Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Once in a while, a celebrity (in this case the impossibly gorgeous Anne Hathaway) nails it.  Excerpt:

During an interview with Ellen Degeneres that aired last week, the 36-year-old Oscar winner dished on her love for “The Wonder Years” star Fred Savage as well as the interests of her three-year-old son before asking Ellen and the members of the audience to join her in peeling some clementines. As everyone proceeded to tear the orange flesh from their respective citrus fruit, Hathaway shared a cutesy story:

“So over the holidays, we took a family road trip up the coast of California. And we found this amazing former hippie enclave from the ’60s. And there was a little secondhand bookstore in there… and I found a book in there by this guy who used to be really big – Dr. Q. And he wrote a book called Citrus Healing. And it was all the ways that you can incorporate citrus into your life to kind of like raise your health. And one of the things was how to incorporate citrus into your meditation practice. And it was called Clementime. It was cute.”

The collective eye rolls, face palms, and sighs of a skeptical audience might have halted Hathaway from continuing at this point, but this was not a skeptical audience, and so she pressed on unabated.

Hathaway then asked Ellen and the crowd members to hold their clementines to their mouths and inhale in and exhale out through the hole with comically accentuated breaths.

“Do you guys feel a little bit better? Do you feel good?” she asked, to many smiles, some confused looks, and a few nods of agreement.

“That’s impossible, I made the whole thing up!”

“The takeaway of this is do not put something in your mouth just because a celebrity tells you to,” she concluded.

Gwyneth, are you listening?

From what I’ve read of Ms. Hathaway’s political opinions, I suspect I wouldn’t find much common ground with her.  In fact, from what I read, her stunning looks notwithstanding, I doubt I’d be interested in hanging out with her.

But this time she’s spot-on.  People shouldn’t put things in their mouths because some vapid, airheaded celebrity says they should.  And women really, really should not carry a jade egg around in their cooze because some really, really vapid, airheaded celebrity says it’s a good idea.

Gwyneth, are you listening?

It’s far too uncommon to hear celebrities espousing anything resembling common sense these days.  There seems to be no end to the woo that comes out of Hollywood, from anti-vaccine nutbars to vegan nitwittery.  It’s nice to see that at least one actress, in this one instance, appears to have her head screwed on straight.

(Gwyneth, are you listening?)