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Happy Hump Day!

File this under “stupid to the point of blindness:”  Senator to Trump: Do The ‘Unpredictable’ and Support Gun Control.  Excerpt:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said Congress is “complicit” in the deaths of Americans due to gun violence and he encouraged President-elect Trump to do the “unpredictable” with gun control measures.

“Shortly, we’ll have a new president unlike President Obama – hardly committed to the cause of ending gun violence, but there is a moment of opportunity here. And my hope is that newly elected President Trump will use this opportunity much as President Nixon did in going to China,” Blumenthal said during a press conference on Capitol Hill with family members of gun violence victims and survivors. “It’s a Nixon to China moment for Donald Trump when he can defy the expectation, do the unpredictable – he likes doing the unpredictable – respond to a rally, which he also likes to do, and the rally is the America people who are clamoring and demanding action.”

“Donald Trump has a legacy moment,” the senator added. “When he can seize this opportunity, a historic opportunity, do the right thing and adopt these common-sense measures: background checks for every gun purchase, a ban on terrorists buying guns and ending the immunity, the legal immunity, unprecedented, unknown to any other industry for gun manufacturers. These are your ideas, Donald. We’ll give you credit for them.”

Let’s subject a few of Senator Blumenthal’s statements to the our patented Lefty-to-English Universal Translator(TM):

Statement:  “It’s a Nixon to China moment for Donald Trump when he can defy the expectation, do the unpredictable – he likes doing the unpredictable – respond to a rally, which he also likes to do, and the rally is the America people who are clamoring and demanding action.”

Translation: “My cocktail party friends are clamoring and demanding action.  I have no idea what the America(sic) people want.”

Statement:  “When he can seize this opportunity, a historic opportunity, do the right thing and adopt these common-sense measures: background checks for every gun purchase…”

Translation:  “I know we already have background checks mandated by law for every purchase from a Federally licensed dealer, but I want to mandate them for private purchases, a law that will be essentially impossible to enforce and which will be roundly ignored, but it will make liberals feel good.”

Statement:  “…a ban on terrorists buying guns…”

Translation:  “…a restriction of a fundamental Constitutional right by unelected bureacrats with no due process involved whatsoever…”

Statement:  “…and ending the immunity, the legal immunity, unprecedented, unknown to any other industry for gun manufacturers.

Translation:  “…and making gun manufacturers the only class of manufacturers to be legally liable for criminal use of their products; they now are only subject, like every other manufacturer, to liability for failure of their products through manufacturing flaw or design flaws, but fuck that, we want them hit harder.”

The gist of Blumenthal’s rant:  “Americans are buying guns in record numbers, gun ownership is at an all-time high while crimes committed with firearms are at near-historic lows, and outside of a few of our major cities our violent crime rate is lower than Sweden’s; but I don’t think Americans are smart enough to own guns responsibly.”

Fortunately the chance of The Donald’s taking any of his statements to heart are essentially zero.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

It begins; House Republicans have formed a Second Amendment caucus.  Excerpt:

A group of House Republicans formed the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus on Thursday.

The group, headed by Rep. Thomas Massie (R., Ky.), said the caucus plans to draft and sponsor pro-gun legislation in the upcoming Congress.

“Caucus members will lead efforts in the House of Representatives to pass meaningful firearms legislation and protect Americans against infringements of the Second Amendment,” the group said in a statement.

Massie said the election of Donald Trump and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress were the catalyst for the formation of the caucus.

“The recent election results present us with a new opportunity to advance pro-gun legislation and reverse the erosion of the Second Amendment that’s occurred over the last few decades,” he said. “I look forward to working with the new president and this determined group of conservatives to promote a pro-gun agenda.”

In addition to sponsoring and supporting pro-gun bills, the caucus said they also plan to invite firearm experts, constitutional scholars, and pro-gun groups to speak to them regularly.

Imagine that – having people who actually know something about guns to testify on legislation affecting guns and gun owners.  What a concept!

Concealed-carry reciprocity is part of what may be accomplished with the soon-to-be-installed President and Congress.  We may also see some meaningful attempts to improve the national background check database; it’s likely that the “no fly, no buy” issue will come up again, and here’s a matter for concern, since during the election President-elect Trump voiced support for this policy, depriving American citizens of a Constitutionally defined right with no due process.

That’s a troubling idea.

Rule Five Reciprocity Friday

2016_12_09_rule-five-friday-1This time – this time we may actually have a chance of getting this thing passed, and President-elect Trump made it part of his campaign platform, so he’ll sign it; concealed-carry reciprocity!

The whole thing’s pretty simple.  The summary of this bill states:

Amends the federal criminal code to authorize a person who is not prohibited from possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm under federal law, and who is carrying a valid, government-issued identification document containing that person’s photograph and a valid permit issued by any state to carry a concealed firearm, to possess or carry a concealed handgun (other than a machine gun or destructive device) in any other 2016_12_09_rule-five-friday-2state that permits residents to carry a concealed firearm, in accordance with the restrictions of that state. Makes presentation of facially valid documents prima facie evidence that the individual has a license or permit as required.

The bill’s sponsor, North Carolina Republican Rep. Richard Hudson, said:

Our Second Amendment right doesn’t disappear when we cross state lines, and I plan to introduce legislation in the first days of the 115th Congress to guarantee that. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 is a common sense bill to provide law-abiding citizens the right to conceal carry and travel freely between states without worrying about conflicting state codes or onerous civil suits,” Hudson wrote in a statement to The Daily Caller. “As a member of President-elect Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition, I look forward to 2016_12_09_rule-five-friday-3working with the administration to advance policies that support and protect our right to keep and bear arms.

I see very little reason to oppose such a bill, but plenty of wet-pants types will.  Expect the usual hand-wringing and cries about shootouts over parking spaces and the like, even though the bill very clearly states that the armed citizen has to comply by all laws of the state they are in, and they they have to carry a government-issued ID to prove they are who the permit says they are; one unclear point there, as my Colorado CCW Concealed Handgun Permit is a government-issued photo ID.

2016_12_09_rule-five-friday-4The folks who cause problems with concealed guns are most assuredly not CCW permit holders, and many if not most of them are already “prohibited from possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm under federal law.”  In other words, they are not law-abiding to begin with, and laws against concealed carry won’t stop them.

This is a law with a great deal of sense behind it.  That’s probably why the anti-gun Left will fight so hard to stop it becoming law.


Animal’s Daily News

Excellent BearThanks again to Pirate’s Cove and The Other McCain for the Rule Five linkery!

Programming note; well, really an observation.  Posting from Japan is weird.  I’m posting today’s Tuesday update on the normal Tuesday morning schedule, but here in Akishima it’s Tuesday evening.  I guess that gives me more time for daily news posts, but it feels odd somehow.

Here’s an interesting piece from National Review (who stubbornly insist on using the horrible, horrible Facebook comments plugin):  Anti-Gun Hysteria is Hazardous To Your Health.  Excerpt:

In July, the Crime Prevention Research Center published a comprehensive report on those Americans who hold concealed-carry permits. Among the findings, the Center notes that while the police are dramatically more law-abiding than the population as a whole (37 times more law-abiding), permit holders in Texas and Florida — two states that keep comprehensive records — were even more law-abiding than cops. Police officers committed crimes at a rate of 103 crimes per 100,000 officers. Permit holders in Texas and Florida committed crimes at a rate of 22.3 per 100,000.

But don’t tell the New York Times. Last week it editorialized against legislation that would require states to recognize lawful concealed carry permits issued in other states. In “support” of its argument, it tried to make the case that permit holders are a threat to public safety. Using research from the anti-gun Violence Policy Center, it ominously claims that “since 2007, concealed-carry permit holders have been responsible for at least 898 deaths not involving self-defense.” Follow the link to the study, called “Concealed Carry Killers,” and you’ll find that almost 300 of those 898 deaths were suicides.

Where does that number fit within the context of all gun deaths in the United States? During the same ten-year span when 898 deaths occurred, there were more than 100,000 homicides and more than 300,000 total gun deaths. Given that approximately 6 percent of the adult population has a concealed-carry permit, legally concealed weapons are involved in remarkably few deaths.

gun controlTake note of that first paragraph:  In Florida and Texas, at least, you’re safer standing next to a concealed-carry permit holder than you are standing next to a cop.

There’s a lot of angsting right now over mass shooter situations, although those incidents are as rare as they are ballyhooed by the legacy media; you’re more likely to be killed by lightning than by a mass shooter, be it a jihadi or the more a-religious nutcase type.  But when the predictables in the media start talking about how to react to a mass shooter – “run, hide, fight” is the current mantra – “shoot back” is never on the menu.

Now, I respect the rights of private property owners.  Our Aurora, CO (name ring a bell?) theater owners almost all have anti-CCW signs posted.  Until the Aurora theater shootings, I respected the wishes of the theater owners and left my Glock 36 at home.

No longer.  Now I carry in the theater, signs be damned; if I’m discovered all the theater personnel can do is ask me to leave, and I will quietly and politely do so.

gun control theoryBut if another Joker-styled nutcase bursts in, I’d rather be armed than not.  When I mentioned that to a friend some time back, he replied “but then there will be two people shooting.  Aren’t you worried that will make things worse?”

“That nutcase (whose name I won’t mention) was walking calmly around shooting helpless people.  How the fuck can things get any worse than that?”

My friend had no answer.

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Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

Programming note:  I’ll be flying to Tokyo on Sunday for a two-week gig, so look for some interesting travel posts.

Now, today:  Thoughts on the classic shotgun collection!

Since I now have both 12 and 16 gauge versions of the renowned Winchester Model 12 and Browning Auto-5 shotguns – one of that latter being the sought-after Sweet Sixteen version – I’m casting thoughts not only to 20-gauge versions of those guns but also to another iconic American scattergun, the Winchester 1897.

The 1897 is an interesting piece.  Designed by the DaVinci of firearms, the ’97 was the first commercially manufactured 1897-winchester-ipump-action shotgun.  It was used by the U.S. military in WW1 and WW2 as a trench broom, as well as being sold in a variety of sporting versions including the Black Diamond trap guns.  Being an aficionado of trap shooting myself, a Black Diamond Winchester would be a neat addition, but there are plenty of 12 and 16 gauge guns available.

There’s another unique feature of the 97 – its external hammer.  There is no other safety on these guns, but I have always been of the notion that a gun with an external hammer needs no other safety, and besides which the only real effective safety on a gun is the one between the shooter’s ears.

If I decide to go down this road, one thing I may eschew in a restoration is the addition of choke tubes.  While I have done this on other guns (and I highly recommend using Briley for these conversions – you get what you pay for, especially on old Winchesters with their notoriously thin barrel walls) it seems appropriate to keep this historic gun more or less as is.

I haven’t made up my mind yet, but if I run across a particularly fine example, I may not be able to resist the purchase, especially if a Black Diamond gun is in the deal.

1897-winchester-ii 1897-winchester-iii

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

Programming note:  Friday morning I’ll be leaving for this year’s abbreviated elk/mulie hunt.  I’ll have a Rule Five Friday post pre-loaded, the Saturday Gingermageddon will go off as usual; Monday through Wednesday we’ll have some totty filler posts.  Regular posts will continue Thursday – and Friday the 11th and Monday the 14th’s posts will come to you from Anchorage, Alaska!

Now, moving on.  This just in from  Gun Control is Tax-Subsidized Marketing for Illegal Machine Guns.  Excerpt:

“DIY submachine guns are popping up across the West Bank,” the Washington Post reported recently in a piece about a weapon that has repeatedly played a role in Palestinian attacks upon Israelis. The guns are of a common type referred to as the “Carlo,” based on the Swedish Carl Gustav M/45, which dates to the World War 2 era. The article added that hundreds of the submachine guns have been confiscated over the past year, and raids staged on 35 mechanics’ shops that were cranking them out.

“The Carlo has remained so popular because of how little machinery and technical know-how is required to produce it,” a Times of Israel story noted earlier this year. “A drill press, some welding equipment and blueprints from the internet are all that’s needed to create one of these potentially devastating weapons.” The story lamented that “it’s nearly impossible to prevent its production.”

Ironically, Israelis themselves relied on homemade submachine guns during their War of Independence. In their case, they knocked off copies of the British-designed Sten gun and fed them with ammunition manufactured in a clandestine factory beneath a laundry. Similarly to the weapon copied by West Bank mechanics, “the Sten used simple stamped metal components and minor welding, which required minimal machining and manufacturing,” according to Wikipedia.

Girls with GunsA simple submachine gun like the Sten, the Carl Gustav or the M3 Grease Gun is one of the simplest firearms to manufacture.  Anyone with a drill press, a mill and a half-assed knowledge of how to use both can crank out a rough short-range lead-chucker that will be orders of magnitude more lethal and also far easier to produce than a handgun of any sort.

It’s near-impossible to build a Glock or a Smith & Wesson without sophisticated machinery.  It’s pretty easy to build a Sten gun.  It’s happening now all over the world, from the West Bank to Australia.  If Her Imperial Majesty was able to realize the wet dreams of the more extreme gun-grabbers here in the States, you’d see it happening here too.

It’s basically a fundamental law of the universe:  Bans produce black markets.  That doesn’t stop the collection of nitwits and nincompoops we call our ‘political leaders’ from attempting such bans.

Conclusion to the linked article:  …if you’re going to make something illegally, you might as well get the most bang for your buck out of the means you have at hand. If you’re looking to supply the demand for drugs, you cook methamphetamine in motel room laboratories. And if you’re supplying the illegal arms market, you download the plans for a Sten gun to a laptop in a brake-repair shop.

From the West Bank, to Brazil, to Australia, history demonstrates that if you want people to start making their own submachine guns, all you have to do is legally restrict their access to firearms of all sorts.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

Is there such a thing as a justified shooting of a child?  Well, maybe, if you define “child” as “anyone under eighteen.”  I don’t think the subjects of this article qualify, but have a read anyway.  Excerpt:

Feral. Animalistic. Barbaric. Sadistic.

These are the words that best describe the social media-organized lynch mob of hundreds of black youths attacking white college students and police in Philadelphia near Temple University Friday night.


So far, these violent young criminals have largely gotten away with their brutal criminal assaults because they’ve been fortunate in their victim selection process.

That won’t hold forever.

Eventually, they are going to attack an armed concealed carrier, or they are going to carry out one of these lynchings—defined as a punishing a person without legal process or authority, often as an act of bigotry—in front a of the residence or vehicle of someone who has firearms and the will to use them in third-party self defense.

This scenario may well likely happen, and it sure as hell will lead to a Muddy Gunvicious backlash; the shooter, acting in self-defense (direct or third-party) will be painted as an extremist and very likely a murderer, and that person will never be safe appearing in public again.  Mobs will march shouting “no justice, no peace,” ignoring the fact that justice was what was meted out; the shooter will probably be forced into hiding.

But what I object to is the characterization of these thugs as “children.”  They aren’t acting as children, they are acting as adults – violent, out of control, murderous adults.

They have no one but themselves to blame if someone treats them as such.

Rule Five 911 Friday

2016_10_14_rule-five-friday-1The New York Times is a pale shadow of the tome of journalism it once was, and jackwagons like Matthew Desmond and Andrew V. Papachristos are why; they recently penned an article for that paper entitled “Why Don’t You Just Call the Cops?” recently debunked their article here.  Excerpt:

This is the kind of settled, suburban question that can be asked by people who do not face frequent violence and who regard law enforcement – agencies as a whole and officers in particular – as trustworthy.  What isn’t so often brought into the discussion is the truth of human psychology that when in a moment of emergency – such as what a violent crime creates – we will reach out to anyone available, even strangers and rivals.

2016_10_14_rule-five-friday-2And this is what makes the reluctance of many in our nation to call the police all the more poignant.  The research of Desmond and Papachristos, along with David S. Kirk, found that in the case of a Milwaukee man, Frank Jude, who was beaten by off-duty police officers who accused him of stealing one of their badges, though eyewitnesses rejected that claim, in a period of over a year following, calls to 911 saw a decline of more than 22,000 from what was expected.  This specific result fits in with a general pattern the researchers have seen among the poor in this nation to have a distrust of law enforcement.

It’s an article of faith among many in the gun community, particularly we who carry firearms for self-defense, that the choice to go armed is one that reduces overall violence, and while that is the subject of contention, the best estimates of defensive gun uses each year are in the hundreds of thousands.  But we have to go beyond this statement to a recognition 2016_10_14_rule-five-friday-3that a stable society creates the context in which self-defense has the best chance of succeeding.

Personally, my favored response to a petulant demand like that offered by Desmond and Papachristos would be “because fuck you, that’s why,”

But that’s not very amenable to a discussion of policy.

The sad and sorry truth is the police, no matter how good intentioned any individual cop may be, just can’t protect every  individual citizen.  There are too few cops and too many millions of miles of streets, highways and byways, alleys and walkways, too many houses, buildings, empty lots, meadows and barns.  There’s no way a cop can be everywhere.

2016_10_14_rule-five-friday-4Let’s say a pair of thugs is kicking in your front door.  By all means call the cops – but what happens in the ten or twenty minutes it takes them to get there?  Do you trust your wood-panel door to hold off the attackers until the police arrive?  Or would you rather trust a .357 Magnum or a 12-gauge pumpgun?

Too many pols of all stripes talk a lot about freedom of choice – unless the choice is one they disapprove of.  Then your choice must be restricted, regulated, outlawed, or (at least) taxed.

The article concludes:  We in the gun community have our 2016_10_14_rule-five-friday-5own reasons for doubting the intentions of government agencies when it comes to our rights, and in that, we have common cause with others who raise the same issue.  We’ll do a better job of protecting rights – the ones we exercise personally as well as others – when we work together with any group whose rights are being endangered.

Too bad that most of the elected officials in our Imperial City can’t learn that lesson as well as many of the voters have; maybe we wouldn’t feel the need to protect our liberties so vigorously.


Animal’s Daily News

Smiling BearOK, I’ve had enough of electoral politics for a few days; the increasingly bizarre spectacle of The Donald v. Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I has worn out its welcome in these virtual pages – at least until the next leaked video or Wikileaks dump.  Instead, let’s look at the five best weapons for dealing with creepy clowns.  Excerpt:

Militant clowns are sweeping the nation at an alarming rate. What first appeared to be a huge, terrifying prank has turned into something much darker. The creatures that haunt our nightmares have been popping up on campuses across the nation, and we’re no longer standing for it. Earlier this week, fraternity men at TCU decided to brandish their irons and go out to find these menaces. Penn State and Oregon State have also gone hunting for these creatures in pancake makeup. While a golf club is a highly effective means of personal defense (shout out Tommy Vercetti), it’s not the only one. Here are some items you might have sprinkled around your residence in case of a clown emergency.

Those five are:

  1. Hatchets, Mauls, or Tomahawks
  2. Molotov Cocktails
  3. Pledge Paddles (Seriously?)
  4. Loose Stand Your Ground Laws
  5. Insane Clown Posse Music

The article’s a sarcastic joke, of course.  And it’s not even particularly good sarcasm; in fact, it’s pretty amateurish.  But look at the list for a moment, forget the clowns, forget the attempt at comedy; look at the two actual weapons mentioned.  “Hatchets, Mauls or Tomahawks” and “Molotov Cocktails.”  One would take a fair amount of skill and upper-body strength; the other would pose a pretty fair risk of taking out a bystander and/or causing serious property damage.

Seriously, True Believers.  Precision weaponry is the way to go in dealing with threatening clowns.  Here’s a better idea.

And remember – the most threatening of clowns don’t wear makeup.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks again to The Other McCain and first time thanks to the Register-Republic for the Rule Five links!

Up early again; I have another early flight back to Boston.  Ugh.  I have this trip and possibly one more, then it’s off to whatever project comes next.  This is the life of the self-employed, True Believers; surviving on my wits, my abilities, my work ethic and my willingness to go damn near anywhere anyone has a job that needs done.

But that’s neither here nor there.  Moving right along, a Nevada professor is saying that the research on the effectiveness of background checks is “muddy.”  No shit.  Excerpt:

William Sousa, professor and director of the Center for Crime and Justice Policy at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, presented his findings during the public meeting about the state’s background check voter referendum, Question 1, where he said the data can be used “to support both sides of the argument.”

“I suppose if I was obligated to say … the research leans towards the benefits of it, but there’s a lot of limitations,” he said.

Interstate Commerce.
Interstate Commerce.

Nevada’s ballot measure, if approved, would extend federal background check requirements to include most private sales and transfers, such as those at gun shows and others arranged through websites like ArmsList. Violators would face a gross misdemeanor charge and a potential penalty of one year in prison and/or a $2,000 fine.

Sousa, the self-declared “neutral” voice on the panel, sat sandwiched between high-profile voices on both sides of the debate: Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros S. Anthony and National Rifle Association legislative liaison Dan Reid, critics of the ballot measure, and Nevadans for Background Checks spokeswoman Jennifer Crowe and Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, two of the state’s most visible proponents supporting Question 1.

Here’s the real money quote:

“If you look at people who are violent criminals … they don’t go through a background check to get their gun,” (Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros S.) Anthony said during Thursday’s town hall. “They are going to steal the gun. They are going to borrow it from a friend. They were doing that 30 years ago. They are doing it today. They are going to do it 30 years from now. It’s not realistic to tell law-abiding citizens that they are going to have to do background checks on each other because it’s going to reduce crime. It’s just not going to happen.”

Anthony, a 29-year veteran of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, argues two-thirds of the state’s gun owners will ignore the law — either by choice or unawareness — and face a punishment that far outweighs the crime.

Tactical Guns“So what are we going to do here? Are we going to round these folks up and arrest them? Are we going to throw them in jail for a year? All of a sudden, you’re creating criminals out of them … for absolutely doing nothing to increase violence with a firearm out there,” he said.

That’s what most gun control laws do – restrict (at best) or make criminals (at worst) out of law-abiding citizens, while having little or no impact on crime.  Criminals don’t obey laws; they won’t submit themselves to background checks.

And that’s not even the worst of it.  The more government tries to restrict a product or commodity that the public wants, the greater the black market will be in that product or commodity.  The Imperial government didn’t learn that with Prohibition, they haven’t learned it in the War on Drugs, and they won’t learn it by ever-tightening gun laws.

But then, ignorance and recalcitrance in the Imperial City is hardly a new thing.