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Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

In two weeks, we might know who will be President for the next four years.  Then again, we might not.

At this point I’m not sure what to think.  I see the polls, sure, but then, I saw them in 2016 too.  We were out elk hunting on Election Day 2016, having filed ballots in advance, and I went to bed that night pretty depressed at the idea of Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, actually sitting in the Imperial Mansion.  Next morning, I went out and started up Rojito, flipped on the satellite radio, and was flabbergasted; when loyal sidekick Rat opened the other door to climb in, I looked at him and said, “Holy shit, he actually pulled it off!”

I also see a huge enthusiasm gap.  President Trump is speaking to thunderous crowds of tens of thousands, while Groper Joe is speaking to tepid crowds of tens.  And, in a stunning admission of his campaign’s low energy levels, he has again called a “lid” – this time from Monday morning until after tomorrow’s debate.  Four whole days!

I hope the President can pull it off again.  If the Democrats once more gain control of the Congress and the Imperial Mansion, they clearly intend to rig it so they never have to give it up again.  They’ve said as much.

Go vote!

Now that I’m done venting about that…

On To the Links!

Don’t let the screen door hit your ass on the way out, “Boss.”


Axios demonstrates some rare self-awareness.

I found this interesting, partly because my father-in-law (as fine a man as ever lived) is an albino.  He makes the best Santa Claus.

Maybe don’t leave your guns in your car?  Just saying.

Adam Schiff once more proves he’s full of more shit than a Christmas goose.

The DNI on Hunter Biden’s laptop:  Whatever it is, it isn’t Russians.

War in space would be… complicated.

This is a surprising supporter for President Trump.

Another reason we’re leaving Colorado.

This Week’s Idiots:

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick is an idiot.

The Guardian’s Arwa Mahdawi is an idiot.

Our blogger pals over at The Daley Gator point out some University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse idiots.  I grew up about forty miles from LaCrosse; in my day it wasn’t totally inhabited by pussies.

The NY Times’ Charles Blow is an idiot.

Lindsey Graham was recently accosted by idiots.

And So:

This week’s song comes from one of the best (and completely self-taught) female vocalists alive today, Mary Fahl. Mrs. Animal and I have seen Mary perform live twice, and she’s amazing; both times we had the opportunity to chat with her after the show, and she’s as warm, friendly and charming as she is talented.

This audio-only cut  comes to you from a live performance at the Mauch Chunk Opera House in New York; this is Be My Hero.  Enjoy.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

For some time I’ve been keeping my eye out for a fine old English side-by-side double for upland bird hunting.  On Sunday last I finally found the right combination of gun, price and cash on hand, as I was the successful bidder on a Henry Tolley hand-made 12-gauge double, made around 1902 in Birmingham.  This is a one-of-a-kind piece, a true sidelock with a Deeley-style action and Damascus barrels sleeved for smokeless-powder 2 1/2″ 12 gauge shells.

In my own experience there are no shotguns that handle as sweetly as a well-balanced side-by-side.  I’m looking forward to shooting it.  I’m looking forward even more to taking it into the Alaska game fields for grouse and ptarmigan.

With that said…

On To the Links!

Peace in the Middle East – will the Saudis be next?  Maybe.  Will the President get any credit for it?  No.

Humans are regaining a third major artery in the forearm.  Interesting.  It’s not clear from the article whether a single gene or a suite of genes is involved, though, which would be interesting to know.

It’s getting to the point where it’s impossible to parody these people.

Yes, it’s too soon to start talking about President Pence.  Let’s get through this election first, the outcome of which I’m not terribly optimistic.

How We Lost Our Way on Human Rights.  Lengthy, but worth it.

Well, whattya know.  Now the WHO is saying Kung Flu lockdowns are a cure worse than the disease.  Stuart Varney has some thoughts on why that’s true.

Gird your loins – the Super-Pig Uprising is coming.  Wonder Wart-Hog was unavailable for comment.

Kamala Harris – anti-Catholic bigot.

Round-Heels Harris also beclowned herself at the Amy Comey Barrett hearings on Monday, but that’s no surprise.  You really can’t parody these people.

Speaking of those hearings:  Chuck Schumer (Sanctimonious Prick – NY) plans to screw things up, but we can already see those plans blowing up in his face.

Genetic Isopoints.  Cool stuff.

More Kung Flu quackery – now it’s rectal ozone.  Gwyneth, are you listening?

This Week’s Idiots:

Keith Olbermann is not only an idiot, he’s a dangerous idiot.  Seriously, what an arrogant fuckwit.

CNN’s Kathleen Dunn is an idiot.

Jacobin’s Matt Bruenig is an idiot.

The Nation’s Chris Gelardi is an idiot.

The LA Times Erwin Chemerinsky is an idiot.

And So:

In keeping with my now-apparently-a-tradition of leaving you with a song on Wednesday, here is Aerosmith, performing the one of the best versions ever of their best song ever, Dream On.  The video quality could be better, but the audio is more than enough.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Alaska has been great this week.  The weather was better than expected, the local folks, food and booze are fabulous as always.  I even flushed a fast-flying ruffie on a short walk into the woods, one of those short walks off the highway that us middle-aged guys occasionally have to take while on a long drive.

Incidentally, if  you’re even in the area, I recommend the Glenallen Highway for a scenic day’s drive.  You could do the entire Palmer to Tok drive in a very long day (which, in summer, Alaska certainly has) and if you just go from Palmer to Glenallen you cut about a third of the drive off and can easily make it back to Palmer by suppertime.

Now that you’ve heard all about that:

On To the Links!

Haw haw haw!

No shit, Sherlock.

The President sends a tweetstorm from Walter Reed.

Here are some big-city insights from an actual cop.

Democratic Bile Will Re-Elect Trump.  Not at all unlikely.

Venusans?  Venusians?  Venusoids?  Venusii?

The most dangerous part of air travel is still probably the drive to the airport.

Pope Francis should stick to religion and stay away from economics, because on that topic he’s woefully uninformed.  And by woefully uninformed, I mean, he doesn’t know his ass from his face.

Shark born with no skin or teeth, strongly resembles Nancy Pelosi.

R.I.P, Eddie Van Halen.  Sixty-five is way too young.

This Week’s Idiots:

California continues to prove it’s run by idiots.

Vox’s Ezra Klein continues to prove he’s an idiot.

Bloomberg’s Timothy O’Brien is an idiot.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is an idiot.

The Nation’s Eric Alterman is an idiot.

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick is an idiot.

And So:

This seemed like the song to leave you all with today, so, without further ado:

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Friday morning, it’s off to Alaska again, to look over some more areas for our upcoming relocation but mostly, just to enjoy the free air of a place where liberty is still held as a value by most of the population.  We have at least one more trip to the Great Land scheduled this year.  It’s getting closer, True Believers; it’s getting closer.

Now then:

On To the Links!

President Trump nets his third Nobel nomination.

Spontaneous, my ass.

Vote fraud?  What vote fraud?

Did Jerry Nadler give a shit?

Gwyneth, are you listening?

From Harvard Law professor and Democrat impeachment witness Noah Feldman:  I disagree with Trump’s judicial nominee on almost everything. But I still think she’s brilliant.  His conclusion:

We have a Supreme Court nominee who is a brilliant lawyer, a genuine and good person — and someone who holds views about how to interpret the law that I think are wrong and, in certain respects, misguided. I hope the senators at her hearing treat her with respect.

And when she is confirmed, I am going to accept it as the consequence of the constitutional rules we have and the choices we collectively and individually have made. And I’m going to be confident that Barrett is going to be a good justice, maybe even a great one — even if I disagree with her all the way.

It’s nice to see some people still have some intellectual integrity.

Chuck Schumer is a sanctimonious prick.  Seriously, fuck that guy.

The correct response is “who gives a shit?”  And, yes, I’d say the same thing if he endorsed the other team.  Nobody with the sense of a rabbit should give a crap what some Hollywood celebrity has to say on any matter of substance.

Kamala “Round-Heels” Harris steps on a rake.

What the actual fuck:

This Week’s Idiots:

Gavin Newsom is a wannabe tyrant, and an idiot.  And he insists on proving it.

The Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland is an idiot.

New York Magazine’s Frank Rich is an idiot.

CNN’s Vanita Gupta is an idiot.

Idiot woman gets her comeuppance.

Fuck off, slaver!

And So:

I think I’ve said enough already, so to brighten your Wednesday, here’s one of my favorites from America’s Songwriter; this one is from the soundtrack of Sam Peckinpah’s Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, which starred James Coburn and a very young Kris Kristofferson in the named roles.  This is Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

It’s been a few days now, and while the bloviating and posturing is only warming up, we’ve had time to digest the passing of Justice Ginsburg.  At this juncture I won’t discuss her personal opinions or her judicial decisions; she was a human being who had a family who loved her, and they are suffering a terrible loss.  Our hearts go out to them.  I’ve lost grandparents and parents, I know all too well how that feels, and sympathy for the grieving should – must – cross political lines.

And that’s all I’m going to say about Ruth Bader Ginsburg for now; the nomination of a new Justice, though, that’s fair game for discussion, so see the bonus header below.

With that off my chest:

On To the Links!

Know who else burned books?

Haw haw haw!  What was that about chickens coming home to roost?

Whattya mean, tendencies?

American Mind’s editorial on the “Harris Administration.”

When you’re taking flak, you know you’re over the target.

Groper Joe emerged, saw his shadow, and announced six more weeks of winter basement.

Speaking of which, this could be the October surprise to end all October surprises.

What if Earth had rings?  Speculative but cool.

So the world could kiss their asses?

Supreme Court:

A bonus header for the Supreme Court issue:

It seems we should expect an announcement of a nominee this week.  My money’s on Amy Coney Barrett, but we’ll see.

The NY Times:  It’s gonna get ugly.  No shit, Sherlock.

Dems plan to pack the Court when they get the chance.

McConnell is whipping the Senate GOP into line.

Remember this last time?

Want to know why I think they should ram through President Trump’s nominee as fast as possible?  Want to know why I’d love to see every Republican in the Senate shoot Chuck Schumer the bird?  Because of what those assholes on Team Blue did to Brett Kavanaugh.  Revenge is a dish best served cold, and the Senate Dems have a family-size serving coming to them.

This Week’s Idiots:

Washington Monthly’s Timothy Noah is an idiot.

Bloomberg’s Cass Sunstein is an idiot.

Vox’s Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding are both idiots.

Vox’s Ian Millhiser is an idiot.

Vox seems to employ a lot of idiots.

CNN’s Don Lemon is an idiot.

New York city’s restaurants are having a hard time.  How could the city mess them up even more?  Have them collect a 10% sin tax!  The New York City Council are obviously idiots, every one.

And so…

Not much more to add, so here’s an interesting little bit of French-Canadian music from Quebecois band Harmonium and their eponymous 1974 album; this is Un Musicien Parmi Tant D Autres.  Enjoy.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

We didn’t go out after sage grouse.  Mrs. Animal had a couple of tight deadlines to make for her publishing business, I had plenty of work around here to do to advance getting this Colorado house ready to sell and, to be honest, I didn’t really feel like getting up early and driving up to North Park by myself.

Might could get after some pheasants.

But there is plenty more upland bird hunting to be done; the pheasant population on the eastern plains is doing reasonably well as I hear it, and there are always waterfowl to pick up out there along the South Platte.  So we’ll see.

I might even lease a goose pit for a morning or two.  The Hate Birds, the Birds That Hate may hate, but they also are better than fair eating.

Now then…

On To the Links!

A Medal of Honor is always something special.

In a decision just issued in County of Butler, et al. v. Governor Wolf, et al., Judge William Stickman, IV of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania has ruled that “(1) the congregate gathering limits imposed by Defendants’ mitigation orders violate the right of assembly enshrined in the First Amendment; (2) that the stay-at-home and business closure components of Defendants’ orders violate the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment; and (3) the business closure components of the Defendants’ orders violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”  A glimmer of hope?

Aww, dida po widdle baby getums widdle feewings hurt?

Speaking of which:  If the shoe fits, Queen Nancy.

School choice could be great for rural communities.  And urban communities.  And everywhere.  Hell, let’s just get government out of the business of education everywhere, at all levels.

Now this is a threat, especially given the violence and looting that’s been going on.  Note that this was 2018, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of crap this year; in fact, I’ll be a bit surprised if both sides don’t do it.

Speaking of violence; two LA-area sheriff’s deputies were just shot from ambush.  And some protestors blocked the ER entrance where the officers were taken.  Honestly, at that point I wouldn’t have minded if officers opened fire.  This is the fruit of the “defund the cops” ranting.  Anyone still doubt that civil order is breaking down in our major cities?

Groper Joe’s campaign has been up to some shenanigans.  In other news, the sky is blue, water is wet and cake is fattening.

Round-Heels Kamala accidentally tells the truth.

Speaking of which, the Democrats may try a nuclear option to overturn the election.

Apparently folks have pissed off some orcas.

This Week’s Idiots:

Vanity Fair’s Eric Lutz is an idiot.

The Atlantic’s Ibram X. Kendi is an idiot.

Robert Reich is an idiot.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (Commie-MN) is an idiot.

The Nation’s Tom Engelhardt is an idiot.

Queen Nancy goes full-blown New Age loony-tunes.

And So:

No further comments; today I’ll leave you with the woman I believe to be one of the best, if not the best female vocalist alive today.  This is Mary Fahl, with a song based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid (the actual story, not the idiotic Disney take.)  This is Ariel.  Enjoy.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

I still haven’t decided whether I’ll spend some time after sage grouse this weekend.  In Colorado, in North Park (up along the Wyoming border, around Walden) the season is pretty much one weekend.  But these are big, fast, tough birds, and I’d like to hunt them, although I understand attempting this without a dog can be a real challenge.  Open-country birds will often run instead of flying, and that can mean running after them.  But my Citori stuffed with some high-brass #5 loads I have should reach a ways to bring down a big sage grouse.  It might be fun.  We’ll see.

Sage Grouse

Now then:

On To the Links!

This is long overdue.

In the words of Groper Joe, this is a big fucking deal.

Squirm, Kamala, squirm!

High intensity physical activity in early adolescence could lead to stronger bones in adulthood.  Hell yeah – try throwing around hay bales when you’re twelve.

Groper Joe’s back-door deals exposed!

In a generation, we’ve gone from limousine liberals to limousine rioters.

As usual, Dr. Victor Davis Hanson is a national treasure.

Are Democrats planning a coup?  Well, I’d advise them to bring guns.  They’re gonna need ’em.

Again with California:  Rules for thee, not for me.

And again:  Seriously, what the hell, California?

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

This Week’s Idiots:

CNN’s Frida Ghitis is an idiot.

Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, gives a staggeringly idiotic interview.  Seriously, why does anyone talk to this old drunk any more?

In an egregious act of idiocy, the Mayor of San Francisco lays down covering fire for Queen Nancy.

Robert Reich is an idiot.

Here’s an idiot, but one that at least will make you laugh.

And So:

I don’t really have anything to add, so here is a particularly non-PC piece of rock&roll history; from Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz, here is The Band with the wonderful The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.  If this song offends any Marxist revolutionaries, I cordially invite them to go fuck themselves.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Adding to the political unrest that is now spreading, my personal irritation is aided and abetted by the fact that I threw my back out last Saturday helping my kids move a couch.  Thanks to ibuprofen and a heating pad, I’m still functioning, and this morning well on my way to being back to normal.

But boy howdy, when your back hurts, you just can’t do much.  I’m gaining a little perspective on my mother’s situation; she injured her back in her late forties, suffered a botched surgery to correct a ruptured disk, and then dealt for the rest of her life with the ongoing destruction of her spine by rheumatoid arthritis.  In her last few years, her spinal column was basically a stack of rice cakes with no disks in between.

I can only imagine.  I’ve been given a little insight into that now, but only a little.  Fortunately Mom was one of those children of the Depression and WW2, who had grit and determination all out of proportion to her physical stature, and she managed to enjoy her life and her family until she passed at age ninety.

Now, then:

On To the Links!

R.I.P. to Chadwick Boseman.  Forty-three is far too young for anyone to go.

Assholes in Minneapolis riot and loot because an accused criminal – committed suicide.  An excuse, not a reason.

Poor, befuddled old Nancy Pelosi has lost control of her party.  She is now pandering to the loonies.  These days she reminds me of the young lady from Niger, who smiled as she rode on a tiger.  After the ride, she wound up inside, with her smile on the face of the tiger.

I would so vote for this lady for President in 2024.

This doesn’t bode well for Groper Joe.

Speaking of Groper Joe; this is from Monday.

Were this during a debate, this is the point where President Trump looks directly into the camera and asks, “can anyone tell me what the hell he just said?”

“Hate crimes” are a bullshit distinction, but I have to admit it’s nice to see the script flipped for once.

Do you want more Trump?  Because this is how you get more Trump.

Will wearing a hat make you bald?  Maybe.

Seals get all rapey.  Apparently grey seals are real assholes.

Groper Joe’s campaign may be in trouble.  Ya think?

This Week’s Idiots:

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an idiot.

The Atlantic’s Elaine Godfrey is an idiot.

New York Magazine’s Frank Rich is an idiot.

“Writer” Vicky Osterweil is a particularly egregious idiot.

The NBA are all idiots.

Wash Monthly’s David Atkins is an idiot.

And So:

Events the last few days, including the lingering pain in my lower back, have made me kind of irritable.  So instead of any more complaining from me, enjoy this little bit from the archives.

With that done, we return you to your Wednesday, already in progress.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Funny how markets on various items are affected in crises, like the Kung Flu and the ongoing rioting and looting by AntiProfa fascists.  Gun sales have gone through the roof, and ammo is not to be found, unless you’re shooting 9mm Largo or some such oddball caliber.

Model 12 Black Diamond

Still – the kind of stuff I like, for example pre-64 Model 12 Winchesters and Belgian Browning Auto-5s, are still available on the various online auction sites.  Prices on these fine old guns don’t seem to have gone up – in fact, if anything, they’ve gone down a little, maybe because the various panics have everyone trying to get hold of Tacticool stuff.  If you’re looking for a gun that will actually appreciate in value, this might be the time to look at some older collectibles.  This needn’t rule out something effective for home defense, either; an old slam-fire Winchester 97 or Stevens 520A trench broom with a bayonet would be a hell of a thing in the event of a home invasion.

Damned effective, if you ask me.

Now then:

On To the Links!

Denver’s own Mike Rosen on BLM – and BLM.

This from last Sunday over at The Daley Gator:  Chris Wallace Should Know Better.  But, like many, he doesn’t.  And neither does Groper Joe.

Peaceful Protest I.

Peaceful Protest II.

Peaceful Protest III.

Peaceful Protest IV.

Not good news for Groper Joe – he’s going to have to come out of the basement.

In related news, Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, is advocating for open insurrection.

Now this is some world-class trolling.

Good shooting!

Flat Earth “Science” Wrong, Not Stupid?  Sorry, no, it’s both wrong and stupid.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy, although honestly his sister/successor looks freaking scary.  Cold, dead eyes.  Of course, maybe it’s just a bad photo.  Look at your driver’s license photo – I look like a serial killer in mine.

A pool boy?  Seriously?  How much more cliched can you get?

Groper Joe needs to start answering questions.  You mean, like this?

This Week’s Idiots:

NY Magazine’s Frank Rich is an idiot.

What kind of idiot steals a cap from a seven-year-old?  These kinds of idiots.

Alyssa Milano (I know, low-hanging fruit) is an idiot.

Former ESPN writer Jemele Hill is an idiot.

And So:

We’ve had a bunch of summer wildfires here in Colorado in the last few weeks.  It’s not surprising, with all the beetle-killed trees primed to go up; but it has been bad enough to negatively affect air quality down here east of Denver.  Which takes me back to 1977 – remember the Midnight Special?  Here’s a relevant performance.  Enjoy.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

The Kung Flu continues to show up in new ways.  The Border Patrol is seeing illegal immigrants coming in carrying the virus, and at least one officer has succumbed because of it.  All too much of the action taken against the virus has been futile, because it’s a virus, and the way you handle these is to protect the most vulnerable and let her immunity develop, which almost no country is doing.

Still – we should be seeing a vaccine within the next couple of months.  Once that’s in use, do you think we’ll be back to normal?  Maybe.  Here’s a prediction:  If President Trump wins re-election in November, the rheeeee from the political left will be some variation of “OMG WE HAVE TO STAY LOCKED DOWN” because, you know, we can’t let Orange Man Bad get credit for anything good.

With that said…

On To the Links!

It’s time to cancel the income tax.  Amen!

You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.

New York City is dead.

I’m shocked – shocked – to find the Dems are hiding from pre-convention interviews!

I’m shocked – shocked – to find the FBI was up to shenanigans in 2016!

I’m shocked – shocked – to find that Antifa didn’t fare well when they decided to take on the world’s biggest gathering of hardcore bikers!

This Week’s Idiots:

Senator Dick Durbin is an idiot.

Gov. John Kasich is an idiot.

Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, is an idiot.

Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca is an idiot.

You went full retard, man.  Never go full retard.

Maxine Waters (I know, low-hanging fruit) is an idiot.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

And So:

I don’t have anything else to add, so instead of just another image from the archives, have this song from the King of Country Music.  I could listen to George Strait all day, and sometimes I do.

On that note (hah) we return you to your Wednesday, already in progress.