants coming in carrying the virus, and at least one officer has succumbed because of it.  All too much of the action taken against the virus has been futile, because it’s a virus, and the way you handle these is to protect the most vulnerable and let her immunity develop, which almost no country is doing.

Still – we should be seeing a vaccine within the next couple of months.  Once that’s in use, do you think we’ll be back to normal?  Maybe.  Here’s a prediction:  If President Trump wins re-election in November, the rheeeee from the political left will be some variation of “OMG WE HAVE TO STAY LOCKED DOWN” because, you know, we can’t let Orange Man Bad get credit for anything good.

With that said…

On To the Links!

It’s time to cancel the income tax.  Amen!

You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.

New York City is dead.

I’m shocked – shocked – to find the Dems are hiding from pre-convention interviews!

I’m shocked – shocked – to find the FBI was up to shenanigans in 2016!

I’m shocked – shocked – to find that Antifa didn’t fare well when they decided to take on the world’s biggest gathering of hardcore bikers!

This Week’s Idiots:

Senator Dick Durbin is an idiot.

Gov. John Kasich is an idiot.

Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, is an idiot.

Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca is an idiot.

You went full retard, man.  Never go full retard.

Maxine Waters (I know, low-hanging fruit) is an idiot.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

And So:

I don’t have anything else to add, so instead of just another image from the archives, have this song from the King of Country Music.  I could listen to George Strait all day, and sometimes I do.

On that note (hah) we return you to your Wednesday, already in progress.

Animal’s Daily Urban Flight News

Before we start, check out my latest over at Glibertarians.  This week, it’s North to Alaska.

Now then:  It’s funny how we sometimes get tidbits from the British press that the American legacy media is reluctant to cover.  Take this bit, from the UK Daily Mail, on how the rich and famous are fleeing the shithole that decades of stupid policies have turned the L.A. area into.  Excerpt:

Gold’s Gym has become synonymous with the Hollywood Dream. 

Set just a few hundred yards from the ocean in sun-kissed Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Gold’s was the backdrop for Pumping Iron, the 1977 documentary which followed a young, unknown Austrian bodybuilder called Arnold Schwarzenegger as he prepared for the Mr Universe contest.

The film turned him into an overnight sensation. He would go on to become a global superstar, marry a member of the Kennedy clan, and become Governor of California.

Yet today Gold’s sits amid post-apocalyptic scenes which have consumed much of LA, turning the City of Dreams into an urban nightmare from which people are fleeing in droves.

A makeshift tent city made up of flapping tarpaulins and cardboard boxes surrounds the gym on all sides. 

Junkies and the homeless, many of whom are clearly mentally ill, walk the palm-lined streets like zombies – all just three blocks from multi-million-dollar homes overlooking the Pacific.

Stolen bicycles are piled high on pavements littered with broken syringes.

Here’s the onion:

British-born Danny O’Brien runs Watford Moving & Storage. ‘There is a mass exodus from Hollywood,’ he says. 

‘And a lot of it is to do with politics.’ His business is booming. ‘August has already set records and we are only halfway through the month,’ he tells me. 

‘People are getting out in droves. Last week I moved a prominent person in the music industry from a $6.5 million [£5 million] mansion above Sunset Boulevard to Nashville.’

O’Brien, 58, who moved to LA from London 34 years ago, is also planning to move to Tennessee. 

‘Liberal politics has destroyed this city,’ he says. ‘The homeless encampments are legal and there’s nothing the police can do. White, affluent middle-class folk are getting out. People don’t feel safe any more.’

I can confess to just a little bit of schadenfreude here.  Mencken said that ‘democracy is the theory that the people know what government they want and deserve to get it, good and hard.’  He may not have been talking about LA (and San Francisco, and Chicago, and New York, and many other cities) but he sure as hell called it.  The people of these cities have been voting for the very pols who put them in this mess, and they’ve been voting for them for a couple of generations now.

It’s a shame.  My Dad spent a weekend in San Francisco in 1945, right after V-J Day, and my uncle was stationed there in the Presidio in the early Fifties.  Both of them talked about what a beautiful city it was in those days.  No longer.  The barbarians are not only inside the city walls, they have largely taken over.

Col. Jeff Cooper, some years ago, said of LA:

The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.”

One wonders how bad an idea that would really be.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain, Pirate’s Cove, Bacon Time and Whores and Ale for the Rule Five links!  And thanks once again to our blogger pals over at The Daley Gator for the linkage!

Now then:  To quote Groper Joe Biden, this is a big fucking deal.  Relevant excerpt:

The panel affirmed the district court’s summary judgment in favor of plaintiffs challenging California Government Code § 31310, which bans possession of large-capacity magazines (“LCMs”) that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition; and held that the ban violated the Second Amendment.

The Ninth Circuit employs a two-prong inquiry to determine whether firearm regulations violate the Second Amendment: (1) whether the law burdens conduct protected by the Second Amendment; and (2) if so, what level of scrutiny to apply to the regulation. United states v. Chovan, 735 F.3d 1127, 1136 (9th Cir. 2013)

The panel held that under the first prong of the test, Cal. Penal Code § 32310 burdened protected conduct. First, the panel held that firearm magazines are protected arms under DUNCAN V.BECERRA3 the Second Amendment. Second, the panel held that LCMs are commonly owned and typically used for lawful purposes, and are not “unusual arms” that would fall outside the scope of the Second Amendment. Third, the panel held that LCM prohibitions are not longstanding regulations and do not enjoy a presumption of lawfulness. Fourth, the panel held that there was no persuasive historical evidence in the record showing LCM possession fell outside the ambit of Second Amendment protection.

Upshot:  The Second Amendment protects magazines of whatever capacity.  And that’s from the Ninth Circuit, the most liberal Circuit Court in the land.  If this stands, this has huge implications; it could, effectively, overturn every magazine ban in the country.  Including the ridiculous fifteen-round limit here in Colorado.

Of course, wacky Californey can always appeal for an en banc decision by the still-liberal Ninth, and for whatever insane reason, the Supreme Court has been reluctant to take Second Amendment cases lately; one wonders whether that is because the balance of the Court is so close now as to make an actual Constitutional determination difficult, or whether they fear the political implications of a decision that will piss plenty of people off no matter how they rule.

But at the moment, this is a clear victory for the Second Amendment.  It’s not wrong to sit back, smile and enjoy the moment, before the next inevitable battle.

Animal’s Daily Crazy Eyes News

So it seems Congresscritter Crazy Eyes has been given speaking time at the Democratic National Virtual Convention next week – sixty seconds of it.  Excerpt:

Former Vice President Joe Biden cemented the 2020 Democratic Party ticket on Tuesday when he tapped Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate. Now that the void is filled, all eyes are on the Democratic National Convention, which is set to take place next week.

Interestingly enough, freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will be giving a speech to the mostly-online convention. Her time, however, has been limited to 60 seconds, Business Insider reported.

AOC didn’t seem bothered by the ball and chain that was put on her. Instead of turning down the speaking opportunity, she decided to work within the confines.

It is belaboring the obvious, of course, to point out that sixty seconds is fifty-nine seconds more than this vapid twit deserves.  But let us consider, for a moment, the implications of this concession to Crazy Eyes.

The Democratic apparatus, in giving Crazy Eyes even this much time, is acknowledging something that should give us all pause, namely that the ideas (and I use the term ideas in the broadest possible sense) pushed by this nitwit, like “Medicare for all” and the “Green Red New Deal” are moving into the mainstream of leftist thought in the United States.  The Democrats, in other words, are acknowledging that the Overton Window is shifting, and that they are not much longer going to be a center-left party – indeed, they’ve been moving in that direction for several election cycles now.

But in handing a speaking slot, even a minute-long one, to one of the leaders of the nutbar wing of the party, they are tacitly admitting that the lunatics now run the asylum.

Will the libertarians and conservatives in the U.S. push back?  The GOP has all-too-frequently given in to the Democrats’ idea of “compromise,” which the Democrats translate as “shut up and do what we want.”

Will that continue as the Dems keep edging that Overton Window leftwards?  Or will some new alternative arise?