Animal’s Daily Tech News

Smiling BearI’ve long been a fan of Hewlett-Packard laptops (and printers, and other peripherals) and not just because my own dear Mrs. Animal once worked for that organization.  Now, that company is producing what Inc.Com is calling the best laptop ever made.  Excerpt:

One of the most interesting findings is that the keyboard is responsive and helped me type faster. Not all laptop keyboards work the same. The Lenovo ThinkPad 450s is another newer model I will review soon, but it uses old-style keys that are much larger. (It’s a matter of taste–Lenovo actually tried using smaller, flatter keys but brought back the big ones.) The backlit keyboard on the HP Spectre x360 feels rigid and durable, and the keys don’t “bounce” too much.

The other major innovation here is the screen. It folds all… the… way… back a full 360-degrees so you can use the Spectre in tablet mode. Because it’s only about a half-finger thin with the lid closed, the laptop performs well as a tablet. You can set it in a “tent” shape for a meeting, almost like a tripod, and show videos or presentations. The hinge feels solid like it won’t get shaky or even break after a few years of twisting back and forth.

I’m surprised how crisp and clear the screen is for normal document editing duties. The Spectre comes in two models, one that has 1920Ö1080 pixels and costs $900 and one that has 2560Ö1440 pixels and costs $1400. The higher-res screen is important if you do any video or photo work, because you are seeing more information on the screen. It also helps presentations, documents, and other content pop. Both uses a 13.3-inch screen.

Facepalm-bearI prefer larger screens, but find this intriguing; my old HP Pavilion laptop is slowly dying, having been new in 2009, and I need a reliable laptop for work and entertainment (I’m partial to Skyrim) and the Spectre should handle that easily, with 8GB of RAM, a solid-state hard drive and an i7 processor.

Complication:  Having been raised by parents who were children of the Depression and having more than my fair share of Scottish blood, I am constitutionally incapable for spending money until dire necessity is reached.  When the current laptop finally dies, maybe HP will have something even hotter than the Spectre.  Who knows?