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Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

The Dumbass of the Month Award goes to “Kim.” Excerpt:

“Kim” called in last week to “The Bert Show” to seek advice from the hosts at the Atlanta-based radio talk show.  Now a junior in college, Kim confessed she doesn’t have any money left to pay the upcoming bills for her senior year.

“Years ago my grandparents set up a college fund for me, which was amazing, and I haven’t been very good with my budget for school. The first payment for my senior year just arrived and I don’t have the money “basically. I’ve just been avoiding it. I knew the bill was coming.’

First, as a parent, I wondered if Kim had ever been taught the value of a dollar and just how hard $90K is to earn.  Was she taught budgeting and personal responsibility?  As I listened to the interview in full, I got my answers.

“Maybe [my parents] should have taught me to budget or something. They never sat me down and had a real serious talk about it.”

But here are the real money quotes:

“[My parents] said there was nothing they could do for me. They’re not being honest with me saying they don’t have [money] because my dad has worked for like a million years and they have a retirement account.”


“I used it to budget for school clothes and college break money. I probably should have not done that. I took a trip to Europe. The Europe thing I thought was part of my education and that’s how I tried to justify that.”

So.  Her grandparents gave her – gave her a fund that should have paid for her education.  All of it.  This little drooling moron (who, let’s face it, is probably too stupid for college) spent it on clothes and a European vacation, and now she’s broke – and she wants her parents to cash in their retirement savings to bail her stupid ass out.

Hopefully her parents told her where to get off.

Bear-with-CubI’ve never been so proud of my four daughters.  The oldest is close to finishing up her Doctor of Practical Nursing, all paid for by her job and the hospital chain she works for.  The second is a freelance graphic artist and designer and about to be a brand-new Mama; her Associate’s degree in Graphic Design is paid off.  The two in college are living in a small apartment, working part-time, dipping into their savings as needed, and making good grades; one as a graphic artist like her big sister, the other in a pre-med program.  Mom and I have helped them with rent a time or two, other than that they’ve done it on their own.

I would suggest “Kim” should talk to my kids, but “Kim” is almost certainly too stupid and self-entitled to gain anything of substance from the conversation.