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Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain, Pirate’s Cove, Bacon Time and Whores and Ale for the Rule Five links!

Now then; it turns out the FBI knew about the Epstein issue for some time, knew of some Big Names involved, and they did nothing.  Excerpt:

Well, last night they were unsealed. The Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell documents were unsealed. There (is) some new stuff, some old stuff, but frankly, most of the creepy allegations that you already knew were further corroborated. We have witness statements. We have emails allegedly sent between Epstein and Maxwell, where the former coaches her in how to deny the allegations lobbed against him. Maxwell, as noted in other reports, appears to be a key player in this alleged child trafficking scheme. She’s the one who allegedly orders these underage girls to give erotic massages. And yes, Bill Clinton is named in these documents as someone who was on Epstein’s island with Maxwell, and two young girls. Remember, these are merely allegations, but there’s a lot of smoke here. Enough to indict Epstein before his suicide, another event engulfed in controversy.

Alan Dershowitz, a renowned liberal attorney, is also named in these documents. I’ll let you read the allegations against him. What’s new is that it appears the Federal Bureau of Investigation were quite privy to the creepy allegations and activities that surrounded Mr. Epstein—and they did nothing about it. In 2014, they were in contact with an alleged victim and did nothing. One victim even contacted the FBI to see if they could turn over the items seized from Epstein’s property to assist in her civil case. One of the victims who came forward is featured in a picture with Prince Andrew and Maxwell. The FBI had their own file on this for years, even before the bureau interview the alleged victim in 2011. The plea deal is also included. It seems it went ahead before federal authorities had interviewed all of Epstein’s alleged victims.

One has to wonder how many other names will come out of this document dump before all is said and done.

But, even so:  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; none of the major players in this deal will face any serious consequences.  Equal treatment under the law is effectively a dead letter in this country and has been for some time.  Sure, these document dumps are embarrassing for some folks that thought this was going away after Epstein was suicided.

Embarrassing is as embarrassing does, though.  And if anyone thinks, say, Bill Clinton will face any legal repercussions from any of this, well, they’ve got another think coming.  He won’t – not when he’s 1) a former President and b) has the magical talisman of a “D” after his name.

Honestly, I’m skeptical even of the embarrassment factor where Clinton is concerned.  His history in public life seems to indicate an extremely limited capacity for embarrassment.

Rule Five Flaming Hypocrite Friday

Now we find out that loony Californey Governor Gavin Newsom was not only given a $3.7 million mansion, he also took out a tax-free $2.7 million mortgage payout on the property he was given.  And that’s not the end of the Governor’s disgusting hypocrisy.  Excerpt:

  • Gavin Newsom’s $3.7 million, 12,000 square foot mansion, on 8+ acres along the American River in Sacramento, was the area’s most expensive home sale in 2018
  • The gated estate consists of a 6 bedroom/10 bath home, a guest house, a pool, a tennis court, and a wine cave
  • An LLC registered to Newsom’s cousin, long-time business partner, and Co-President of PlumpJack, Jeremy Scherer, paid cash for the estate in December 2018
  • Newsom’s spox, though, claimed in Jan 2019 that it was Newsom who’d paid cash for the home – puzzling, since Newsom still carried a $3.2 million mortgage on his prior home
  • In Oct 2019 the LLC gifted the home to the Newsoms free and clear, claiming Newsom was a member of the LLC to avoid a $4,000 Transfer Tax
  • In January 2020 the Newsoms received $2.7 million tax-free when they obtained a cash-out refinance
  • Newsom’s financial disclosure forms don’t mention the LLC or the gifts, which far exceed the $500 limit
  • In 2003, Newsom was cited for failing to disclose $11 million in real estate and business loans

One thing that’s become extraordinarily clear to Californians in 2020 is that there’s one set of rules for Gov. Gavin Newsom, and there’s another set of rules for the rest of us. He preaches that we’re all in this together and that we have to sacrifice to “meet this moment,” yet he’s not missing a paycheck.

As California businesses struggle, he sends a $1 billion contract for masks to a Chinese company. When he shut down wineries throughout 80 percent of California, he kept his open.

While the dream of owning a home is increasingly out of reach for California’s families, it appears that Newsom received a $3.7 million estate from an LLC owned by his cousin then, a few months later took out a $2.695 million (tax-free) cash-out mortgage on it — and didn’t report the gift on any of his financial disclosure forms.

Yes, it’s clear that Gavin Newsom doesn’t live by the same rules the rest of us do. It’s good to be king.




In any sane universe, Newsom would be impeached, removed from office, and facing criminal charges.  But not now, not this Governor, not in California; he will certainly get away with this, and will probably be re-elected into the bargain, because in California, as we continually see confirmed, some animals are more equal than others, and “progressive” Democrat governors are obviously the most equal of them all.

The article linked here concludes:

If the $3.7 million used to purchase the home came from another source — donors, friends, or whomever — then Gavin and Jennifer Newsom were “gifted” the home, received $2,695,000 cash tax-free, and retain title to the home, that looks a lot like money laundering and/or concealing donations or improper gifts. Since it’s on record that he failed to report two “loans” Gordon Getty gave him, totaling $2.1 million, to purchase luxury real estate in the early 2000s, it’s not exactly against type for him to take money from benefactors then “mistakenly” omit that funding from financial disclosure records.

The more one examines all of the circumstances around Newsom’s Fair Oaks estate, the more questions arise. Gavin Newsom needs to provide real answers, not the kind he’s given in the past.

But we all know he won’t.  Nobody in the legacy media will ask any uncomfortable questions about this; nobody in the legacy media will write a single syllable about it.  Newsom has the one item of sure-fire armor against having any of these shenanigans investigated:

A “D” after his name.

Congratulations, California.  You’re getting the government you want, good and hard.

Animal’s Daily Urban Shithole News

From Colorado’s own Jon Caldera:  Denver seems determined to catch up to San Francisco in its urban shitholery.  Excerpt:

If you haven’t driven through downtown Denver lately, you’re fortunate. You haven’t seen the carnage, vandalism, litter, vomit and fecal waste next to human bodies passed-out on sidewalks.

Polis and Hancock have surrendered our capital city to a mob. Tent encampments housing a mixture of the homeless, the drug-addicted and antifa protestors seem to be spreading faster than COVID.

It is turning our once beautiful city to crap, literally. We are in a race to match San Francisco and Seattle in urban decay. It is beyond ugly. It is unhygienic, dangerous and horrifically sad.

And it is inexcusable. It’s as inexcusable as letting rioters deface and vandalize the State Capitol every night for a month and a half with complete immunity.

When asked by 630 KHOW talk show host Ross Kaminsky about the tent cities popping up around the Capitol and the governor’s mansion, Polis responded, “Denver needs to do a better job on the homeless…I’m not an urban issues expert. That’s what mayors are for and city councils are for. But I’ve seen other cities handle this more effectively. But of course, Denver needs to step up and do more.”

Here’s the onion:

But the piece of Civic Center Park which hosts the largest tent encampment isn’t actually Civic Center Park at all. It’s not city property. It’s state property, under the ultimate management and protection of the governor and his Democrat-controlled legislature.

Lincoln Park is a block long, rectangular strip of (formerly) green lush grass. It is bounded by Broadway and Lincoln streets on the east and west, and Colfax and 14th avenues on the north and south. It lays just west of the Capitol. And while it looks like part of Civic Center Park, it is part of the State Capitol complex. It’s the state government’s job to protect it.

Which of the two major political parties runs Colorado and the city of Denver now?

When it comes to this (and a bunch of other) issue, both Polis and Denver Mayor Hancock have been and remain pusillanimous putzheads.  Denver is becoming Frisco writ somewhat smaller.

I moved to Colorado in the late Eighties.  I’ve never been a fan of cities but in my first year or two here, I occasionally wandered downtown to see the sights.  In those days, Denver was a beautiful city.  The area around the Capitol was clean and well-maintained.   Business prospered in the downtown area.  Just to the north and east were some sketchy areas, but the area around the state Capitol and the 16th Street Mall were prosperous.

No longer.

In all candor, I think I’m pretty good and turning a phrase, but I’m at an utter loss to explain what’s happening in our nation’s cities.  A week from tomorrow, Mrs. Animal and I will be flying to Anchorage; I’ll return a report on that city, Alaska’s only major metro area, on our return, but from what I’ve read Anchorage has had no such issues.

Our major cities have been captured by lunatics.  I don’t see any easy way to reverse that trend.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

So, last weekend, this happened.  This is about five miles from where I sit right now.  At what point does this shit stop being “protest” and start being armed insurrection?

People have been killed.  Cops have been attacked.  Businesses have been burned, people have lost properties and homes.  That asshole Jerry Nadler is calling it a “myth,” talking as usual out of his ass, but most folks know better.

This coming weekend, I think I’ll get the shotgun back out of the workshop, stuff some 00 buck in it and keep it in the bedroom.  Just in case.  I’m afraid it’s time for live ammo.  I sure hope I don’t need that shotgun, but if I do, I’m sure as hell going to have it close at hand.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest:

On To the Links!

Newsweek?  Really?  Admitting that we had a good treatment for the Kung Flu all along?  They’re going against The Narrative!

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I suspect Colorado’s leftists underestimate Lauren Boebert at their peril.  This year’s Colorado CD3 race will be very interesting indeed.




Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, round 2.

File this under “Who gives a shit?”

No masks in Sweden.  Here’s why.

I’m not even religious, but boy howdy am I on this guy’s side.  I may not share his belief in God, but I sure as hell believe in the First Amendment.

More on that topic:  You’ve gotta love this guy.

Roger Simon on how the Left is setting themselves up to reap the whirlwind.

A good question, indeed.

Fuck.  You.

Kudos for the no-contact delivery!

This Week’s Idiots:

The Seattle City Council are (still) all idiots.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is an idiot.

The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof is an idiot.

The English Department at Rutgers is staffed with idiots.

Groper Joe’s energy policy advisors are all idiots.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is an idiot.

And So:

It’s not easy to watch your country being torn apart.

Remember all the rioting, looting and burning when Barack Obama was President?  All the right-wing militias that attacked cops, set fires, threw explosives and vandalized public property?

Me either.

And if you think it’s bad now, wait until President Trump is re-elected this fall.

Here’s some peaceful scenery from the Great Land to take all our minds off the bad news.

Animal’s Daily Fusion News

Before we begin – check out my latest over at Glibertarians.  This week we examine the life and works of P.O. Ackley, one of America’s greatest riflesmiths and cartridge developers.

Apparently there’s a problem with tokamak-style fusion reactors, which is known as “chirping” or, more specifically, Alfvén mode chirping.  Funny, but that’s not the kind of chirping I’m used to (fair warning – language!)

Now some physicists may have found a way to deal with this problem in fusion reactors.  Excerpt:

Researchers with the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) of the Department of Energy have released a new paper documenting a way to help enable nuclear fusion reactors. They describe the scientific reasons for a phenomenon within tokamak reactors called Alfvén mode chirping.

Let’s race through some terms here. A tokamak is the donut-shaped great hope of nuclear fusion. (Its cousin, the stellarator, has great potential, but is less developed so far.) Inside, a stream of unfathomably hot plasma—as hot as or even far hotter than our sun—is contained by a powerful magnetic field that must be totally effective for the reactor to stay at productive fusion temperatures.

There’s a constant push-pull between the stream of plasma and the magnetic field, and the nature of burning hot matter means the plasma is swirling and circulating even within the stream. This is where and why “chirping” occurs. Researcher Vinicius Duarte explains it in a PPPL statement: 

“For any fusion device to work, you need to make sure that the highly energetic particles within it are very well confined within the plasma core. If those particles drift to the edge of the plasma, you can’t sustain the steady-state burning plasma needed to make fusion-powered electricity a reality.”

So, we’re now what, thirty years away from having practical nuclear fusion reactors?  Just like we were thirty years ago?  Just like we will be thirty years from now?

Look, True Believers, I’d dearly love to see practical fusion reactors become a reality.  It would be revolutionary; clean, cheap energy, and an almost unlimited supply of it.  But aside from the technical challenges, I’m afraid the political challenges will be insurmountable.  Look at hard it is now to pursue the one avenue of clean, cheap, abundant energy that’s already available to us now – nuclear fission.

Instead, we have a “Green” movement who thinks that a modern technological society can be powered by pixie dust and unicorn farts.

I hope these technical problems can actually be worked out.  This advance is one step in the right direction, and what remains of my personal optimism makes me think that one day we will have practical fusion for energy production.

But the political side?  I’m not optimistic enough to think we’ll overcome that.  Not in a nation that is day-by-day sliding further into insanity.  As of today, this early morning, I’m more inclined to think my grandchildren will end up burning stove wood to keep their homes warm, like my great-grandparents did in the late nineteenth century.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to Pirate’s Cove, The Other McCain and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!

I got a kick out of this:  Fellow blogger, shooter and sci-fi writer Larry Correia over at Monster Hunter Nation had this to say about “peaceful protesters” who wondered when law-abiding gun owners were going to come to their aid.  Excerpt:

A friend of mine posted about seeing this: “Where are all you gun owners now that the federal government and police are attacking citizens in the streets?? Now that the National Guard is out oppressing citizens? I thought this was the moment you’re waiting for? So why aren’t you out there fighting them with your guns? You’re nothing but a bunch of fucking cowards!”

My response was the GIF of Nelson Muntz going HA HA.  😀

But I’ve seen this sentiment a lot too over the last few days, so please if you are so incredibly fucking dumb that you are actually wondering why America’s gun culture aren’t commuting into the democrat cities you have banned us from in order to get into gun fights with the National Guard on your behalf, allow me to elaborate.

Hypothetical Liberal “Ally” Who Lives in the Suburbs Which Aren’t On Fire – “Hey, gun owners! Here is some civil unrest! Why won’t you come and help us?”
Snort. Fuck off. 😀
Go, then, and read it all.  It’s one of the best things you’ll read this week.

I couldn’t agree more.  Larry, if you’re ever in the Denver area, reach out so I can buy you a beer (or the beverage of your choice.)

In the first place, about the “peaceful protestors” of Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Seattle and Portland I can confidently say two things:

  1. These children are the useful idiots of the leftist movement in the country right now.  Most of the morons on the street don’t know anything; they are almost universally upper-middle class white kids.  They think that when the “revolution” comes, they’ll be the ones in charge, but if you look at the history of socialist revolutions, the useful idiots almost always end up against the wall, looking at rifles from the wrong end.
  2. Were we, as law-abiding gun owners, for some reason to join these shitheads and help them, they’d turn on us in a moment once the battle was won.  How do I know?  Because they have been fucking telling us so for the last few decades.

Here’s the thing about these “protestors.”  They are, almost without exception, parasites on the society they criticize.  They toil not, neither do they spin.  And unlike the lilies of the field referred to in this parable, they don’t even pretty up the landscape; just the opposite.

And they openly deride us, the productive members of society, who produce their clothes and cell phones and the food they eat.  We do toil and spin, and they don’t seem to realize that in the grand scheme of things, they need us, but we don’t need them.

So, as far as I’m concerned, these useful idiots can take a long running start and go fuck themselves.  I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire.  As Larry states:

Liberal “allies” are quick to call gun nuts the bad guys, but we’re not trying to disarm people. We want everybody to be able to defend themselves. It’s a common thing to see some meme on the internet, showing a black family shooting or posing with their guns, with some caption like “bet this offends the NRA”, which is liberal projection, because in reality in my social circles everybody is like, “fuck yeah, good for them”. And the harshest complaints I’ve seen have been about trigger finger discipline or lack of eye protection.
My side isn’t the one that wants the state to have a monopoly on force. We know the 2nd is for everybody, regardless of skin color or where you live. You fuckers are the ones who keep declaring we can’t fight the government with AR-15s because they have tanks and nukes, but then you bumbling fuckheads try it by throwing rocks?

So not only no, but hell no.

Bravo, sir.  Bravo.

Rule Five Grand Theft Auto Friday

Only yesterday I reminded all you True Believers that today’s problems are solved with tomorrow’s technology.  Here’s another example of that happening in the last few years.  Excerpt:

Technology has made it very difficult to steal cars made after about 2000.  The old cars that can be stolen are not very valuable.  If it wasn’t for old Hondas retaining some of their value, auto theft would be down even further.  From the New York Times:

. . . 1990, the city had 147,000 reported auto thefts, one for every 50 residents; last year, there were just 7,400, or one per 1,100. That’s a 96 percent drop in the rate of car theft. . . .

The most important factor is a technological advance: engine immobilizer systems, adopted by manufacturers in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These make it essentially impossible to start a car without the ignition key, which contains a microchip uniquely programmed by the dealer to match the car.

Criminals generally have not been able to circumvent the technology or make counterfeit keys. “It’s very difficult; not just your average perpetrator on the street is going to be able to steal those cars,” said Capt. John Boller, who leads the New York Police Department’s auto crime division. Instead, criminals have stuck to stealing older cars.

You can see this in the pattern of thefts of America’s most stolen car, the Honda Accord. About 54,000 Accords were stolen in 2013, 84 percent of them from model years 1997 or earlier, according to data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a trade group for auto insurers and lenders. Not coincidentally, Accords started to be sold with immobilizers in the 1998 model year. The Honda Civic, America’s second-most stolen car, shows a similar pattern before and after it got immobilizer technology for model year 2001. . . .

Josh Barro, “Here’s Why Stealing Cars Went Out of Fashion,” New York Times, August 11, 2014.

Making it hard to steal cars undoubtedly matters a lot, but the drop in auto theft from 1991 to 2000 or 2001 is much larger than the drop from 2000 or 2001 to 2012.  However, the percentage drop from 2001 to 2012 (46%) is somewhat greater than the drop from 1991 to 2000 (37%).

Some years back, while I was working in Utah, I left the inestimable Rojito parked at the Salt Lake City Airport to fly home for a weekend.  On my return, I discovered I had left my keys at the house, and had to phone a locksmith.  The locksmith was able to make a physical key from a blank to open the door, but it didn’t work in the ignition; he ran the VIN number and discovered that my 1999 Ranger had an encoded key of the type described above.  Fortunately he had the right equipment to make such a key (it wasn’t cheap!) and his shop had the necessary licenses to get the required code from Ford with the VIN number.

Our newer vehicles, of course, all have such keys.

This isn’t something that it has occurred to me to look into in the last few years.  The fact that some cars are still being stolen, I think, we can probably attribute to carjackings or the opportunistic theft of a car left running with the keys in the ignition, which I have to say is a pretty dumb thing to do if you live in one of our major cities.

Read the original story, and look at the charts.  Larceny of all types has dropped in the time frame described, but auto theft has dropped dramatically more so.  And a big part of that is due to this technology.

Solving yesterday’s problems with today’s technology.  Ain’t it a wonderful thing?

Animal’s Daily Tough Stuff News

I think I want a gun safe made of this stuff.  Excerpt:

In the lightweight material, ceramic spheres are encased in a cellular aluminium structure, which in tests could not be cut by angle grinders, drills or high-pressure water jets.

The idea was developed by an international team led by Durham University, UK, and Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU in Germany.

And it works, they write in a paper in the journal Scientific Reports, because of a dynamic response that is more akin to living structures: the material’s evolving internal structure creates high-speed motion where it interacts with the cutting tools.

The interaction between the disc and ceramic sphere creates an interlocking, vibrational connection that resists the cutting tool indefinitely. The blade is gradually eroded, and eventually rendered ineffective as the force and energy of the disc or the drill is turned back on itself, and it is weakened and destroyed by its own attack.

In addition, the ceramics fragment into fine particles, which fill the cellular structure of the material and harden as the speed of the cutting tool is increased due to interatomic forces between the ceramic grains.

Water jets are ineffective because the curved surfaces of the ceramic spheres widen the jet, which substantially reduces its speed and weakens its cutting capacity.

“Essentially cutting our material is like cutting through a jelly-filled with nuggets,” says Durham’s Stefan Szyniszewski, the lead author. “If you get through the jelly you hit the nuggets and the material will vibrate in such a way that it destroys the cutting disc or drill bit.

As far as things like safes and secure rooms are concerned, if this material becomes widespread for such uses it’s only a matter of time before someone finds a way to defeat it.  These things are always arms races of a sort.

And figure on this being a while making its way into any such use, even assuming it can be mass-produced.  At first, mind you, it will be very expensive, but while creating a new material like this is the work of genius, mass-producing it once created is the work of engineering.  If something can be made, it can be produced; the only question is, can it be produced at a price point that will make people want to buy it for various application, like, say, gun safes.

Still.  Things like this are pretty neat.  It’s often said that today’s problems are solved by tomorrow’s technology, and this is a demonstration of that; I imagine plenty of people and organizations would pay a premium for a safe that can’t be broken.