Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Ever click through on a story because the wording of the link made you curious, then were presented with a photo that made you go NO NO NO NO KILL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE?

Well, have a look here.  Excerpt:

While recovering in hospital after a serious car accident, a 55-year-old woman from Missouri began to complain of nausea and a bad taste in her mouth. A subsequent oral examination revealed an alarming sight—the patient’s tongue had turned black and was covered in hair-like structures. But while this rare condition looks serious, it’s actually harmless.

A new case report published today in the New England Journal of Medicine chronicles a rare case of black hairy tongue, a condition otherwise known as lingua villosa nigra.

After a severe injury in which both of her legs were crushed, an unnamed woman was sent to hospital, according to the case study. While recuperating, an infection developed in one of her injuries. The medical team put her on an antibiotic regimen consisting of meropenem, which she received intravenously, and minocycline, which was administered orally.

A week later, the patient’s tongue began to take on a brownish-black hue. She complained of feeling nauseous, and said she had a bad taste in her mouth. The patient’s medical team diagnosed her as having black hairy tongue, with a reaction to the minocycline being the likely cause.

Yes, there are photos.

Any halfway competent stand-up comic could probably talk for fifteen minutes on this topic, but I confess to being a bit at a loss for words.  I mean – who knew that “black hairy tongue” was even a thing?

Yesterday’s post showed us an article which described how some syndromes can turn folks all kind of interesting hues, and it’s well known that in times past all manners of diseases and maladies could cause many kinds of disfigurements.  Nowadays we don’t see so much of that, so perhaps we aren’t as inured as we once were…

…Because black hairy tongue?  Eww.  Just…  Eww.