Animal’s Daily Times They Are A-Changin’ News

This just in from Conrad Black over at American Greatness:  The Changes to Come.  Excerpt:

Readers will recall that the Democrats charged out of the gate on the issue of taking science seriously and reacting comprehensively; the president picked up the gauntlet, brought prominent scientists forward, and “flattened the curve.” The Democrats wallowed in glee at the almost instant increase (in a month in fact) of unemployment by almost 30 million.

The president and the Republican leaders in Congress brought forth very generous and relatively simple financial assistance packages and the Democrats jumped aboard, trying to lard the payments with concessions to organized labor and the green terrorists, which the Republicans generally resisted.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was confined to his basement in Delaware and all he had to do was put on a shirt and Skype into members of the Trump-hating media. The fact that even this proved a syntactical challenge to him indicates the level of embarrassment self-distancing spared him.

The national Democratic leadership locked arms and deployed their media acolytes in support of a prolonged shutdown where virtually everyone in the country would be tested and those who test positively identify everyone they have been in contact with in the last two weeks and those people are chased down and the hunt for the last bacillus of coronavirus is pursued throughout the country to every attic, basement, homeless shelter, and rustic cabin. The president, under this scenario, would, in the greater national and human interest, commit political suicide like a kamikaze in a good cause, and patiently explain to the next scores of millions of Americans thrown out of work by the Pelosi-Biden-Schumer counter-virus strategy, that their sacrifice is noble and inevitable.

What a godsend the coronavirus crisis was supposed to be to a political party that struck out corrupting the upper ranks of the Justice Department and the intelligence services with a fraudulent narrative about illegal election-rigging with Russia, and struck out again with a fatuous presidential impeachment for unimpeachable acts with no serious evidence that the president committed the accused acts anyway.

Now, this week, people seem to be deciding they’ve had enough.  There have been protests, and there is now and will be increasingly, defiance.  Civil disobedience is an American tradition, after all, and the citizenry is increasingly reacting to the lockdown with those four words, the most powerful words in political discourse:

We will not comply.

In reaction to this virus, we are doing inestimable harm to small businesses, to supply chains, to the very muscle and bone of the economy.  But a principle of free markets lay in creative destruction; new businesses and new opportunities will arise, if only the various power-grabbers in government are made to understand that they’d best not interfere with the recovery.

There may well be  sea change coming.

This situation could end poorly, with petty dictators managing to hold on to the largely unConstitutional authority they’ve seized.  I hope that the opposite holds true; I hope that Americans realize they’ve had a taste of what life in a police state looks like, complete with secret surveillance and the friendly neighborhood Stukach.  Maybe – just maybe – people will develop a taste for liberty again?

Either way, I expect the next twelve months will tell the tale.

Bob Dylan called it almost sixty years ago: