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Huma Abedin, advisor and confidante to Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, is in the news again – this time for forwarding secure (hah!) State Department login information to a Yahoo account.  No shit.  Excerpt:

Huma Abedin forwarded sensitive State Department emails, including passwords to government systems, to her personal Yahoo email account before every single Yahoo account was hacked, a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis of emails released as part of a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch shows.

Abedin, the top aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, used her insecure personal email provider to conduct sensitive work. This guarantees that an account with high-level correspondence in Clinton’s State Department was impacted by one or more of a series of breaches — at least one of which was perpetrated by a “state-sponsored actor.”

The U.S. later charged Russian intelligence agent Igor Sushchin with hacking 500 million Yahoo email accounts. The initial hack occurred in 2014 and allowed his associates to access accounts into 2015 and 2016 by using forged cookies. Sushchin also worked for the Russian investment bank Renaissance Capital, which paid former President Bill Clinton $500,000 for a June 2010 speech in Moscow.

A separate hack in 2013 compromised three billion accounts across multiple Yahoo properties, and the culprit is still unclear. “All Yahoo user accounts were affected by the August 2013 theft,” the company said in a statement.

Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, regularly forwarded work emails to her personal address. “She would use these accounts if her (State) account was down or if she needed to print an email or document. Abedin further explained that it was difficult to print from the DoS system so she routinely forwarded emails to her non-DoS accounts so she could more easily print,” an FBI report says.

How stupid is this woman, anyway?

It is perhaps belaboring the obvious to point out that anyone not directly associated with Her Imperial Highness and The Royal Consort would be in the hoosegow after pulling such shenanigans.  But not Ms. Abedin; her close relationship (I use the term advisedly) with Her Imperial Highness was enough to save her even if her husband, the notorious Carlos Danger, was incarcerated for what is arguably a lesser offense.

It comes as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention, but clearly equal treatment under the law is a dead letter in the United States today.


  • Andrew Pearce

    And did anyone ever stop to think WHY documents at State are hard to print? Maybe, because to avoid another Sandy Berger burglar? Or maybe huma and her boss lady are technical morons, and couldn’t find DWS’s IT guys that day. Come on. Read the darned document on your computer. Save a tree, join the 21st Century. You could probably copy/paste it into a Word doc, totally unsecured, and just print that right in your office.

    You can build fool proof security. But you can’t build damn fool proof. So what is it, The World’s Smartest Woman and her bff are dumber than a box of rocks, or they’re lying out their asses. Not that this is an XOR; they could be both. They’re spies. They were stealing classified docs. Shoot them.

    • Mark my words; nothing will happen. Her Imperial Majesty seems to have some dirt on almost everyone at every level, because she sure as hell seems untouchable.

      Not that anyone would want to… you know… touch her.

  • Andrew Pearce

    It really irks me that all of this was news far more than a year ago, the whole thing, and not a damn thing was done. If anything, these antics were a motivator in getting Trump elected. “F this, hit the reset button” I think was a strong feeling among us deplorables. Now, it’s all news again … and I still have ZERO faith that anything will come of it. Both Clintons, Humna-humna (the terrorist spy!!!), the Paki IT guys, Washerwoman Shultz, Obongo and his entire BLM cabinet should all be in jail, and should have been arrested ages ago. Now watch, Humjoba will cop a plea, get a light slap, and not a damned thing will EVER happen to her or anyone higher up the crime chain.