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Fishing BearOne day closer to Friday!

PJ Media’s Roger Simon has opined on the GOP’s ongoing public relations disaster.   Excerpt:

Given the current state of the USA, Republicans should be winning every election from Seattle to Key West.  The economy hasn’t moved for years with the labor participation rate at record lows — people have given up – and bankruptcy over entitlements looming.  The international situation is in free fall with China becoming the global power, Iran making a mockery of faux negotiations and Putin on the way to reconstituting the Soviet Union.  Al Qaeda is not only alive, it’s growing.  (GM is dead.)  Optimism about our country is in the proverbial toilet. More Americans feel threatened by their own government than proud of it.

Republicans should be winning by acclimation for every position from dog catcher to president.

But they’re  not.  And you don’t need Strother Martin to tell you why – it’s a failure to communicate.

In my estimation the GOP’s problems with messaging are threefold:

  1. Solidarity.  The Democrats, no matter what their issues, are better at presenting a unified front – and they never let down The Side.   Case in point:  No matter what nutball Joe Biden or Harry Reid makes, and both of them routinely trot out some real  whoppers, there is no argument from The Side.
  2. Consistency.   The GOP contains some pretty diverse elements; the Tea Party, libertarians, the religious right (there is a religious left, too, which somehow the mainstream media usually fails to notice) the small business element that some call the Sam’s Club Republicans, the few remaining old blue-blood country club Republicans and a few old Goldwater conservatives.  Somehow they never seem to be able to unite on message.
  3. Adaptability.  The American public’s attitudes on many social issues have changed dramatically in the last few decades – on things like gay marriage, legalization of pot, and so on.  The GOP is lagging behind on these issues; agree with them or disagree, but the facts are there, and the GOP has to adapt, either in articulating the opposition in terms that people accept, or accepting the change.

Sleepy-BearMr. Simon is right; given the state of the country, especially considering the tax code and the economy, the GOP should really be sweeping elections.  They aren’t.  But then, they don’t call the GOP the Stupid Party for nothing.  Case in point:  Our own Colorado, where the state Republicans have been drawn up in a circular firing squad since Bill Owens left the Governor’s mansion.