Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

It’s a lovely vacation Hump Day here in Tokyo, which for some reason arrives a day earlier than the usual Hump Day.  Go figure.

Moving right along:  Socialism, working as intended.  Excerpt:

Venezuela was a socialist paradise until it became a nightmare. Now no one on the left wants to talk about it. All the more reason to talk about it and to study closely the complete collapse of a society that elected a socialist goon promising to wipe out inequality. He did that in a sense. Money is so worthless in today’s Venezuela that almost anyone can be a millionaire and almost everyone is equally starving and miserable. The only solution for many people is to flee the country. Venezuelan socialism has led to one of the largest mass migrations in South American history, with up to 1.5 million Venezuelans fleeing the country in the past two years.

Yesterday the Washington Post and Reuters both published lengthy stories focused on the exodus of starving and desperate people. Reuters reporters spent 9 days on a bus full of people hoping to find work in neighboring countries most had never even visited.

Here’s the money quote:

The Maduro regime in Venezuela is officially downplaying the exodus but it’s also benefitting from it. People trying to stay alive have little time or energy to protest. And those who do go abroad usually send a portion of what they earn to family back home. Those remittances help to keep the country afloat.

Out on a limb.

Socialist countries, then, can only stay afloat if they have nearby, more free-market countries to help prop them up by absorbing some workers who send hard currencies back to the folks at home.

It’s not an uncommon argument among the American Left to proclaim that socialism hasn’t worked in other countries because of the incompetence of the people in charge.  “It wasn’t done right” isn’t a convincing argument; it presumes too much on the need to find the right Top Men, and far too much on the idea that our pols are any less incompetent that Venezuela’s- or the Soviet Union’s.

That idea is just downright amusing.

Venezuela is not a failure of socialism.  Venezuela is what happens when socialism succeeds – it is the inevitable end-state of a system that flies in the face of human nature.  It has been the inevitable end result of every purely socialist system, everywhere.

Liberty, on the other hand, works every time it’s tried.