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Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain, Pirate’s Cove, Bacon Time and Whores and Ale for the Rule Five links!

And now:  Oh, for the luvva Pete, this is ridiculous.  Now they’re coming after Dr. Seuss.  Excerpt:

Dr. Seuss, the beloved children’s author that has taught generations of Americans to love reading at very early ages, has suddenly come under fire for supposedly displaying “racial undertones” and “white supremacy.” A radical education group associated with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) issued a report that declares Dr. Seuss books display troubling signs of “Orientalism” and “anti-blackness.” Now at least one school district, with a board dominated by liberals, has instructed its libraries to remove Dr. Seuss books from its shelves.

The Daily Wire reports:

Learning for Justice — a left-wing educators group — is demanding that Dr. Seuss be canceled. A prominent Virginia school district has taken marching orders and ordered its schools to avoid “connecting Read Across America Day with Dr. Seuss.”

Loudoun County Public Schools, one of the nation’s most affluent school districts, announced that it will no longer recognize Dr. Seuss on his birthday. In an announcement obtained by The Daily Wire, the school district said that Dr. Suess’s children’s books contain “racial undertones” that are not suitable for “culturally responsive” learning.

Learning for Justice, formerly known as Teaching Tolerance, is the education arm of the SPLC. It issued a report critical of Dr. Seuss in advance of the national Learn to Read Day, which coincides every year with his birthday on March 2. The group has been at this effort for a while. In a 2019 article,Teaching Tolerance wrote:

Until recently, Read Across America Day was—in everything but title—National Dr. Seuss Day. It’s even celebrated on March 2, his birthday. If you’re like me, you remember teachers wearing the iconic Cat in the Hat top hat/tie combo. You might recall school librarians or administrators dressing up as Thing One and Thing Two or a school lunch when Green Eggs and Ham were served. This is America, and it’s probably not much of a stretch to guess that you probably have a favorite Dr. Seuss book (mine is probably Hop on Pop).

You may have noticed that Read Across America has looked a little different for the last few years. Rather than exclusively celebrate the works of Dr. Seuss, as it had done since 1998, in 2017 the NEA shifted its focus to “Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers.” They began prominently featuring titles focused on diverse American experiences.

Now this here is some stupid, stupid shit.

Consider the source, though:  The Southern Poverty Law Center, a notorious sack-o-crap whose members shriek “RACIST!” at any statement or output from anyone to the political left of Leon Trotsky.

What’s left when these people are done proscribing anything that might, at some point, ever, given offense to the most hypersensitive among us?  I think the safe and, indeed, prudent answer to that is “nothing.”

When I was in high school, a group of parents was going around trying to get signatures from parents on a petition to have The Grapes of Wrath removed from our school’s curriculum and the school library.  Why?  Because it used naughty words.  John Steinbeck, in the course of writing that book, actually spent time with displaced farmers working as transient labor in California in the 1930s and he represented their language as they actually spoke.

I was always pleased that when they came around to our place and stated their intentions and presented their petition, the Old Man politely and not in so many words, told them to go fuck themselves.

Accuracy and truth are apparently no proof against drawing the ire of the cancel-culture crowd.  As to where this ends, well, Ray Bradbury had an idea.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain, Whores and Ale, Bacon Time and Pirate’s Cove for the Rule Five links!

So, it seems (as if we didn’t know) that the West is getting dumber.  Excerpt:

One recalls MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, who referred to “the stupidity of the American voter” as helping him to pass the controversial law. One wonders if Gruber ever heard of Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget’s test results purporting to show that “the rot starts at the top.” This would implicate Gruber and his cohort in the experience of what Piaget calls horizontal décalage, which stymies the application of cognitive functions and logical operations to extended tasks. In other words, Gruber et al. are also stupid, gradually destroying the very society that enabled them to flourish. But the rot can also start at the bottom, as a combination of generalized mental vacancy and low-to-no-information voters furthers cultural and social degeneration. As Morris Berman remarks in The Twilight of American Culture, “A society cannot function if nearly everyone in it is stupid.”

Why should we be surprised that an American president should pronounce “corpsman” as “corpseman”? Or that a Canadian prime minister says “peoplekind” in lieu of “mankind”? Or that a Washington, D.C., mayor and his staff should have objected to a perfectly good word like “niggardly”? Or that a Methodist pastor and Congressman should follow the exclamation “Amen” with “a-woman,” when an ordained minister should surely know that “Amen” is an acronym for the Hebrew אֵל מֶלֶךְ נֶאֱמָן (El melech neeman: “Lord and faithful King”)—or, as some scholars think, a calque for the Aramaic “so be it”? One can multiply these gaffes, misnomers, and malapropisms indefinitely among those who should know better—and that is merely scratching the surface. The dumbing down phenomenon is virtually encyclopedic in heft and extent.

The article points mostly at folks on the political Left, but sadly, there are plenty of examples on both sides of the aisle; you can find legions of evidence on social media (yes, I’m looking at you, Gab.)

I wonder, though, if the biggest problem isn’t stupidity so much as it is ignorance.  Here in the U.S. our education system has been a shambles for decades now.  Our university system has increasingly focused on the various Ethnic Underwater Dog-Polishing Studies programs, as they produce the same revenue and the same number of tenured positions as programs in traditional subjects ranging from science and engineering to business and economics, and cost much less to provide.

But the purpose of an education system is to produce young adults with marketable skills, and in that – as Jesse Watters has shown in his ambush interviews – the system is failing, catastrophically.  In my own business I regularly have cause to review written works produced by recent graduates – in engineering and biology, mind!  And the level of work is, frankly, pathetic.

I’m not sure what the solution will be, if we ever see one.  Entrenched interests in education are too firmly in control, and we may have to, as the saying goes, destroy the village in order to save it.

There are exceptions and bright spots, and as one that comes very easily to mind I offer my treasured friends over at Glibertarians; a finer group of intellects, thinkers and achievers does not exist, online or off.

We’re still faced with the overall decline, though.  And I don’t see an easy answer; there’s no Renaissance on the horizon, as far as I can tell.  I am, though, reminded of a true genius, Albert Einstein, who once said “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Colorado’s own firebrand Representative from District 3, Lauren Boebert, now has a District concealed-carry permit. And that, folks, is interesting.

Worth watching.

As I’ve said, I will be avidly following Mrs. Boebert’s career.  She came to Washington with a mission and doesn’t seem to care much who she pisses off, and that alone makes her interesting in itself; combine that with a big helping of staunch Second Amendment advocacy, something I care a great deal about, and she has the potential to rattle more than a few cages.  And those cages need rattling, True Believers, every day, and twice on Sunday.  Her newly-licensed pistol-packing is just the icing on the cake.

Which reminds me, we need to find a time to drive to Rifle and visit her Shooter’s Grille before decamping for good and all for more northerly (and freer) climes.

Now then…

On To the Links!

How about cutting spending, Newt?  When will the GOP get back to talking about cutting spending?

We had to destroy the election to save it.

In the House, the game is still afoot.

Scientists look at Neandertal poop.  Yes, really.

I’ve always liked Rand Paul.  I like him more lately.

Seems legit – the problem is, you’re counting on these state GOP-led legislatures not rolling over and baring their throats when the Left screeches “RAAAAACIISSSST!”

Bacon and eggs – their deliciousness is no accident.

Mostly Peaceful™

Oh, for crying out loud, what nonsense.

What a Shiff-head.

President Biden seems to be underwater and sinking.

Really, let’s just get rid of all the warning labels and let these things sort themselves out.

Paging Dr. Darwin, Dr. Charles Darwin.

Demand in one hand, shit in the other, see which hand fills up first.

We may be losing the rat race.  Speaking as a biologist, well, yeah.  Like cockroaches, rats will always win in the end.

Organic foods are not worth the extra money.  If you had asked me, I could have told you.

This Week’s Idiots:

Maxine Waters (Daffy Old Bat – CA) is and always has been an idiot.

CNN’s Gina McCarthy is an idiot.

The LA Times’ Virginia Heffernan is a self-absorbed, vacuous twat, and an idiot.  Seriously, she should just fuck right off.  I hope her neighbors spend the rest of the year plowing her driveway shut.

Robert Reich is and always has been an idiot.’s ShaCamree Gowdy is an idiot.

And So:

In the wonderful world of bluegrass, there are some good acts, there are some great acts – then, there are The Cleverlys.  Remember that old 1980s hit by The Bangles, Walk Like an Egyptian?  Here, in a fun double-feature for today’s musical entry, is that original video (Eighties big-hair Rule Five!) followed by The Cleverlys’ bluegrass cover.  Both are fun.  Both are very different.  I’m sure the song itself is today supposed to be racist, or cultural appropriation, or some other such horseshit, but honestly, who cares?  Enjoy.

Animal’s Daily Premeditation News

Before we start, check out the latest in my North to Alaska series over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  There is, apparently, more evidence that the Jan 6th attack on the Capitol hooliganism at the Capitol was premeditated.  No shit, Sherlock.  Excerpt:

A dozen FBI affidavits supporting charges against the more than 200 defendants show rioters engaged in advance planning on social media sites. The planning included training, casing sites, identifying commanders on scene, and requests for donations of cash, as well as combat and communication gear.

More than a half dozen of the suspects are now charged with conspiracy to commit violence for actions predating the Jan. 6 riots. The early actions identified in court documents date back to November, with planning and rhetoric accelerating after Christmas, court records show.

That growing body of evidence raises questions about whether the FBI and other security agencies acted proactively enough to thwart the violence. It also undercuts the House Democrats’ impeachment claim — supported by 10 Republicans — that Trump’s speech spontaneously incited the riots, legal experts told Just the News.

“I would hope that those 10 Republicans and hopefully even some Democrats would say as we now look at the timelines that the media, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and all are reporting on, here’s exactly it, the facts,” said Kenneth Starr, the former federal appeals judge, solicitor general and Whitewater independent counsel.

“[House lawmakers] made a huge, colossal blunder,” said Starr, who was a member of the defense team for Trump’s first Senate impeachment trial. “So walk back, and apologize to the former president, apologize to the American people that I never should have voted in favor of this without the benefit of all the facts. I rushed to judgment.”

I actually burst out laughing at this:  “So walk back, and apologize to the former president, apologize to the American people that I never should have voted in favor of this without the benefit of all the facts. I rushed to judgment.”

Uh huh.

But look at that first paragraph.  Two hundred defendants facing charges.  Two hundred.  And, yes, actions have consequences.

Still – last weekend, AntiProfa and BLM protestors were kicking up their heels in the Imperial City, again with the usual property destruction, arson, object thrown at cops and so on.  Where is the legacy media reporting on all those arrests?

This should come as a surprise to no one.

See, in the United States today, the crime itself isn’t the issue; it’s whether the criminal has engaged in Wrongthink before or during the crime.  Rioting, arson, property destruction is OK, as long as it’s for a good cause.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain, Bacon Time and Pirate’s Cove for the Rule Five links!

So far (and I use that qualifier very deliberately) President Biden’s biggest fuck-up has been in energy policy, specifically, cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline and backing off on drilling leases on Imperial land.  That is already having bad consequences for a lot of (formerly) well-paid union workers.  Excerpt:

The shale revolution transformed our country into a net exporter of oil and gas, propelled us into energy independence, and is responsible for creating 2.8 million new jobs.

The average salary of oil and natural gas workers is approximately $112,000, more than double the national private-sector average of $51,000. But oil and gas workers don’t just make double that of the national average. They make double that of wind and solar workers.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019 a worker installing solar panels made an average of a little more than $21 an hour. Workers in oil and gas extraction made more than twice as much, at an average of over $42 an hour.

In October 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy released a report that highlighted the important economic impact of the oil and gas industry. It referenced a finding from the Economic Policy Institute that “the oil and gas extraction industry has one of the highest indirect job multipliers,” in which one direct job leads to an additional 5.43 indirect jobs.

None of this is lost on America’s labor unions. Last July, the North America’s Building Trades Union issued two studies that assessed construction opportunities and job quality in the energy sector. NABTU President, Sean McGarvey, relayed the facts:

The research confirms what our members tell us: the career opportunities for renewables are nowhere near what they are in gas and oil, and domestic energy workers highly value the safety, reliable duration, and compensation of oil and gas construction jobs.

Despite all this, in some of his earliest acts after being sworn in, President Biden has begun efforts to dismantle the fossil fuel industry and eliminate the high-paying jobs that come with it.

This was, of course, deliberate.  President Biden(‘s handlers) knew that these jobs were lost long before they propped our Weekend at Bernie’s President up to sign a stack of executive orders.  And while it’s not been all that long that the Democrats presented themselves as the party for blue-collar, union workers, that day has clearly passed; if the first few days of the Biden Administration have shown us nothing else, they have shown us that.  The Dems apparently are confident that their coalition of wealthy coastal (ill)liberals, urban progressives and violent street protestors can maintain their hold on power without the folks who have to shower after work, not before.

And the pipeline issue, that’s one that can’t be fixed by Congress, no matter who has control.  The only real place the Imperial government has any control over the pipeline is at the spot where that pipeline crosses the Canada/U.S. border, and that is in the purview of the Executive Branch.

So, say good-bye to the U.S. as a net energy exporter; say hello to long unemployment lines in the Dakotas, in Alaska, and other energy-producing locales, not excluding Canada. Say hello also to higher gas, heating oil and natural gas prices, and by extension, higher prices on everything else.  And get used to seeing Climate Change Czar John Heinz Kerry, who married into sufficient wealth to avoid the consequences of all this, continue to buzz around the globe in a private jet to lecture the schlubs on saving the planet, because “…to each according to his needs,” or some such.

What a pitiful state of affairs.

Animal’s Daily Climate Hypocrite News

John “Lurch” Kerry, climate hypocrite and elitest fuckhead.  Excerpt:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, President Biden’s newly-appointed Climate Czar, is under fire for displaying even more climate-related hypocrisy. While encouraging Americans to engage in climate-friendly habits, and to decrease their carbon footprint, Kerry took a private jet to receive an award for his work on climate, Fox News reported. 

Private jets release a disproportionate amount of carbon emissions, to the tune of at least 40 percent more than commercial flights. Kerry’s justification for utilizing the private jet was “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

So, “to each, according to his needs,” eh, John?  You who married into the Heinz ketchup fortune and stored his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes?  What an asshole!  But wait, there’s more!

Kerry has spent the last few years telling Americans that the “climate crisis” must be combatted with lifestyle restrictions, and was appointed to the Biden administration to a position that does not require a Senate confirmation to do just that, but he continues to violate his own preachings. While failing to follow his own climate standards, Kerry is also telling Americans who rely on the oil and gas industry for employment that they can switch to a “better” job involving solar power.

Separated at birth?

Ah, and now we see the other side of “to each, according to his needs.”  Oil rig workers and pipeline workers don’t need those good-paying jobs, you see – they can get a job (in China, where most of this is done) making solar panels – or, I guess, they can “learn to code.”

The Biden Administration sure seems to be rushing headlong into overstep territory, almost as if they want to see a GOP takeover of House and Senate in 2022.  And that’s not unusual, as one might look to 1994 and 2010 for examples of precisely this.

But I’ll give the Dems one thing:  They stick together.  When they have even a narrow majority, they use it.  Watch this year and next, to see how much they ram through – it will be significant, unless I miss my guess.  And some of it may be irreparable.

But Kerry – I suspect Kerry won’t last long in this role.  Not with his long history of, and latest examples of, trodding on his own weenie.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s cold up here in early February.  Temps right now are down around zero at night, in the teens in the afternoon.  And the days don’t last long.  The sun comes up hereabouts at about 0930, and is down by 1700.  Plenty of snow on the ground, which I expect will stay until mid to late April.

But boy is it quiet.

The winters here, though, honestly aren’t any worse than those I grew up with in northeast Iowa.  The daylight hours are the main difference, but we’ll make up for that with twenty-hour days in midsummer.  I think we’re making a good trade, especially considering how loony Colorado (and, frankly, most of the 48) is becoming.

Moving right along, then…

On To the Links!

Haw haw haw!

No thanks, I had bugs for lunch.

President Biden continues doing his impression of an actual potato.

Stop the third party insanity.

Now do water fountains!

No shit, Sherlock.  I’m reminded of an early-Eighties-sometime interview of David Lee Roth, done by some Rolling Stone putz-head.  Roth had talked about his and his Van Halen band-mates working-class youths, and the contrast with how much money they were making with the band.  “You know, Dave,” the interviewer pontificated, “they say you can’t buy happiness.”  “Maybe,” Roth replied with his trademark grin, “…but I can buy a yacht big enough to sail right up next to it.”

They guy really did know how to command the stage.

What the Left really means by “equity.”

Yeah, Portland’s probably fucked.

Even if California kicks out Gavin Newsom, anyone who takes his place would be likely just as horrible.

Liberal reporter calls out Crazy Eyes for being a lying piece of shit.  Well, not in so many words, but the message is clear.

This Week’s Idiots:
It’s not commonly known that John Kerry once pursued an acting career.

John Kerry is an idiot.  He’s also an arrogant, elitist fuck.  But Ted Cruz did a pretty good job of dismantling the asshole.

I actually burst out laughing at this idiocy.  Paywalled, but the headline is all you need.

Idiots have to be warned against doing idiot things.

Crazy Eyes continues in her usual idiocy.

USAToday‘s Rachel Mikva is an idiot.

Wired‘s Malkia Devich-Cyril is an idiot, and an idiot who has no fucking idea what the concept of free speech means.

Barney Frank is an idiot.

And So:

Just the other day our oldest daughter reminded us of this song, saying that it always reminded her of her Dad.  It probably applies even more now that we’re abandoning suburban life for rural Alaska, and it is in fact at least a half-hour to a Walmart or a grocery store.  This is Aaron Lewis with Northern Redneck.  Enjoy.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Friday will see Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. flying again to Anchorage.  On Saturday we get the keys and take possession of our new home in the Great Land, so next week’s posts will be written while breathing the free air of Alaska – something we’ve been looking forward to for a long, long time. Expect some insights on the state of affairs there, in what I reckon to be one of the last remaining good places.

We’re officially Willowbillies now.


On To the Links!

I’m sure the timing is just a coincidence.

I’m sure the timing is just a coincidence.

I’m sure the timing is just a coincidence.

China clearly thinks Trump leaving office is good… for China.

BLM and KKK – both racists.  No shit.

Show me in the Constitution where the Imperial government is allowed to do this.  I know, I know, the Imperial government has been wiping its ass with the Constitution since at least 1860, but still.

I wonder if this is the level of competence we can expect from the Biden Administration.  (I suspect it is.)

What if the Capitol rioters had been Democrats?  I think we all know the answer to that.

In all the news you never needed, now we have fifty million year old insect genitals.  Mind you this is interesting to a biologist, but maybe only to a biologist.

They hath strewn our path with orts!

Rand Paul shreds a sawed-off little network gargoyle.

The Imperial City looks to be remaining an armed camp for a while.  Funny, in 1971 the Weather Underground exploded a bomb in the Capitol, and the city wasn’t locked down the way it is now.  What a bunch of wet-pants types we have in the Imperial City today.

Once in a while, we still get some good news.

Oh, for the luvva Pete.

“Friend of the working man,” my middle-aged white ass.

This Week’s Idiots:

Boy howdy, what a bumper crop of idiots this week.  I wonder, has something happened to make the idiocy come out of the woodwork?

Slate‘s William Saletan is an idiot.

Vox’s Jen Kirby is an idiot.

Slate‘s Susan Matthews is an idiot.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an idiot.

USA Today‘s Dick Meyer is an idiot.

Robert Reich is still an idiot.  It’s never-ending.

New York Magazine‘s Jonathan Chait is an idiot.

CNN’s Frida Ghitis is an idiot.

Politico’s Craig Smith is an idiot.

Apparently lots of schools are spending lots of money on idiot things.  Wow, what a surprise.

And So:

In light of last week’s transition in the Imperial City, it seems appropriate to present America’s Songwriter, Bob Dylan, with his 2001 tune for the soundtrack of Wonder Boys – this is Things Have Changed.  Enjoy.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks again to Pirate’s Cove, The Other McCain and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!

So now the Biden Administration is considering a tax on the number of miles folks drive.  This will be really bad for rural people, who I might remind the good reader, are often lower-income than urban dwellers, although that is offset somewhat by a generally lower cost of living, especially real estate.  Even so, this will be hell on rural residents.  Excerpt:

It turns out that Biden favors Buttigieg’s transportation views, specifically the idea that America should move away from the gas tax and instead opt into a tax based on the number of miles a person travels. It would be a new way to provide cash for the Highway Trust Fund, which currently funding from the federal gas tax. As it currently stands, the federal gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon and 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel.

Liberal states, like California, Oregon, Washington State, and Colorado are already contemplating this so-called “alternative.” 

Biden’s administration would have to figure out how to pay for his $1 trillion infrastructure plan, which includes $160 billion for the transportation department. 

During his confirmation hearing with the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee on Thursday, Buttigieg explained his take on the gas tax.

“I think all options need to be on the table. As you know, the gas tax has not been increased since 1993, and it has never been pegged to inflation, and it’s one of the reasons why the current state of Highway Trust Fund is that there’s more going out than coming in,” Buttigieg said about a potential tax increase. “In the long term, we need to bear in mind also that as vehicles become more efficient and as we pursue electrification, sooner or later, there will be questions about whether the gas tax can be effective at all.”

Instead, the transportation nominee wants to consider taxing Americans on the number of miles they drive.

I guaran-damn-tee you Alaska isn’t considering any such “alternative.”  But I have a few questions as to how any such (idiotic) idea would be implemented.

  1. How would the Imperial government determine how many miles a year you drive?  A mandatory GPS tracker in your vehicle?  Fuck off, slaver!  Or would you just be required to enter beginning and ending mileage for all your vehicles on your tax form?
  2. How would the Imperial government collect this tax?  Gasoline taxes are collected at the pump.  Would every citizen have to send in a check every quarter?  Would it be part of your tax return every year?  How would you collect from people who don’t file tax returns?  Some people don’t have to file annual returns, you know.  Retired folks on fixed pensions, for example.
  3. How would the Imperial government know when, as a result of this dumb-as-a-bag-of-wet-hair policy, I leave the truck in the garage and run my ATV or snow machine down the road to grab some lunch or have a beer?  Hint:  They wouldn’t.

I’m pretty sure this is a classic trial balloon.  For one thing, no such change to the tax code can be done without Congress, and the Democrat’s margin in Congress is razor-thin; I’m pretty sure enough Dems in the House that hail from semi-rural/purple districts would peg this for a bad idea and vote against it.  But it’s bothersome that the newly installed Biden Administration is clueless enough to even float this as an idea.  Stay tuned, True Believers; I’m sure this isn’t the last dumb idea we’ll see out of this bunch.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

There’s been a lot of discussion the last week or so about the various social media outlets de-platforming anyone with views to the right of Leon Trotsky.  (And given events that will be happening later today, expect to see more of this.)  Plenty of this is indeed going on; I had a desultory presence on Parler for a while. That platform seemed to be sleeping with the fishes for a while, but seems to be working its way back online.  I have signed up for Gab and find it an interesting format, although the noise-to-signal ratio isn’t all that great, especially if you’re a long-winded old fart like me.  If you are on Gab, though, shoot me a follow and I’ll happily reciprocate.

What’s troublesome here is the precedent involved.  Attempting to silence people you disagree with comes from a position of fear and weakness, not strength; and weak people with power are one of the most terrifying things in the world.  Make no mistake, these are weak, small people, and they are afraid.  Such people are dangerous.

The short-term answer is independent, free-speech-respecting platforms like Gab.  But that also leads to both sides retreating into their own echo chambers, with very little actual discourse between the two sides.  This is a recipe for both sides drifting even farther apart – and for more radicalization on both sides.  It won’t end well.

With that off my chest…

On To the Links!

The deep state is rattled.  Good.  They deserve it, every day and twice on Sunday.

And the money printer goes brrrrr.

Tardigrades continue to show how awesome they are.  Seriously, from a biology standpoint, these are really fascinating little critters.

Booze:  Savior of Mankind.  Let’s have a shot!

California’s train wreck of an economy “points the way forward” for Biden.  We are so fucked.

Electric eels hunting in packs.  If that’s not cause for alarm, I don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, in Japan, hordes of poisonous millipedes are stopping trains.

And on top of it all, cocaine hippos.  Yes, you read that right:  Not hippies, hippos.

I’m not sure which is more horrifying:  Cocaine hippos, poisonous, train-stopping millipedes or electric eels hunting in packs.

Because Germany has such a great record with detention camps.

The Kung Flu may end up as another iteration of the common cold.

It’d take a miracle!

Speaking of which:  It’s a miracle!

Honestly, is anyone else just a little suspicious of this latest round of liberal politicians from blue states and cities suddenly clamoring for re-opening?  Doesn’t it seem just a little… convenient?

This Week’s Idiots:

Slate’s Fred Kaplan is an idiot.

Granny Boxwine Pelosi is deranged, and an idiot.

Hint:  The pigeon is the smartest one involved.

AOC/Crazy Eyes continues her preparation for her second career as an actual acorn.

Paul Krugman is still a partisan hack, and an idiot.

Robert Reich is also still an idiot.

The Nation‘s John Nichols is an idiot.

Steve Cohen (Stupid Ass – TN) is an idiot.

And So:

This one’s for Kamala Harris.  Hah.